Friday, September 2, 2011

The Day After ! I'm HERE!

The Port Chuck Fan Event at our local restaurant Tapas was great. I met really nice people and one that took ALBERTA to meet the boys in the band!! THX to Jeanne and MJ!! It was really hot in both places, btw--it was like Rochester forgot the air-con LOL. I think the best thing is that Bradford tweeted how much he loved Rochester and they'd be back. Maybe they say that everywhere they go, but I know that the fans here are fun, and really WANT to see soapy actors. 

OLTL: KISH Mention and a Sierra Rose photo! Stacey's alive!! wow...will she have her face or Gigi's!? BIG Twist on OLTL with Kimmy or what?? I had NO clue!! eeeee!!!  Great idea. 

GH: Oh lord, Jax is "dead" and Carly is just bickering with SONNY now like she did with him all the damn time. OY! She tells him Morgan is where Sonny can't get to him. Military academy. AND his new last name is "Benson"!

JaSam... Sam is just going to cry and cry.  How many 'bedside' scenes have there been on GH? A million? Just switch out characters, same difference. heh.
I WISH Kristina's shirt had lobsters instead of bugs. ;) you know it!! Kristina said Skye is about "100 years older than Ethan" ahahha.

Edward and Michael!! Nice.. Edward wants the "old Jason back"-- but he's more afraid he'll be a stranger to everyone. 

Spinelli's dang suit was so shiny it glowed LMAO ..that bedside THING  with Jason? ugh.. sorry but it was just weird.  

Krissy laying on the docks. I guess she's going to have a bone fragment in her neck? something? She sure is holding it..AZ comes along. I do wish he had tattoos. :) 

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  1. So does Steve Burton only wear jeans and black tees even when not in character?! brutal.

  2. actually on the morning radio show he had on a black t with a silver eagle thing on it!! LOL

  3. If Carly REALLY wanted to keep Sonny away from Morgan, why did she reveal the alias he's enrolled under? And funny how she just now remembers Sonny had signed away custody. I would be willing to bet Morgan returns SORASed as the anti-Michael. "Good" brother vs. "bad" brother. (hope the show survives that long!)

    Steve Burton must have loved this last month of shows, getting to "sleep" on the job most days. LOL.

    Has Skye mentioned where her daughter is, or did I miss that? I find it odd even Edward did not ask where Lila's namesake is. Mostly I am curious how old she is going to be if she shows up!

  4. First part of the dashboard from Aj & Jason's accident, now something happens to Kristina possibly due to a past injury? Gw you MAY be fired afterall. There are so many other interesting possibilities. They aren't making much fuss over Skye's daughter cuz Skye isn't staying very long. I did enjoy her & johnny's playfullness the other day. Anything to see JB shirtless! Yum ; )

    They had all those women dreaming of jason yet only show one of them waiting at his bedside. Liz hasn't even checked in on him or Sam. No one has mentioned the accident or who caused it, nothing. Stupid. Spin is stupid too, sorry. Just when I became interested in matt & Maxie they pull something else to try and keep Spixie together. I say give Bradford a long vacation. He is overused like the rest of Sonny & Co. I do love my maxie though.

  5. Thanks for the clip from the part I could hear they kinda sound like Linkin Park!


  6. Honestly I can't believe people pay money to see them. They are horrible...I feel bad...but truly they are....They say soap fans are the most loyal and the best...they have to be to think this band is any good.

  7. OLTL: I hate Stacy with a passion! UGH! Kimmy is AUBREY!!!!! I did NOT see that one coming!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped! :) What a great shocking twist! :) I love it! :)

    ON TO GH:

    Maxie and Jackal: Hey Maxie your lips are bleeding. Oh no wait it's just red lipstick ROFL!

    Jackal and Jason: Spinny is back!!!! YAY!!!! But the scene is so sad. :(

    Sam and Krissy: Oh oh Krissy is back to denial when it comes to Ethan. She thinks Ethan is interested in her. DOH!

    Krissy: Oh oh! She is in pain and she passes out!!! Oh it's just growing pains. :)

    Krissy and Papa Z: Krissy is passed out and Papa Z comes upon her!! OH OH!!!!

    Papa Z and the bakery guy: So the bakery guy works for Papa Z!!!!!! DAMN! :)

    Carly and Sonny: OH GREAT SCENE!!! :) So Carly sends Morgan to military school so that he stays away from Sonny! He can't go see him! He has no power over there! And if Sonny wants to go see him, Carly's guards will have to be there. :) And she changed Morgan's name on the register to Morgan Benson! :)Gotta love the last name Benson! Oh Carly! Jax will be so happy! :) Speaking of Jax, she didn't sign the divorce papers. Hmmm. :)

    Michael and Sonny: Sonny tells him about Morgan. Michael isn't happy and says he is on Sonny's side whatever he decides to do. Oh yeah Michael? So If Sonny decides to kill Carly, would you say that she deserves it? That she had it coming?

    Michael and Edward: Shut up Michael and listen to Edward! Go back to ELQ!!! Do you know what your bio father looks like? Edward show him pictures!!!

    Jason and Sam: Jason is awake!!!! I was thinking he was going to speak and say who are you? ROFL!

  8. OMG! I totally agree with Anon #3! I almost never leave negative comments, but that band did not sound good at all. OUCH!
    But OLTL Rocks!! Love that show. I read spoilers and I did not see this Kimmy/Aubrey twist coming.

  9. That was a Linkin Park song... and they really don't say they are great, but wanted to give fans a show. People seemed to love it. I didn't pay to go but 500 plus did!

  10. LOL....I guess that's why they sounded like them! I couldn't hear too much just the screaming part.


  11. Great article!!

    So I am not alone with my fustration with GH or GW??

    Carly has to be 'losing it'.
    She is hiding Morgan, yet she gives out his new name. How hard can it be to find the lad??

    I believe SB had a 2 month vacation. So alot of sleep scenes were probably done months in advance.

    Skye is leaving the show? When??

    Michael & Sonny. 2 great actors.
    However their writing these days are unwatchable IMO.
    Smack Michael! Shoot Sonny!
    (I usually like Sonny)
    How disrespectful was Michael to Edward?? I didn't like that at all.

    OK Mr Grasshopper. Was that bedside scene with you and your bff suppose to be emmy worth??

    GH is in a very bad way right now.
    I would not be surprised to see him gone soon.
    I read at another site his plans for the future. Gee I can hardly wait. (sarcastic)

    On to OLTL!
    Aubrey, Cutter, Kimmie. Who knew?

    Pretty obvious that was Stacey in the bed. Didn't come as a surprise.
    YES she will wake up looking like Gigi!! This is a soap!!

    Nice mention of the baby and Fisch!! Very nice & smart!!

    I give an A to OLTL this week, and a C to GH.
    I say C for GH because Alexis had some pretty awesome scenes with Sonny & Carly.

  12. My2Cents2 says

    I believe SB had a 2 month vacation. So alot of sleep scenes were probably done months in advance.
    Yeah I was wondering if he had a vacation! :)

    YES she will wake up looking like Gigi!! This is a soap!!
    HUH?! Stacy is gonna look like Gigi?!!?! Why?

    Nice mention of the baby and Fisch!! Very nice & smart!!
    Yeah love seeing the baby!!!! :) Awww!

  13. YEP! Stacey always wanted Gigi's life, didn't she??
    This is my guess. I don't know anything for sure if she wakes up looking like Gigi!!

    SB deserved a 2 month break. They use him everyday in almost every scene!! lol

    How awesome would it be to show Fisch & his partner again?? That storyline was a mistake to drop.

  14. I just watched these guys on a Ytube video performed at the MDA yesterday.

    Brandon is really good!!!!!

    Steve B?? What does he do?? He seemed to just be hitting his hands on his pants.
    Nice to see Spinelli as a human...

    I thought it was a good show from what I saw.

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