Thursday, September 15, 2011

GH: I Spy: A towel, a balloon and a big mouth!

Edward and Monica check out the RING BLING..will there be more drama with the jewels?

Kris Alderson and her darling doggie eating some lunch!! 

OLTL: LOVED Kassie/Flo..that's grief!!
General Hospital: Ok,  I am really digging Dr. Matt. He's so fun-- that girl that asked about the cafe was a 'walk on winner" I believe from FCW!!?? Anyone know?
Johnny in Kristina's room...Nice and I like how he compared their fathers. Sonny had to barge in though. I'm sick of it..but I liked that Johnny was talking to her.
Sean is a HUNK of manhood LORDY. :Fanningself: 

OK, on to NuKate. First off, She was better today than her first day. Probably because Lisa LoCierco was in the scene. LOL.. BUT the story?? WHY does it make any sense to go to Kate when she was dumped for Claudia,  then Carly then Brenda and SHOT at the Altar to boot--and saw Michael shot in the head!! Makes no sense. 
The last scene that OLIVIA and KATE had, they were beating each other up in Jake's!! ahhhaha. THIS is just....weird. 
Someone on twitter said this is a better "Connie" and Megan was a better "Kate"...hmm, I'll have think about that.

Jason asking Spin to be his best man...awwww.  

Sonny is taunting Shawn about PSD. NOT NICE..he's bipolar, did he forget? And stupid CARLY has to walk in to flap her gums. LOL. oy. Laura Wright's hair looked awesome though.


  1. Karen Alfred Here check your email and let me know if u got and what you think ok.

  2. Kate and Olivia: Oh give me a break!!! So nobody can get through to Sonny except Kate?!!?!?! So let me get this straight. Back then they were teenagers and Sonny saw Kate in a car with another boy, Sonny got jealous and was upset and the only thing that calmed Sonny down was Kate singing? I'm sorry but ROFLMAOPMP! And Olivia wants Kate to do that again now?!!?! HAHAHAHHA! Is Kate and Sonny soulmates?!!? :)

    Lisa Niles and Papa Z: UH OH!!!!

    Carly and Shawn: Woah! Naked Shawn!!! :) Well he is in a towel but still. :) Carly was affected. :)

    Sonny and Carly: *snicker snicker*

    Johnny: Damn Johnny! Do you have a death wish?!!?! Don't visit Krissy!!! Oh and here comes Sonny ra ro!

    Spinny, Jason, and Sam: Spinny makes Sam turn around so he could show Jason the damn ring! Well give it to Jason already!!!! DAMN!

  3. The girl was the cancer patient Kelly Monaco brought on the set for the day... She got a makeover, photo shoot, a scene, and a shopping spree all thanks to Kelly! they met in a hospital about a year ago....

  4. Catching up on GH and can't help but comment on the sponge bath. How cool would it have been to have LIZ give him the sponge bath as his nurse? HA now that would stir the pot!

  5. Mrs. B , I would have tuned in if Liz was giving jason the sponge bath, but you cannot threaten the jasam couple. Of course, publicity pics are of monica and edward happy and accepting of Sam and of Jason's mob lifestyle. How transparent of TPTB playing favorites again, LOL :) .Anyway, a solid 40 min of jason and sam and sonny is not nearly enough to make me tune in, sorry.

  6. it's PTSD love.....

  7. Think GW may be totally rippin' off "The Devil Loves Prada" with NuKate?!

  8. Oh the Liz spongebath would have been TOTALLY soapy!

  9. I don't like NuKate. I miss Megan Ward. I would care about a Sonny/Kate redo, if it were Megan Ward playing the part. So stupid to even bother bringing the character back at all. It's nothing against the actress playing NuKate, I just think it was a dumb move.

  10. I am liking NuKate.

    Why would busybody Olivia go to Kate to help Sonny, after what Sonny did to Kate at the alter??
    Better yet, why did Kate go??? Not liking this writing.
    This isn't today's women!!!!
    Nor Kate Howard!
    Olivia, go back to the Metro Court. Yesterday you showed up at Johnny's, today you are on a 'Sonny' mission. Whats wth all this time on your hands Pasta Mama?

    Carly walking in on Shawn half naked. Really. Is that the best GW can do?? Very demeaning toward women.

    Mr Grasshopper is back, but he lost his computer skills??

    Why wasn't Alexis in any scenes today with her daughter??
    Made no sense.

    BEST scenes & lines today were with Carly & Sonny.
    LOVE watching them 'fight'.

    BB & Papa Z.
    Ohhhh this could be good!!!!!

  11. I did not think that Sonny was "taunting" Shawn about his PTSD, more like he was saying that they both are so very damaged.

  12. Hey all did you see the blind item at It looks like half of our super couple might be coming home.

  13. I do think GW is on overdrive with how he's making some of his characters on GH come off and it seems to be wearing some people out...

    I have had it with Sonny/Carly shouting matches. It leads nowhere and lately, Sonny's losing his likability factor. Sean may be a busy body (sort of like the male Olivia...he's there, he's everywhere) but with Sonny having bipolar disorder, it made him seem very insensitive to call Sean out on his post traumatic stress disorder. Like Sonny's judgement calls are always good ones? Nah. In any case, I do like Sean most of the time. Loved him with Molly the other day...that was nice. Not sure if they intend to put Sean and Carly together...seems maybe yes., you don't see this woman for ages, and all the sudden she comes back and she's got to be Sonny's savior? Nah...not buying it. Has he even given Kate a thought recently? Too much of a forced storyline and for me, NuKute is overdoing the witchyness.

    Whinyness...yes, Krissy has this problem, Michael has it, Lulu must surely have it because everyone keeps telling her to STFU! I normally don't mind Lulu, but she's another character GW is overdoing it with lately. He's got Lucky crying all the time and Lulu expecting perfection and whining when she doesn't get it. GW might as well rename Lulu "Chicken Little" because her sky is always falling...or she expects it to before it does. But, in fairness, her background has set her up for that. She seems to have forgotten her parents were never the perfect couple (Um...Ethan, remember him? Dad raped Mom...recall that?) but then not many people recently recalled that Krissy's suffered a couple of blows to her body via an abusive boyfriend, a bus crash and a car bomb. Automatically, it's gotta be the car bomb! Well of course, keep the hatred between Johnny and Sonny flowing! I sometimes wish one would just shoot the other and get it over with!

    I do like that we're getting some comedy and some warmth in with the drama because if we have a whole episode of guns, violence and screaming, it gets heavy. So, I liked the sponge bath stuff (No one wants a bath from Epiphany...I would have taken the guy instead!) and Daddy Z is good for a laugh. Jason and Spin were some warmth today. Was funny to see Jason's expression when Spin hugged him. We need a bit of balance like that.

    I wasn't expecting Luke back...if mention of it had been made recently, I missed it. I guess he will lurk for a while until Lucky hits bottom and they can discuss 12 step together. At least Lulu was showing her concern for her brother. If they didn't have her in scenes at all, everyone would be moaning that she's a selfish shrew who doesn't care about her family. She's overdoing it on being the "fixer" in the family. It is a role she inherited with Laura's absence. Julie is the new Genie, playing victim, which Genie no longer wants to play. I do not blame her. Anyhow... Lots of families with substance abuse issues have a person like that. One who is going overboard trying to fix things and make it better. Truth is...she cannot. I just wish the writers knew how to actually write a story about alcoholism effectively.

  14. Nukate just does not do it for me. Plus the writing for Olivia and Kate today could have been better. I was looking forward to Megan Ward coming back as Kate and now I could care less. This actress has no feel for the role of Connie, not sure anyone but Megan could play that role. The last time Kate and Sonny were together it was in his office, he asked her why she did not tell him about Dante, she said it was not for her to tell Sonny, but she begged Olivia to tell him and that all she wanted was for Dante to accept Sonny as his father. The writing under Wolf is just as inconsistent as under Guza. I think if the scene were played by LLC and Megan Ward they could have used their scene history, Karen you are right it was weird today at times. Plus I did not see who wrote today's script, but the needless comment that Sonny and Brenda could never be happy or something like that was stupid, not neccessary and inconsistent to the current storyline where Sonny is upset that Brenda left him. Recasting the role when they need viewers back was just stupid, the Nukate is not that good, Megan Ward owns the role and this one will never measure up and today Wolf chose to dish the SnB love for each other. Is he trying to lose viewers on purpose???

  15. MelodyBluez....I have to agree with your entire post.

    I happen to think Sonny & Carly scenes, are the highlights of the show these days. There witt back and forth is almost funny.

    Get used to NuKate. She isn't going anywhere.. TPTB did not want Megan Ward on the show. How they are bringing these 2 together, after all Sonny has put her thru, is hard to swallow.

    I think watch Eph give Jason a bath would have been a hoot!!
    I would of rather see that play out before anyone else touched him.

    I have nothing against Shawn.
    I just don't like the writing of him.
    He is so fine to look at, and the scenes they are writing for him are just FLAT.

  16. I just finished watching the end of OLTL. Glad I retaped, as I would have missed the funeral.
    Nicely done show.....cleary that was Todd at the funeral home at the end.
    My thought is why wouldn't he go to the service as well??

    I see 'Kimmie' is back in FULL FORCE!

  17. I guess we're evenly split on the Carly/Sonny fighting. I for one cannot stand another minute of it. In fact I am vowing to FF thru them all from now on.

    Laura wright is wonderful, but I am starting to loathe her as Carly.
    Show her sensitive side, miss jax, show her with Joss, anything or you'll continue to ruin her.

  18. Oh and I don't like the new Kate. They haven't shown her or spoke of her in months (other than Maxie/Lulu) BUT NOW she's Sonny's savior? That would beccarly more than anyone. as much as that also makes me sick. Someone tell the boy to take his damn meds!

  19. My2Cents2 says

    I just finished watching the end of OLTL. Glad I retaped, as I would have missed the funeral.
    Nicely done show.....cleary that was Todd
    Yes!! Cleary it was Todd! I can tell by the back of his hair. :)

  20. The writers have next to never shown Carly with her kids. Mother of the Year, she would never make.
    Since the Metro Court is all but gone, Jax is presumed dead, Olivia running around getting into people's business, and Carly running the streets playing 'head hunter', I still need a little Carly fix. So when she goes after Sonny (who at this point should be injected with his meds)I can't help but sit back and enjoy.
    (I am trying really hard to find something in this show to hang on to)
    As far as Kate so much that it isn't MW playing the role, or is it that out of nowhere she is back in Sonny's life??
    Or BOTH??

    Sonya...I have a habit of falling asleep at the end of show, waking up long enough to delete it and go back to sleep.
    I am glad I got to see the funeral, as well as I am looking forward to see what Rex is going to say to his Pa.
    And Kimmie....the girl I LOVE to HATE.

  21. I need to clarify, I would so much rather listen to Carly & Sonny then have to listen to Sonny going crazy on whoever gets in his path of destruction!!!

    Since Carly (IMO) true love is Jax, and she thinks he is alive, why isn't she trying to find him?
    Even if he doesn't return, at least look!!!!

  22. 2 gripes for this Friday. Been catching up on my tapes but I did notice that #1 OLTL, Felicia and Destiny show up to console Tea with cookies and such and Felicia's hair was up in a tight bun...not 10 mins later at the cafe, it's down and flowing from her pony tail when she talks to Nora...isn't someone in charge of these things??? #2 GH, Kristina has neck surgery, and we nave NO neck bandage or even a brace to keep her from moving what was repaired? She's just wiggling that neck like crazy...And no IV or Oxygen? Miracle hospital we have there.

  23. You are so right Leesy.

    There should have at least been an IV going into Krissy.

    That is what is called, 'holes' in the stories. Only they keep occuring on GH.

    OLTL... Didn't notice the hair!
    Good observer!!!

  24. Goodness, there is a lot of worthwhile info above!



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