Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nathin Butler is Coming for Ewan!!

Get it? Heh..Nathin Butler, Aussie native will play Dr. Ewan Keenan, a therapist--hmmm? Kristina's?? He'll be debuting on GH in about 3 weeks or so.  (He started work the 21st). Nathin has appeared in the movie "Australia" and is also a camera operator. His first tweet said he was going to be "shirtless on a beach" on GH... hummm, ok?


  1. I heard he was gonna be Lulu's therapist but I think all of PC should just form a single file line outside his office door because they all need therapist. Hell this therapist is probably going to need a therapist when all is said and done.

  2. No problem having a new guy but what happened to Laney?


  3. I think he will be for Lulu too and I'm a little disturbed because his photos remind me a bit of Ian Devlin, who I never cared for. I know Garin was responsible for that character and likely wanted to reprise him, but I was hoping the actor might be able minimize my immediate disapproval of Ian's character, but from the pictures I am seeing it really feels too similar. I am starting to question Wolf's role in casting because they have always done so well, but the last few people to come on canvas have seemed a bit out of place. Hopefully I am just over-thinking things~

  4. I thought this was a GO for Liz??
    No..she going with Matt??
    She needs therapy bad.
    But then again, who doesn't??

    Laney?? Really?? When was the last time we saw her?
    Though, there should be more than one therapyst on staff.

  5. Finally someone I can look at! I was getting a little bored with other guys. Please don't put him with Lulu.

  6. Yes, he is a "Replacement" for Ian I think--Wolf did create him!

  7. I heard a while ago Liz would be interacting w/ him, and possibly dating? Still true?

    Could be just a rumor, I know a lot of ppl read that he loves kids and to paint and they took it and ran w/ it lol.

    Also, heard he's Steven's old friend pre-GH/PC. Could he have something to do w/ Steve Webber's secret?

  8. He probably is Steve's friend.
    Which will begin the storyline.
    I hope it isn't a disapointment.

    3 weeks, hey??

    Any word on Ingo coming back??

  9. I saw he had tweeted he was working w/ BH and hey I'm all for her to finally get a love life--it's been a long dry spell the woman has to be horny by now--lol

    He's cute also--yeah all of PC could use some long term therapy

  10. As long as Liz dates someone who is emotionally and 'otherwise' available, and NOT Jason or Lucky or Patrick, I am all for it.

    Something tells me, that GW knows darn well how bad he is failing.
    Why do I think changes are coming?

    I smell a Laura return, I smell a Ric Lansing return, and hopefully Ingo will be asked back.
    That is just a start.

    We already know Dr Alan is taping.
    I will take him anyway I can. Ghost.

  11. For my part everyone ought to glance at it.


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