Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday: O' Canada!

Today is my 'boy's' birthday.. he was born at 3:58pm and I kid that he waited until GH was over to come into the world (not that I was watching after 27 hours of labor ,thank you!!) I'm off to the  North so he can order a beer legit-- at least he's going with us and not a car full of friends! 

ERGO--- I won't be here for the show.  That means Sonya has to take over the recaps if she's watching and everyone else that posts daily can help.  Let me know the skivvy. Somehow I don't think I'll miss anything crucial. 

NEW SCOOPS are posted-- mostly Franco and Lucky related. Franco for stalking the wedding/honeymoon and Lucky for being all jittery for Vicodin and packing up Siobhan's things.

I am predicting a nice Murder Mystery coming up-- maybe for November Sweeps?  Not saying who's dying yet-- or if they are really 'dead-dead'-- but I do think something's brewing.  

Nu Kate and Sonny will cross paths soon-- we'll have to see if there's any spark in that there recast.  I really felt like I was watching a show from the past with Olivia/Kate yesterday. It was a bit bizarre. Also, did anyone note the star tattoo on her wrist? Is she connected to the flour bags? LOL!!

Have a great Friday! Only one more week of AMC!! How sad is that? wahhh. Watch a great video with the cast saying goodbye on Vincent Z Facebook page.


  1. Have a good time with your son. Hope he has a nice birthday. Will they put the new Kates face up?

  2. Lets hope the new murder mystery is who killed sonny, but i doubt ut.

  3. that should be it not ut

  4. Guess Bobbie will never be back.

  5. Have a great time with your son. How great that he chose to go with you.

    I tended to flip through a lot of yesterday's ep. I'm getting really tired of Michael the mob punk. he's like a little boy playing gansters. When is he going to grow up?

    I also flipped through most of the Robin/Patrick/ matt stuff. sama old same old arguements. I wouldn't want either of those immature idiots operating on me. Imagine seeing your surgeon having a tantrum with his brother just before what could be a life altering surgery. *insert eye roll*

    I'm really glad Spinelli is back. I hope they don't have him lose his computer skills now.

  6. explain something to me. why don't Maxie and Elizabeth untie each others hands? How stupid was that scene. They are walking around with hands tied in front of them. Fingers are free to untie the other knots but all they do is argue. Get real writers.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN'S SON!!! :) Or should I say "son"? What is the quotes about? ROFL!

    ON TO GH

    Liz and Maxie: Loved their scene!!! Maxie has the line of the day!

    Maxie: Size doesn't matter! Okay yes sometimes size does matter. And anyone who says it doesn't, is a total liar.

    ROFL! Maxie!!!! :) You are crazy! :) Their history talk was great. Maxie is upset and jealous over Matt and Liz!!! Liz is saying they work together and they are friends!!! They talk about Liz cheating on Lucky and that Maxie slept with Lucky. ladies don't just sit there. You can get escape on your own you don't need a man! :) And they have a plan and it worked! Maxie pretended to be in pain! Then she sprayed pepper spray on the bad guy's face!!! Maxie was able to escape but not Liz. Maxie is being chased! Spinny has been trying to find the ladies! Maxie left clues for him! He tasted one of the clues on the dumpster YUCK! :) Spinny sees Maxie running!

    Olivia and Kate: Blah blah blah. Same conversation as yesterday blah blah blah. Zzzzzz. I want to see a cat fight!!! What? Kate wants to arm wrestle?!!?! No no no!!! Stupid!!! I want to see a damn cat fight!!!!

    Lulu and Ethan: Oh he is all beat up! Lulu didn't whine about Dante! WOW SHOCKING! :) But she did talk about how she doesn't feel like a Spencer, cus she missed out on all the adventures. :( Oh Luke is watching! :)

    Sonny: What the hell was with that flashback of Bensenhurst? I didn't get that scene when it happened a little while ago. He goes into an abandoned apartment and changes clothes. Huh?!!?!

  8. Hey Karen how old is your son? :) And are you serious about Franco's dream about Jason? ROFL!

  9. STFU Olivia!!!!!!!!
    wow is she nerve racking!!
    Olivia Budinski.

    I ADORE Maxie, and well let's say, Liz, I don't ADORE.
    However today, Maxie was throwing some hardballs at Liz.
    I almost felt sorry for Liz.

    So now what is up with Luke??
    He is 'lurking' in the background until he leaves for his winter vacation??

    Lulu & Dante..Gee do I smell a proposal from Dante coming?

    Thank You GH for not giving us much Michael & Abby this week. Much appreciated.

    We could have used alot more Alexis scenes this week and less Olivia.

    Have to go shower....I feel ICKY when I get done watching Sonny!

  10. Oh yea did you know Sonny was walking out of a building in Bensonhurst?

    I thought he was replaying the famous scene of when the shooters were shooting at him & Jason a few years back, then I realized it wasn't snowing...

  11. My2Cents2 says Oh yea did you know Sonny was walking out of a building in Bensonhurst?
    I thought that's where he was! :) I guess not? ROFL! I'm not sure where he was. I was confused when they first showed him there a little while ago.

    I thought he was replaying the famous scene of when the shooters were shooting at him & Jason a few years back, then I realized it wasn't snowing...
    Nope it's not that scene. :)

  12. may be correct.
    With all the holes in the show, its hard to keep things straight!

  13. btw...what happen to BB???
    Wasn't she suppose to be on today?

  14. Sonny had gone back to Bensonhurst after losing Brenda and went to someone's old house there and was sitting forlornly on the stoop holding a coffee cup and someone threw change in it. It was hilarious. Does anyone else remember that scene?

    So, he threw the "For Sale" sign off the house, and I'm guessing he bought it, and now I'm guessing it's Kate's old house at "335 Bay Parkway," that Olivia referred to.

    Also, did anyone notice that Lulu tripped twice in the Haunted Star in her purple shoes? (Karen, I KNOW that you would have commented on this, we usually notice the same things.)

    I also laughed at Maxie's funny line about "size matters."

  15. My2Cents2 said... may be correct.
    With all the holes in the show, its hard to keep things straight! Thanks!!
    Hahaha you're welcome. :)Maybe someone else knows. Karen? Anybody? Was it Bensonhurst that Sonny was at?

  16. Thank you AntJoan! Thank you! :)

  17. AutJoan..thank you.
    I do remember him sitting on the steps there. (now that you mentioned it) I don't remember a for Sale sign, however I wasn't paying attention.

    That is why I come here. You all are on HIGH ALERT more than I am.

    Off to OLTL...

  18. Isn't Sonny suppose to be going back to Bensonhurst with his posse??
    Been hearing about that storyline since last summer.
    EVERYONE goes.......

    Am I the only one who thinks Olivia needs to worry about herself and son ONLY??

  19. well I would like to say Hooray for the shows AMC and OLTL on their cliffhangers.

  20. The whole Sam's dress thing is SO unbelievable. Just don't get it at all whatsoever. Her dress was never even mentioned. Jason had surgery 2 days ago. Now it's magically their wedding day. Can a nyone tell how this couple is shoved down our throats? I am ILL

  21. NuKate is so much better than Megan Ward. She has fire and is believable as being from an Italian family. Someone else sd that Ward was a better Kate and this gal a better Connie. In just 2-3 eps she's better at both.

  22. Cosmoetic.....I agree 100%.
    I am liking this new Kate.
    More so than MW.
    What I don't like, is how she all of a sudden is back caring about Sonny again. WTF??
    Bad Bad story re-introduction!!

    Between the girls being held hostage, Lucky, Grasshopper, I am confused. But then again, its not that interesting.
    Either is this wedding.

    Where's Doc Steve??

  23. IMO, Olivia has more business worrying about Sonny (and Johnny for that matter since she never stopped loving him) than Kate! I 100% disagree that this actress is better as kate. Maybe she will prove to be a better Connie as others suggested but how she looks or acts Italian is beyond me. Examples please? I do agree megan didn't look or act Italian so don't get me wrong, as much as I loved the actress oozing Italian she wasn't. But this gal has nothing on her but again, JMO.

    I do agree that this wedding comes oddly 2 days after Jason's miracle surgery which of course has one little bandaid on his forehead and even that will disappear. Kristina's is even worse. And if anyone noticed her lying in bed she had a shelf bra on and it looked very very odd sticking out like Madonna's! Although I liked Johnny going to see Kristina, shouldn;t it have been Ethan since we are supposed to want these two together? Epic fail if that was Gw's goal. One good thing this week, No Mabby! Yay!

  24. No some of us don't want Ethan & Krissy together.
    I for one don't. From what I am reading, their future (games) are just plain stupid going forward.

    Olivia needs to worry about Olivia & Dante. But that is who Olivia is.
    A busybody.
    Nobody wants to see Johnny hurt.
    However, why all of a sudden does Olivia show up at his house checking on him..??
    As far as her still loving Johnny, you couldn't tell by that shower scene she had with Dr Steve a few weeks back.

    The only difference between this Kate and Ol Kate, is age.
    This Kate is alot younger.
    However, IMO she is just as pretty, if not prettier, and I happen to 'click' with her character better than I did with MW.
    Again, JMO.

  25. Rhonda says And if anyone noticed her lying in bed she had a shelf bra on and it looked very very odd sticking out like Madonna's!
    A shelf bra? What is a shelf bra? :)

  26. FYI if anyone likes AMC on September 23rd Susan Lucci takes over the view along with Angie and Jessee .I put the link here.Love the way the view is getting in on killing the show.

  27. Can't wait for Jasam's wedding to be done with. Having Liz come and talk to them will be the final slap in Liason's face. Yes I'm bitter sorry guys!

  28. This is a letter I just sent to abc.
    As well as I left a message on Sweeney voice mail.
    Not sure how far it will get, any other emails you may have, I would appreciate.

    What is going on with General Hospital?? Wasn't this new writer suppose to perform an upgrade from Guza??

    Very Very disapointed with the direction this show has gone into.

    When Papa Z has a lead story, and we don't see Alexis or Diane or Mac, something went wrong.

    Slow moving, lots of 'holes' in stories.
    Maxie should be a lead. As should Alexis. Kate. Carly. Diane. Johnny, Mac, Patrick, Matt for men leads.

    How hard is it to figure out this is what we want!!!!

    Sonny's writing is disgusting to watch. (And I am a fan of his).
    Jason & Sam soooooooo boorrrrring.....(NOT a Liason fan either)

    Where's Uncle Mac?? Diane?? Monica?? We get a scene a week, from them? IF even??

    Come on people, WAKE UP and get someone in there who can turn this show around!!!

    We don't want to see these people in 'fill in' roles. We want stories for them.
    Why aren't we getting storylines with Monica starting to date again??
    Alexis?? The BEST actress on the show. Why isn't she in a lead??

    How much Mob can we take??

  29. Just thought I would put it out there, maybe the old house that Sonny visited was the one that he grew up in with his mom and Deke??

    The writers keep going back to his childhood and bringing up Deke, and how Sonny needs to get over it now, as per his conversation is Carly. So maybe they are revisiting it and having everyone go to Bensonhurst and finding Sonny there trying to overcome his demons.
    Thus, the reintroduction of Kate as she was there and saw first hand what Sonny's childhood was like. She was his saviour. The one good thing in his life.
    Maybe that's why Sonny turns to every woman that he's with to be his saviour?? Transferring feelings that he had for Kate onto them.

    I personally think, the house symbolizes the only home that Sonny's ever really had or known. He can try to buy all these things and have all the power, but his home is still this house in Bensonhurst as he feels he doesn't deserve any better and that is partly due to his symptomatic thinking of his bipolar disorder and how he was treated by Deke.
    He's punishing himself. He's transitioning to the Depression stage from the Manic. He will punish and blame himself for everything that happened in his Manic phase. And, it doesn't help with all the blame that's getting directed towards him from Carly, Alexis, Robin, Patrick, Brenda, Johnny, Dante and Kristina. He's getting pushed. His foundation of support is going if it's not gone already?!?!

    He will turn to this house and see that he doesn't deserve anything good and will feel that he's worthless and he deserved everything that he got in childhood. Hence, him feeling like he's finally where he belongs.

  30. may very well be on to something!
    That house was awfully big though!
    I was under the impression Sonny didn't grow up with money.
    Or may that is an apartment building??

    I do see him heading back to Bensonhurst....maybe we are on to a good story??

    I sure hope so.

  31. Hey anonymous 5:14...I thought the same thing when they first showed the captive dumb are these writers..even if their hands were tied behind their backs..if they were free to move around they could have still untied those honking big FF is getting quite a workout these days between whiny Lulu, the crappy wedding story, and "it's not my fault" Sonny..there isn't much watch and now Franco is making a appearance, I didn't like him when he showed up the last time so why bring him back again...such a waste...OLTL on the otherhand has me glued to the sofa

  32. Sorry Piper, found this Jasam video on

    Both actors are lovely but the 6 minute interview is pretty dull.



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