Friday, March 8, 2013

"Your Favorite Kilted Celt"

I kinda liked TJ and Shawn/Sean/Shaun scenes-- rang true to life. And how obvious is Molly's CRUSHER on Rafe.  Poor TJ's going to get that book published with the Connie PORN in it. LMAO

TRACY gave Duke FAKE BILLS..what!? ahahaaa. I so love Anna and Duke..but I love Anna with anyone  because FINOLA is great with anyone. 
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Scotty and Laura. Awww, Laura's all upset about Anna and Luke. And Scotty needs to made SURE she thinks they are.  It's like they haven't moved since 1978-- it's pretty interesting. "We have a history together too" 
Laura doesn't have a PHOTO OF HER FIANCE on her phone? Just a head with a ??? Um... ahaha. That right there is a sign folks. 
and Laura? She sparkles a little with Luke. Sorry Scotty. 

See the McBain Rafe "wub" ... ??  SO COLE!!

CONNIE/KATE--enough. THIS is ENOUGH. ugh. Please. It's been a good ride. Pick Connie and get on with it. Sonny accepted her, she's way more fun than Kate. Her wardrobe sure is.  Maybe Cawnie telling Kate she's not really the alter will do it. Nope.
AND HOW DID NO ONE..not Sonny, not his "Security" hear Kate screaming like a banshee? Good lord.  OR THE MIRROR smashing??


  1. I enjoyed Wed and Thursday episodes just on the merits of the all the vets featured alone! We had:
    - an Anna/Frisco reunion that should have been longer but was ok (at least it hinted at more conversation off-screen)
    - Tracy, Luke, Laura, Anna, and Duke all sharing scene at the Q mansion?! Anna and Laura meeting for the first time?! If all that doesn't melt your brain, IT SHOULD ...that was pretty cool
    - Scotty smirking and wrestling with some of the 80's weasel he could be, but still showing he could possibly some class too. (And looks like Scotty and Lucy will meet up again soon - I am so looking forward to that! They were a great pair!)
    - Mac and Kevin scenes; LUCY COE; Frisco and Flea

    Yeah it all might not have been Emmy worthy stuff BUT I did enjoy it more than anything in recent days other than the great Heather/Todd stuff

    And as a 40something married dad, let me give some respect to the ladies over 50 on GH. Jane Elliot, Genie Francis, Robin Mattson, Fin Hughes, Lynn Herring all are killing it in every scene they are in and they all look AMAZING.

  2. And don't forget KW is over 50, too! Finola looks stunning in that outfit she has been wearing.

  3. Lacy Forever! Seriously. I love L&L and they're classic but Luke and Tracy are real life, grown-up love.

    I want Connie back. Kate is boring and definitely the alter.

  4. My muttered comment as I watched was 'Boy, that Sonny is a sound sleeper!' lol.

    Loved the last couple of days..what gold there was in all that top talent. I have to comment on Laura's wardrobe though--that white shirt did nothing for her. She was in Paris--give her something a bit glamorous to wear! Anna looked so gorgeous! Loved most of the scenes.

    But Sonny is such tired old worn thin and even though the actress is excellent, I'm sick of BOTH Connie and Kate. It isn't about whether Connie should stay or how Sonny feels. I DON'T CARE! Nothing will make me care about Sonny, not now, not ever. We overdosed on him long long ago. He just doesn't fit into this revitalized show.

  5. Metro court: The money is counterfit!! ROFL! I did NOT see that one coming! That was perfect Tracy. :) Laura really wants to tell Luke about Anna cheating on him with Duke so badly!!!! :)She wuvs Luke!!! Of course Scotty doesn't want Laura to tell Luke! Because he knows that when she does, she will want to be with Luke!!!!! :) Hey Scotty? You and Laura are cute together, but she WUVS her Luke! :) They belong together and you know that! :)

    Sonny's home: Sonny is my man! No he is mine! No he is mine! You are stealing my life!!! ROFL! Yeah I can't believe Sonny wouldn't hear all the yelling and breaking of glass! ROFL!

    Q home: LOVE THE SCENES!!! YAY! :) The look on Luke's face when Laura showed up!! He wuvs her to! Scotty knows it, and Tracy knows it! :) Hey you know, I didn't hear the doorbell ring when Laura showed up or when Anna and Duke showed up. I must be going deaf. :) Then Scotty breaks in! ROFL! Anna breaks up with Duke! :(

    Police station: Rafe and McBain scene! Awwwwww! Love it!! Come on McBain adopt him! :) Let him be a McRafe. :) Yeah Molly has a crush on Rafe!!!! :) Time to be honest with TJ Molly!

    The floating rib: Molly is so excited when TJ tells her that Kate it back ROFL! :) Now she can get her book back! :)

  6. I agree with you, anon. They all looked marvelous and killed it on the screen too.

    I loved the scenes at the Q's with Tracy, Luke, Laura, Anna and Duke. More please.

    And did anyone else chuckle when Duke said he didn't "relish" any more jail time. That was hilarious.

    I'm also so tired of the DID storyline. It's DONE. Integrate her already and give us all some peace.

    And I guess we all rolled our eyes at how soundly Sonny sleeps. I can see him sleeping through the screaming as it may have been a subconscious battle but that mirror smashing was definitely real. And no one noticed it; not Sonny or his bodyguards. *insert eye roll*

    I thought the scenes with Sean and TJ were much more believable this time. And he was so excited to tell Molly about the book. She'd better run after kate fast. She may be on her way out the door again. lol

    Oh please let next week continue in this vein too.

  7. When Anna slapped Tracy on the back I literally LOL'd...good stuff!

  8. SO done with the Kate/Connie thing. We did this already. Why are we doing it again? Sonny needs to dump them both and find someone with just one personality. And Sonny's security has gone way down hill since Jason is gone. Max and Milo must be deaf.

    I thought the same thing with the phone, why no pic. I bet she has a picture of Luke on her phone.

  9. I was thinking that if anyone knows what breaking glass sounds like it's Sonny...and he slept through it?????

  10. Re: Laura's phone--Her first day back, Scotty texted her but it said "Caller Unknown", now at least it says "Scotty". I just assumed that when they got into town their European phones didn't work so they got new phones and couldn't switch over the contact info.

  11. I previously posted how we all should move to PC bec. no one ever dies there, despite being subject to all manner of violence. Now I think I have found a clue as to why--everyone has a double!! Let's see--Luke/Bill Eckert, Kevin/Ryan, Nik/other guy I forgot his name, Emily/Emily's long-lost twin, 2 Dukes, McBain/Caleb, Sam/Livvie, Connie/Kate--let's see, did I leave anyone out?

  12. I also was in HEAVEN at the Q's yesterday when all the vets came trolling in, one after the other! I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming!!



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