Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Childhood Trama Unit

Oh, Sonny...Sonny....Sonny. How many times must we revisit his Deke angst? I thought it was almost over with Ric gone...then he couldn't crab to him about it. Then, Mike left (guess gambling rehab is like the longest, ever) so that was one more tie gone. After Kate got shot on her wedding day and finally broke up with her "first love" I thought maybe it would be over.
NOPE. Back to Bensonhurst we go... moping all the way. Here's my wish:
Sonny is a diagnosed manic-depressive.  Let's explore HOW to help people like him -- not send him back into the dark abyss of a childhood that frankly, has been way, way overdone.  We've heard more about Sonny's past life than all the other characters on GH combined.  Stick ball, getting jealous of Kate in the car with "Tommy" (insert Italian last name), him getting left at the corner. Pasta nights... Olivia lovin'... yada yada. He's claustrophobic.. he's bipolar. He's a criminal that's had enough "soul mates" to fill a large minivan.  

 Why would Kate have a Star Tatt? 

The first time "SKate" was done it was a bit fresh because we hadn't heard eons of tales about 'the hood' since Lois left town. I  remember the two of them hold up in some room during the Black and White Ball talking non-stop for HOURS about "the good  Ol' Days". *sigh* Please spare us MORE of this.  
Olivia came on, swillin' beer at the old Bensonhurst haunt, supported "Connie" but only half-heatedly because she was marring a mob she didn't even tell she was PG with her kid because he was such a gangster. NOW  however, Olivia can go to Kate (absent for months) and beg her to help Sonny. All I could flash to was Olivia feeding Sonny pasta sauce from the pot while Dante looked on, seething.  Remember?? --when Olivia was suddenly Sonny's soulmate and mama to his kid? YEP.


The past Sonny dramaz was Guza, this stuff coming is all Wolf.  Will it be any different now?? People have shunned Sonny in the past...his family has been gravely hurt in the past...he's been at the bottom  in the past --will this make any damn difference this time?? Will Kate FINALLY be THE ONE to change him and not get 'hurt' (physical or mental) in the process?? 2 to 1 that she or someone close to her will get maimed, threatened or  bombed in the next mob show-down. Can't wait :eyeroll:
I would like to see Sonny NOT HAVE a woman "save" him for the next... let's say 5 months.  Get him stabilized, meds-- sort out that damn childhood then maybe think about some tail. 

This  also brings us to NuKate...verdict yet?? I didn't see Friday's show so can't say other than she delivers the lines much like Megan (I think she watched tapes) and really, really needs a new hairstyle. 

 It needs a little fava bean sauce...

Scene of the Week: although Anthony is turning cartoonish, the scene that popped into my head while thinking about this past week was him eating tongue  in front of Tracy. Inspired.  Tongue. Heh. 
NOT The Scene of the Week: Anything having to do with that idiotic "kidnapping" of Liz and Maxie. Good gravy, it was like Cartoon Network exploded with stupidness on my screen. 

PS. From Daytime Confidential: General Hospital was ABC’s least watched soap for the week. Which has been happenin' a LOT lately, eh? 

See who won last week's Soapy Death Match on the WUBS NET!! Vote in this week's THREE WAY!

GOOD BYE to All My Children, in it's last week's run on Network TV. Forgive me if I wax poetic during this time because it is one of my childhood memories! I've been reading about the CyberSoap venture and hope our shows turn out exciting, fresh and maybe a little tweaked. 


    I am zero interest in revisting Sonny's past. AGAIN. With yet another 'love of his life'.
    Wasn't Brenda suppose to 'fix' him??
    Did I hear the word Ric?? Any chance he comes back to Pt Chuckles?? He would be a needed and wanted addition!!

    Pasta Mama needs to stick to making pasta. And stay out of other peoples business.
    When she starts going down 'memory lane' I tend to FF. Who cares??

    Again, without getting into too much negativity, weren't we promised LESS of this stuff once GW took over?? Why is it more??

    I happen to be on meds for problems I suffer from. Maybe its just me, but I would never think to stop taking my meds. If I feel they are no longer working, I try new things. I have ZERO compassion for Sonny not taking his meds.
    And the reason?? Brenda?? C'mon.
    He had his choice to go with her.

    I have suggested many times in the past, why aren't we revisiting the actors who should have airtime??
    Alexis, Monica, Diane, Mac, Patrick, Johnny, Matt as a man, not a 'crybaby'.
    These people should be having LEAD stories. Not Sonny & Papa Z.
    Actually, is there really a major storyline going on right now??

    Again great article Karen.

  2. That Bensonhurst looks like Bobbies old brownstone. Where is Bobbie anyway?

  3. It DOES look like the BrownStone!

    Bobbie is gone...forever. Sadly.

  4. Ah, the Brownstone...sniff. When characters all lived together. Dang

  5. Sometimes I find myself wondering why I even care anymore. It really is like a cartoon...especially the neverending "SonnyDrama". GMAFB! Do something...anything!....with Sonny besides having him yell, sneer,shoot, blow up people/things/cars,throw his barware, snivel. A more unlikeable character I cannot imagine. I used to go along with the pretense of the mobsters with the 'heart of gold'. Now I have no use for it.

    I have no use for any of the recycled bs.

    I hate the obsession Jason has with all things Carly and Michael. Yes, I guess the love of a 'good' woman has supposedly changed that for him because he gave Carly a stern talking-to. Blah blah blah.

    Jason and Sam continue to be the most snooze-worthy couple on television. There hasn't been any angst. Just them sort of hangin' out for 2 or 3 years and then they get married. They proclaim Sam as a tough chick/independent chick but all she has done is hang on Jason's every word and sit on his sofa offering drinks and a shoulder to cry on. They've never let her be an actual 'strong' woman. Oh, and Franco will come along and do something to Sam and then Jason will save her. SSDD.

    How long do we have to watch Lucky snivel and snot his way through his drug dilemma? How many ways can they make Lulu a whining shrew? How many discussions can they have about the same damn things over and over and over again until we all just throw up our hands and say "uncle". Many already have by the looks of the ratings.

    I was willing to give GW a chance. But he's been in there since July and it's coming up on October. So far - other than a little more cast integration- I'm not seeing the quality writing I'd hoped for.

    Whew. That felt good. I hope no one takes offense. I know we all see the show differently. This was just my opinion. Have a great weekend everybody.

  6. great post but... wow.. the spelling! :(

  7. ~Anon~

    Poor Bobbie is in the attic with all the other vets that GH has tossed aside for the newbies who never amount to anything. GH treats actors and storylines like pasta...they just throw stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

  8. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Bren....

    I think what is the worse, is that when GW came on board, he gave us hope. I for one, really thought he was going to change the show to the point, abc wouldn't want to get rid of them in 2012. I know longer carry that hope. I see very little difference in the writing other than now we see Monica every other week in a scene.

    Instead of creating new stories, they are recylcing old.

    Poor Poor leadership IMO.

  9. I'm hearing more and more that since Tristan Rogers is leaving Y&R, he may be coming back to GH. I think that would be awesome! It would be nice for Robin to actually have family around not to mention that I love Robert and Luke together. I've so missed that.

  10. If what I thought Robin said when she visited Sonny right after Brenda left is true, he stopped taking his meds months before. I guess he thought he could stop because things were going well. Did Brenda even know he was on meds? I would think she'd try to get him to stay on them, just for his health. I could see Sonny trying to shield her from that knowledge, but someone in his life should have told her. ... say Robin. Then Brenda could be trying to convince him he needed to continue. That could have been an interesting story, and realistic because sometimes people do believe if they are feeling good they can stop
    their meds. It would have been conflict, where eventually Sonny understands the people who love him are right and he's wrong. While it would still be re-visiting a past story, at least it would be a new angle. Much better than hearing about his past yet again. And I do wish the whole idea of Sonny's "true love" were dropped. How many times have we heard this? Yes he has had several major loves on GH, but how can they all be "the one"? Every lady has been important to him in some way, but just as the female characters shouldn't need a man to "complete" them, why does Sonny have to have a woman every moment? He needs to get himself right before looking for love again. Instead of having someone fix him (as apparently Kate is supposed to now), let him fix himself.

  11. First of all, Sonny can't be fixed.
    And if he could, I don't care anymore.

    What good is it to bring back characters if they aren't being written descently??

    Isn't Robin leaving the show in February??

  12. Perfectly said:

    Gossip for the week of 19-Sep-2011

    by Carol Banks Weber

    Okay whose bright idea was it to recast the likeable Megan Ward with this brittle blonde, Kelly Sullivan (OLTL, ATWT, Law & Order: Criminal Intent)? She comes off as way too harsh, treating Spinelli like feces under her stilettos, instead of a lovable burden – the way Ward did – and snarls like Carly is supposed to (although god knows why). I know Maurice Benard (Sonny) asked fans to be nice to the new girl, but this isn’t working.

    Neither is new head writer Garin Wolf. With the exception of Tyler Christopher’s (Nikolas) and Jane Elliot’s (Tracy) outstanding monologues with the wooden, jaw-jutting Julie Marie Berman (Lulu, please go already), I don’t see what the big improvement is.

  13. Anon..thanks for sharing!!

    Some of these posts need to get to the writers or the show or whomever!

  14. I'm actually looking forward to the return of Dr. Lisa Niles. Some craziness balance to Sonny's craziness. Equal opportunity among nut cases off their meds. I thoroughly dislike Sonny right now, thank heaves for the FF button. I cannot wait to see if his departure comes true.

  15. Anyone else think it would have been so much more interesting to have had jason think he was Jason Q! again for a few months? isn't that what soap are made of. Show some angst with Jasam and have those of us that are bored w/ they as a couple be interested again.

    And Laura Wright needs a new story.

  16. Laura Wright does need a new story!
    One that doesn't involve Shawn!!

    I believe Lisa is only coming back for one day. (I think)

    Jason is fine the way he is. He has a little Jason Morgan/Q in him now.
    However, he is B O R I N G lately!!

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