Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GH Rumor Mill is Churnin'!!

Newest news...Kirsten Storms is out for 3 months, so says her replacement Jen Lilley on Twitter.   Yep, 2 months is 3 now...which is ok but I so hope that Kirsten gets well  SOON! We love our Maxie!!

Also, the new Soaps In Depth says someone "pivitol" on GH is out in November, that will have an impact on a lot of characters. I heard murder mystery is coming--could it be AZ? Or someone else? Those mags drive me nuts.

Rumors right now are that Lexi Ainsworth is out (she has a movie deal), Johnathan Jackson is leaving or John Ingle. I don't have any idea what is true. I do know that when Gina comes, she's Gino's youngest daughter, making her Tracy's "step" kid.
So, until publicists start sharing it's not my place to speculate. I had heard long ago that Maurice Benard was leaving too!! Hell, could be anyone. Kelly Monaco said on Regis and Kelly she didn't want to "stay on a sinking ship"!!  The rumors will come and go but we'll know when we know. It's also not really fair to say someone's out (even if they are) before it's announced, imo.

Scoops that seem to be coming down the pike will have the whole "Dr. Steve" backstory heating up. That could be interesting -- maybe LOL. I always have high hopes! Michael and the newbie "Gina" (mobular daughter of Gino) are supposed to get together. House of the Capulets and Monteques???

TODAY ON GH was the first day of  "Rent a Maxie"...thoughts? I was ok with her. She did good for a fill in!! 

I so wanted Epiphany to tackle Sonny at  GH lol....Sonny's going to KILL SOMEONE for Dante's shooting!! Shocker!!
With JaSam looking at the stars I wanted them to sing "Somewhere out there.....beneath the deep blue sky"....  such a Disney moment LOL 
Newbie cop Dolores started today too. She didn't impress today.  Shawn sees the coke and no one else? Good Lord. 
Kate drove me nuts today-- even her yelling at Carly.  Not just the new actress, her being 'inserted' into the story now is just..weird. 

Julie Marie Berman IS SUCH a good actress!! She was perfect today! 

Jamey Giddens is saying headwriter Ron C may stay with One Life To Live. Which, gives me mixed feelings, I so hope he does but I would have love to have him come to GH because he's awesome. Hit the link for Daytime Confidential article. 

Shana tova to my Jewish Wubbers!


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  2. holy cow!

    I love KS I'm quite concerned that she'll be out so long I hope she's ok.

    Will it still be GH with all those people gone? What would happen to NLG with both her tv daughters gone?

  3. Jason and Sam: Jason is the captain of the boat? HUH?! Come on Sam! If you have wants or needs, TELL HIM! Why do you always act like this?! I wish you would stop! I did like that she talked about her brother.

    Ethan: Huh?! How did he know where Wyndemere is? Does he even know about Wyndemere? Why was he walking inside? I'm so lost. Why does the Laura Portrait have red hair? Someone hit him!!! Can't be Luke. Must be Helena or some other Cassadine.

    Kate: She pmses all over Carly and then whines to Alexis. She feels like the odd woman out? HUH?!!?! I don't feel like she is Kate. It feels more like a new character.

    Dante and Lulu: :'(

    The warehouse: Of course Carly and Abby protected Michael. I'm not surprised Carly is protecting him. She is his mother. Abby DUMP HIS ASS NOW!!!! Oh Shawn founds drugs and is hiding it!

    Maxie and Spinny: Woah! This actress to temporarily replace Kirstin Storms, did she do research or something?!!? Impressive so far. :)

  4. Maybe the lady in white is Bobbie. She had red hair.Helena has had her all this time .

  5. Thanks, Karen, for the New Year's wishes, I also wish a Shana Tova to my fellow Jewish Wubbers.

    I thought the new Maxie was GREAT, that is she looks and acts like KS, she is good as a stand-in until our KS comes back, she really looked like she studied all of her mannerisms.

    Kirsten, get well soon!!

  6. I agree that JMB is a sensational actress. I just adore her. I just wish she wasn't still in that awful opera dress but I gotta say without the tiara and gloves it's not that bad.

  7. Thank You Karen for your New Year's wish's. Nothing touch's me more, than when my non-Jewish friends recognize such a holy time for us.

    IMO...KS isn't sick.
    When did the story break she was going out?? 2-3 weeks ago?? Up until then she was on tweeter, tweeting away. As soon as the announcement was made, KS turned off her twitter account. (so I heard)
    I did NOT expect to see Nu Maxie this soon.
    Today was shot 6 weeks ago. 6 weeks ago she was fine. Nah....I am not buying she is sick. Something else is up.
    And NOT REHAB!!!!!!

    Sonya...this is who Sam is.
    NO mind. When Jason was out & about saving everyone, she sat on the sofa waiting.
    I hope she leaves the show.
    I want him to be alone or a Mama's boy. I don't like how the character of Jason is being written.

    How did Ethan get into
    Wyndemere? He have a set of keys??
    HOLE in story!!!

    Kate & Alexis new bff's now that Diane isn't around???

    I don't trust or like Shawn.
    But you all know that. I remind you everyday.

    Nice to see BB (Johnny) got a haircut after his dad shot Dante.
    (like we don't notice stuff)

    YES, the actress who is replacing KS moves her body and gestures just like KS. Her face doesn't look anything like KS.

    I have to agree with Anon..Lulu take that dam costume off already!

    Doesn't Alexis look great??
    Why AGAIN is she not on the show every day in a lead story??

  8. I think KS stopped filming when GH went on Break in Sept--

    I don't know about all these casting rumors at all and I hate to say anything until I know for sure. It's not fair.

    You are so right about Ethan in Wyndemere, random

  9. My2Cents2 says

    Sonya...this is who Sam is.
    NO mind. When Jason was out & about saving everyone, she sat on the sofa waiting.
    Yeah I know this is who Sam is. I wish she would stop! :) Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

  10. LA is supposedly only going to be out for five weeks for her movie shoot, according to her by her Facebook page and by her twitter. I've seen no indications from other sites, mags, etc. that she's leaving and insiders are saying she's staying at GH, so unless there is a random announcement they are keeping secret, it doesn't sound like she's going anywhere.

  11. Karen..GH was on break?? Really?
    Is that why the storylines have been so awful with holes??

    Thank You Sonya....:o)

    What did everyone think of the new cop?? I thought she was BLAH!!!!

  12. I just read at GHHappenings....SPOILER ALERT**
    The MALE who leaves in November is not killed off.
    (I am thinking Lucky)Any other guess's??

    Apparently Matt realizes (hello?) Maxie is just not that into him.
    He turns to Liz.

    Lisa Niles will be back for a short stint! I LOVE it!!

    Is Krissy is leaving to film a movie, how convient for the writers to write her as leaving for college!! (Could that be what Alexis was hinting at today with Kate?)

    No word of Sam or Shawn's demise!

  13. One note on OLTL... the fight between Natalump and Messica??? Fantastic!!! lol

  14. Ohhhh I will have to go watch that!
    LOVE those catfights!!!!!

  15. I say kristina will leave for physical rehab.

    No one is Maxie for me except Kirsten. Hope she's ok.

    As for Sam it would be nice if she mentioned her brother to molly & kristina some time. That story was awful anyway. he was killed as soon as he was found. If they're going ot bring up old siblings, bring someone up we actually care about. bobbie, alan, aj, emily, etc.

  16. No one, no matter how good they are, can ever replace Kirsten Storms. She truly owns this role now. Even if she was not the original Maxie they could never permanently recast that role. she reminds me of Lynn herring in the role of Lucy...could never be recast.

    Something about the nu-Kates eyes really distracts me. either dark bags under her eyes or really heavy bad make-up. i will only like the nu-Kate if she somehow gets Sonny off our screens PERMANENTLY.

    I would love it if the lady in white was Bobbie, but I think not. She was once married to Stefan but I don't think they will ever revisit that...or the character of Bobbie.

    I can't wait to see the Hawaii set. I wonder how they will work the Gelato cart into it...perhaps convert it into a Lai Cart?

  17. Did you hear the Ron Carlivati rumor? I posted the link on your Facebook page.

  18. OK...I'm an airhead. I just re-read your post and saw that you have that rumor on!

  19. I agree, nobody is Maxie but Maxie.
    This temp is good though with studying Maxie's character.
    Have to give her that. Still, I have no interest until our Maxie comes back.

    YES maybe they will write Krissy into rehab. Another option.

    Lady in white is not Bobbie. JZ confirmed that recently.

    OLTL!!!! YIKES was that a fight!!
    I DISPISE Gnat, so I am team Jessica all the way. LOVED when Jessie called Gnat 'Trailer Trash'.
    However, I didn't like when Gnat said Clint wasn't really Jessies father, and crazy Mitch was. Ouch!
    What about Starr with the gun??
    OY VEY!!
    Though OLTL is silly and makes no sense, it is keeping my interest.

  20. Wow I am shocked that people are accepting this new Maxie on any level. I forgot she was airing today, so I am sure that didn't help, but I hated everything about her. I agree that she clearly studied the character but I'm not sure it did her any good - she came off more like a parody of Maxie than a real person. I found her very repelling. =( I am not sure I can endure 3 months of this woman.

    Everything with Kate today was just bizarre. I know Olivia comforts everyone and is very nurturing in that way, but how many times has Kate even seen Dante in her life? Her needing to be consoled by Olivia was ridiculous, as was her suddenly attacking Carly in defense of Sonny. And why is she on roof discussing motherhood with Alexis?? The actress seemed a little better at her role today, since she was freed from mimicking Megan Ward finally, but everything felt ridiculously thrown together.

    What the hell was Johnny thinking, showing up at the hospital? Much less standing right behind Sonny as he vows to kill the person who shot his son. (Sonny could save a lot of time and just go take himself out - he's a little late to this particular vengeance party.) I also think it's weird that Johnny hasn't shown any concern over the fact that he was involved in the shooting of someone dear to not one but both of his ex girlfriends. I am going to assume that will be his excuse for being at the hospital, but it bothers me that he has shown no consideration for Lulu or Olivia yet.

    I absolutely detest Ronnie. They did a good job of reminding me why today, although I really think it's ridiculous that they are lying about Michael being there. I see absolutely no point, he's off probation and it only makes them look guilty. I did like Shawn stepping in to help though.

    I've never been too keen on the idea of Dolorous and I hope today wasn't a preview of what to expect cause I definitely wasn't feeling the character or the actress today.

    There are holes all over the place in the Ethan story but they didn't bother me too much. I think my brain was still reeling from any of the above mentioned topics anytime they flashed over to him~ ^^;

  21. Adora....I was shocked as well to see so many accepting this Maxie.
    KS owns the part of Maxie.
    Nobody but KS can play the role.
    However, clearly this character had time to study Maxie, her body gestures were so similar to Maxie, for that, I give credit.
    I am also convinced KS isn't sick.
    It was announced she was sick just recently. Obviously this actor started taping long before.
    As far as 'accepting' her, what choice do we have?? Her scenes yesterday for me was just one, I usually FF thru Spinelli so I did the same yesterday. I hope this NuMaxie doesn't get much airtime.

    Everything about NuKate is weird. Why after all this time is she coming to terms with Sonny?? This is his life. She knows it. So why was she shocked?? I don't recall her sitting at any Thanksgiving table with Dante. Nor do I remember her taking him out for a meal and play 'catch up'. The best aunt she was not.
    Though..I do like this Kate. Alot.

    By Johnny showing up at the hospital, he is thinking that will throw off Sonny. Why is he there? We will find out today.

    Ronnie's scenes were the best of everything yesterday!!
    Of course Shawn is going to show up. Doesn't he always??

    New cop...Zzzzzzzzz. Hopefully this is re-occuring. Though we haven't given her a chance yet.

    As far as Ethan, he is another one who shows up everywhere at the strangest times.
    Holes in the story?? Ya think???

  22. I think JJ is definitely gone. LL2 were heading for a reunion and now it's interestingly enough been totally pushed back again. Wish they would have kept people like TC and IR who were very strong characters played by good actors, rather than cater to other actors who phone it in (like SB; sorry Karen, I know you love him!) and characters that are stagnant and have been written into a corner (Carly & Spin - I think this noir crap showed us just how at a loss they are with him)

  23. The new hot Doc has been cast. Check him out at General Hospital Happenings.

  24. I thought the temp Maxie was okay - obviously trying to be inconpicuous with the same hair/dress and mannerisms. There is only one Maxie though and I really hope she is okay. She is irreplacable. My2Cents2, sharp as always, noticed Johnny's haircut, too. B & B had one of those moments last week when Steffy went from Dollar Bill's office to hers and somehow got a new haircut in between, but it was mentioned briefly. Why was Windemere unlocked? Kate's eye makeup is too heavy and her outburst with Carly was bizarre. How could the cops not see the white powder two feet away from them? Really starting to dislike Michael immensely.

  25. Hi All--

    Rumors are abundant with GH! We never know what to believe until it actually happens. I am still waiting for the ultimate announcement that GH is going from ABC...unless there is some miracle we don't know about like Frons getting fired, it just seems a given that GH is going to go the same way the other two soaps on the network did.

    If the writing continues to be as sloppy and choppy as it has been, I'll continue to get worried. You have timelines which aren't making sense and scenes which are so totally random they make your jaw drop in total confusion!

    Ethan at Wydemere was one of those! Why send him there...someone who is barely a Spencer? Get Lucky up off the floor and send him there! The Laura portait in some ways looks like Laura and also looks like Lulu a bit. The Lady in White was supposed to initially look like Siobhan (hence the red hair) but I don't know if they're doing that now. Puzzling!

    Also out of place...All the business with Kate. We don't see her for months and months on end, Sonny's all about Brenda for months, and then whammo...we're supposed to believe that they still have this deep connection and Kate wouldn't be running away like someone on fire after getting shot twice because she was in Sonny's orbit! This is as believable as if the writers would suddenly have Johnny start fawning after Lulu again declaring that he never stopped loving her! Wouldn't buy that either!

    I still cannot get used to NuKate. Heck, I took to TemporaryMaxie a lot better! I still like KS, but this actress has definitely done her Maxie homework! I sort of liked NuKate with Alexis yesterday, but then my thoughts turned to..."Oh gee...they are discussing Motherhood...let's pray Kate doesn't get pregnant! Sonny doesn't need another kid to screw up!"

    Dante/Lulu...very heartbreaking scene. I just wished to heck JMB would have changed out of that darn get up they have her in before she went to the hospital, but in rushing, I guess there's no time. I saw the new lady cop...I guess this is Delores. I am also wondering, since all the writers know how to do with couples is insert a third party to create angst, if she will become a problem between Dante and Lulu. I have a feeling we're going to get "Lulu's too fragile and cannot handle being with a guy who might get killed." Only this time, it's a cop and not a mobster. Maybe next time, she should date a doctor or a CPA.

    What was Johnny thinking showing up at the hospital? Get ready for yet another Sonny/Johnny showdown. If they can get past their hatred, they should work together to take AZ down!

    Not sure who is staying or going or what we can trust from the media. I did hear Kirsten was sick (hope she's better soon) and Lexi was doing a film. The problem with actors who choose to do other projects (like Tyler Christopher) is that the folks at GH seem to frown down on that and the actor gets the hook. That might be why we see the Lexi rumors. Other actors I have read aren't happy...Kelly, Julie, Brandon, Jonathan...but who knows? There were big rumors that a major actor was going to leave because he didn't want to stick around to see the ship sink. Big actor means Tony, Maurice or Steve to me. I guess GH is like a Bond martini now...Shaken, not stirred!

  26. JJ is gone. I agree with that.
    Major male character to leave, but not killed off has to be JJ. He doesn't want to be part of the sinking ship. He is getting out when he can. As I believe Robin is too in February.

    Instead of having Carly walking around in high heels all day, why not send her looking for Jax?? He is so needed back!!!!!!

    LindaV..thanks for the compliment, however, I am not sharp!!! Except when it comes to Johnny! I like him.
    Windemere. Why am I not excited about this storyline? Why was it unlocked?? Because the writers don't think we have a mind and wonder things like that. Although, Ethan, the thud he is, may have come thru a window. Still, you would think security for that dungeon?
    I liked the Carly & Kate 'moment'.
    I thought I was losing my girl Carly. She still has it in her!!
    However I still can't figure out why Kate was at the wedding.
    Lots of lots of holes in all these storys.

    When PP leased out AMC & OLTL, I was hoping that GW was going to bring GH back to life so abc would keep them.
    My hopes are shot.
    The Chew is getting ratings.
    Soaps may very well be on the way out.
    I hope that PP wants GH in 9/2012.
    At this rate, they may want to wash their hands of it as well.
    And that is why I believe the actors are being allowed to leave and take time off.
    Because they need to pursue other things before the final curtain comes down.

  27. Hello all:
    Happy New Year.

    I'm concerned about KS. Three months is a very, very long time. I had parts of me replaced and was back to work in less time than that. Granted my job isn't as physically demanding, but it's a very long time. I do hope she will be ok.

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