Monday, September 26, 2011

Dirty Soap: Review From The Wub Chair...

First of all, I DVR'd it and watched it during that SHOW that shall not be mentioned. I found it to be interesting, a bit staged but I'm giving it a go. My fave part was of course, seeing behind the set in make-up, dressing rooms and fan events. 

Kelly and Kirsten were good together. The whole "boyfriend" break up?? ehh.. I'm more interested to see Farah in the mix!! Love JP and the fact he's a New Yorker through and through. Farah came off as a snarky beeatch but I found myself liking that a bit. The House hunting should be cool to watch.

The other actors I don't know at all as I don't watch DOOL or BB. But it's couple and family drama and Nadia looking for a new job. I do think there could have been more people involved, not sure thsi can hold my interest for all the shows--I will watch to support the industry however! Most of you know I'm a reality Ho for most shows so I'm picky. I can tell if it's scripted a mile away. This is pretty staged, that's for sure. I'll have to see the drama unfold to make a final judgement. 

BEST LINE: Kelly says: "Call me a bitch and my fans will rip your face off" !! 

My one big question is WHY THE HELL didn't Soap Net do this years ago?? It has a whole freekin' could have even started with one ABC show and moved on to the others. It could have been epic. Then, they could have even taken OLTL or AMC and moved it to that network and save them. IDIOTS. grrrrr. No vision.


  1. SoapNet totally missed the boat on that one! I would have been thrilled to watch a "behind the scenes" show about any of my soaps.

  2. Your comments are right on again.
    I didn't care for FF at all.
    Didn't care for how she presented herself, nor were comments about KS necessary. IMO Is this a preview of fighting to come between these 2?? If so, you know whose side I am on!

    LOVE JP is a New Yorker thru and thru. YIKES...different life in LA...he may not be cut for it.

    Kelly has soo much love for herself, does she really need any man?? She doesn't hold back with expressing the number of fans she has. (take away the table please, so my fans can see my legs)

    Not sure if this will be a success or not..

  3. problem-Disney owns soapnet as well as ABC-soapnet going away 2012 along with all other soap related shows

  4. Wee-ell, didn't like it much...seemed static. Of course there is some scripting, has to be at least a strong outline to follow, so let's face it, no so-called reality show is really real at all.
    Once many years ago, I had a local PBS TV show presenting old 'classic' movies--two of us would do the Robert O thing together. Once our young new director said, "You're too nice. You two need to find something to argue about to make it interesting. Figure out a disagreement..really get into it," and we both said that would be so phony because we were friends and liked these films and each of us brought something different to the critiquing. The director was a kid they'd hired out of school and knew nada about old movies and cared less. Our fans were there to see an old movie and pick up interesting facts about them. It was a successful show and hardly needed the phony 'drama'! But I can see where this could be normal procedure on these 'reality' shows.

    When there was that soap interview/talk show on Soaptnet, with Lisa Rienner and Troy (?), they had stars on who talked about their real lives and it was pretty entertaining. I remember when John-Paul L was on and we learned that that was not his name at all but one he picked for a stage name! He had a nice American name, but when he was starting out he chose to change it to French. Now I thought that was interesting. That show let you see the stars as themselves alot better than this new fakey show. Wonder why they took it off. Surely it was cheap to produce.

    Anyway, I probably won't tune in DS again. Those particular people are not actors that interest me at all. Did John-Paul actually sign with GH to play a Q? Was that the ink on the deal he mentioned?

  5. JPL did not sign with GH as of yet.

  6. I thought Kemo came off so vulgar, I loved it! Can't imagine everyone did, though. In particular at her fan event she told a woman your tits are the biggest I have ever seen. You could Suck your own T**S
    I laughed out loud! She was dropping the F bomb like crazy. My kind of girl, but again, I bet some were shocked & maybe even offended.

    I always thought Kemo was a doll but Kirsten is my girl.

    Thought it would have been just as interesting to see other stars battling home & work with kids. Laura Wright or becky Herbst. Not as real with a man "struggling" with it when most women do more anyway. Sorry, it's true! I so felt for that Woman! She may have come off insecure but if any of us put ourselves in their shoes we would so turn into that same insecure woman if our husbands made out with different women every 2 weeks.

    I thought Nadia kind of hogged the airtime. not her fault I realize but I got bored with her. She is beautiful though.

  7. I just looked it up and saw that John-Paul Lovossier was born John-Paul Seponski.

    Very interesting.

  8. I liked nadia. The only part of kelly monaco segment i like was when she teared up over her ex mike , as I felt more of a genuine moment. She should have asked him to collect his things when they first split. The pic of her prom was a precious moment and when you have had those you don't discard them because of a break-up years later.She doesn't need to have it on display now but time will allow her to be happy she had that moment. Life will deal you many difficult future moments even with people we love . She has to move on but don't discard special happy teen moments that helped make you the person you are. Drumset and workout equipment should go and maybe re-arrange her home when she is ready ( and she will be ) but it should not be forced.It is like a divorce.

  9. Big fan of Sam, but after watching Kelly on DS, I was kind of feeling less about her. I wonder if they are worried about what she says in real life affecting her reel life. I know I am thinking twice...
    I also watch DOOL and I enjoyed seeing old and new actors on DS, but why Nadia. IMO, she wasn't a great actress on Days.

  10. I felt less about KM as well after the show last night.
    And Farah F.

  11. Nadia DID get dull! you're right! She Sure is beautiful. Kind of a bit of a Tiffany Amber-Thiesan IMO.
    I love Kirsten but Farra Fath (ryhmes with bath) poor girl. It would have sounded like she had a lisp her entire life. She came off a bit bitchy but can't tell if I will like it like Karen said or not. Since she's dishin about negative about Kirsten, Prob will hate it. You have to figure these two were so young, put it in the past, ya know?

  12. Did not like FF either. That is one problem with reality tv sometimes you do not like your favorite actors afterwards. Not happy with what she said about KS. The way FF was bossing around JP who is she to talk about KS taking charge of the friendship...Argh..I will be fastforwading through FF scenes. I hope JP dumps her...ok that was mean I guess

  13. Didn't like FF - she must "wear the pants" in her relationship with JPL. Nadia's life seem to just revolve around her beauty. Kelly must have thrown her boyfriend out if all his stuff is still there. Didn't really like her all that much - more of a Kirsten fan. Had to ffwd. GG and his wife and family. Didn't like seeing the litle monster kid hit the dog.

  14. I am not convinced FF wears the pants in that relationship.

    He is the one who is holding back.

    However, he did get a gig out on the West Coast. (guest starring) so maybe he has changed his mind about living there??
    She certainy wants a committment.
    That was a 'given'. lol

  15. Oh, LindaV...I agree about the kid hitting the dog. That irked me no end. My kids have had dogs their entire lives, from babyhood up and I've never had a problem with kids hitting dogs or dogs being grouchy with kids.

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