Monday, September 26, 2011

What Would YOUR GH Fortune Cookie Say?!!

So, How DID Kate find the reception since it was last minute??? Hmmmm. Franco at least heard where it was from his spidey cam, he could have ran there. Oh well.  Kate showed up and I could care less. Sonny needs to be ALONE for 2 seconds.

Spinelli's speech was cute. Alexis' was as well...she even hiked up her dress nicely!! She certainly kissed St. Jasus' ass! LOL!! WOW!! Max actually flirted with Alexis. Hmmmmm. Alexis was really fun today.

Abner with the fortune cookie?? Love Lies Bleeding--which I think is a song?  Scrubs fortune goes directly to Lisa who's waking up.

Michael and Abby in the limo having sex...takes after Mama and Daddy, eh??

"Love Comes in Threes" says JaSam's cookie-they think baby, I think Franco on the honeymoon!! or as I'm calling it: THE FRANCOMOON!!

I did like the fortune cookies, that was a cute touch. 
Monica's "Love Lives On'... Edward: "Love is an L Word"

Poor Dante, doesn't he know yet to wear his bullet proof vest?? Especially in a coffee warehouse? Or have backup? WHITE LIGHT!! WHITE LIGHT!!  
I have to back it up to see what Franco spray painted on that wall

THIS SHOULD  have been on the show today!!


  1. Dante: WOAH! He was bleeding so much!!! He tried to call someone but couldn't!!! Lulu calls him and he can't answer his phone!!!!! Soapy goodness. :)

    Olivia and Epiph: HAHAHAHAHA!

    Olivia and Steve: Awww we didn't get to see the other clues? :(

    Maxie: Poor Maxie and all her love cookie fortunes! ROFL!

    Michael and Abby: Oh limo sex. Like father like son. :) And oh their fortune cookies! A blank one and love lies bleeding! ROFL!

    Alexis: Oh she got her piece of paper speech between her GIRLS. :) And then she puts her glasses between her GIRLS. Very distracting. I kept looking at the glasses hahaha! And her fortune cookie! Love is behind you! And she turns around and there is MAC! ROFL!

    Alexis: I'm not ready! It's hot in here.

    ROFL! Before that, Mac says you and the dress are hot! Oh Mac!!!! :)

    Krissy and Alexis: Krissy wants a job at fashion and Alexis wants her to be a lawyer hahaha! Krissy is so obsessed with Ethan that she twists her fortune cookie around! UGH!

    Franco: I can take him or leave him. I just want him to keep his eyes open. :)

    Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzz. Oops sorry I sleep drooled. Forgive me. :)

    Oh and sorry for my laughter. Forgive me with that too.

  2. I have not watched in quite some time.
    Where is Lulu? Is she back in the bordello? What the hell is she wearing?
    As a known criminal why isn't Lisa constrained? And why is she as a hospital patient wearing nail polish?
    Does nu-Kate have major bags under her eyes or just bad make-up?
    What was the wierd look Kate gave when Spinelli was making his speech and said he had no family? Was it gas or does she know she is his mother?
    At the wedding where were Diane, Max, Milo, Benny, Morgan, Tracey, Skye? Why was Mac there? Police commissioner attending criminals wedding?
    I HATE Franco almost as much as I hate Sonny.
    Kristina needs therapy...hello stalker.

  3. I think the show is very boring and i'll be tuning out for awhile.

  4. The fortune cookie thing was the best part of today's show for me. Then again I loved the fortune teller when they had her during the hospital carnival too lmao

    My fortune? "duck and cover" :)

  5. Fortune cookie:

  6. What was Lulu dressed as??
    Did I not pay attention on Friday, but wtf with that costume and hair?

    Maxie & Matt. Too adorable. Too bad they aren't going to last.

    Any episode with Alexis in, is good. So it was a treat to see her today.
    Carly...where have you gone? You are so quiet and calm these days, I miss you!!!!! I want my Carly back!!!

    Kristina, your getting sickening to listen to. Go to college and meet a nice boy. Forget Ethan. BTW wasn't Ethan suppose to be her date for the wedding??

    We saw our 2 minutes scene with Monica this week..

    I still can't figure this Franco thing out. Do I really care though?

    Lisa, wake up. Let's get the show on the road already.

  7. Love Lies (excellent) by Elton John.

  8. I was so disappointed that they cut Kristina dancing with Ethan on Friday. That was to be such a big deal. He had promised to dance with her at the wedding, and there was all this buildup about if she would be able to walk after the surgery. Today she's in the wheelchair and Ethan walks thru the room and barely acknowledges her. At her age and the way she feels about him I would have been in tears! Just mean and awful!!!

  9. Lulu was dressed as something from an opera....

  10. I agree they built up Ethina
    here we go again just like Guza GW is picking up and dropping storylines weekly.

    I thought the wedding overall sucked. Nothing like saving money. We were definitely screwed on that one!

  11. I feel GH is purposely being written into the ground. GW is the same as Guza. one word to describe the show BORING.

  12. Spinelli is the jasam baby, tehe..

  13. I think the show was bad.Mac did sum up the wedding with "your daughter just married the mob" and alexis saying give me a break " I didn't have alot to work with". She's absolutely right. I wonder if they'll have the honesty to write and increased body count with the mob story once jason gets back involved as sonny's enforcer, or will they magically write jason as leaving the mob due to his love for sam and possible jasam spawn.
    So contrived. Congrats to frons for tanking the show.



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