Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Vanessa Messing With Us??

Her tweets today:

Guess where Vanessa is today? Yup. On set with Maurice. 

Which naturally started a firestorm. Now, some people connected with her think it may be the set tour she auctioned off at FCW for her charity.  Could she be back in the story?? If so, why would she twe
et it?? I thought I'd get this out here because it's blowing up on twitter!!  What say you!? Would you like a cameo? Are you done with Brender?!


  1. is vanessa pregnant?

  2. Thanks for the info.
    My day just went from bad to worse from this soap opera.

  3. Maybe Jax really is with Brenda? Annoying as she proved to be this time around, she is quite a step up from Carly.

    Actually, I rather just have Jax back, looking blonde, handsome and happy.

  4. Slamming my head on my table...No please no.. I cannot take it again...Love Vanessa ..but not as Brenda on Gh anymore please...no more long sleeves

  5. If she came back to escort Sonny off the show I would be thrilled!

  6. How they wrote Brenda this last time was awful but I'd still be happy to see her back - especially with Guza not writing her. Sadly I imagine that her being on set with Maurice can't be taken to mean that she was filming.

  7. I would be ecstatic if Brenda came back to GH to be with Sonny, I know that Guza the Loosa didn't do them justice the last time she was on, maybe the new head writer can do better.

  8. Yes, Vanessa is pregnant.

    But, I do hear TPTB are in talks with her to come back and soon.

    Yesterday was the set tour auctioned off at her event at FCW.

    I just wish the writing would change for the better. This show is so darn boring and redundant.

  9. If she is pregnant, she isn't coming back anytime soon. She should be about ready to deliver.
    PLEASE let her stay away from GH.
    The show is bad enough.
    It doesn't need anymore help.

    She did nothing for the show last time around, I can't believe they would want a 're-do' this soon.

    IMO I wouldn't read to much into her being on the set.

  10. I feel bad for Vanessa since her whole return was so botched up - poorly conceived and written. It must be bad for the actor who returns to a really popular character and the viewers can't wait for them to leave. I would always like to see her but not like that again.

  11. I really hope she never comes back. Each come back is worse than the last. She should just stay gone. And when she is on GH the show becomes the brenduh show making GH worst then it already is


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