Friday, September 30, 2011

Cyber-Soap News: Ron Carlivati Staying with OLTL

Big news...this means RC isn't coming to GH as speculated awhile back. I guess when Frank Valentini decided to stay as producer and then head of the Prospect Park online soapy deal-- Ron decided to stay on the ship.
Not fair or fun for us...because he could have really kicked some life into GH. I had high hopes for Garin Wolf, but by all indications, things are just limping along. I see Guza's name still listed as a producer, I think he's writing the Franco stuff and ugh---it's more mobular than ever!

READ the whole story on Daytime Confidential.

OLTL Actors staying:
Melissa Archer (Natalie), Kelley Missal (Danielle), Andrew Trischitta (Jack) and Jerry VerDorn (Clint), have all signed on, pending an AFTRA deal! As previously reported, Erika Slezak (Viki) Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Michael Easton (John) and Ted King (Tomas) all are onboard. Additionally, Soap Opera Network recently broke the news that Sean Ringgold (Shaun) would be staying put.


  1. Can't blame him.Why go to a sinking ship still under Frons' control when you could have more freedom and control at prospect park. It's a great opportunity not to be passed up. Disney intends to be rid of GH in 2012, so why go there.

  2. As a GH fan...BOO!!! As an even bigger OLTL fan...YAY!!!! No Frons or Sweeney tying is hands. OLTL is going to ROCK!!

  3. OH goody Jacks staying yuck

  4. Gnat YUCKY!!!!!!
    I was so hoping she was not going to be asked. Dam!!!

    Poor GH. Nobody wants to be associated with them. The actors, the viewers, now they can't put together a descent writing team.
    They are DOOMED!!!!!

  5. I just want to say this about PP.
    Since I do not watch AMC I can't honestly make a statement.
    However, with PP taking these soaps to the 'next level' in this ever changing technology world we live in now, I think OLTL is going to BLOW all soaps away.
    PP wants to be credited with the success of on line soap streaming.
    Which will introduce alot of people to this new way of viewing.
    Including myself.
    They know what they are doing.
    They will make OLTL the BEST show for daytime TV.
    They will be bringing their success back to a network within a year. When I say 'network' I am speaking cable.
    I am finally looking forward to January.
    By then I will have my new laptop, and life will be easier!!!

    GO PP!! (Even though you brought Gnat over)
    Now we need Todd!!!!!

  6. It will not succeed in reality, that's exactly what I think.


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