Monday, March 11, 2013

What Happened on GH Today?


stupid time change!!


SPINELLI ate the pickle relish thing.

Connie's trying to 'Pass"

Nurse BETTY trying to get her CRUSH out on Paddy...and she passes her nursing test.



  1. I think that they should just pretend that whole story did not exist. IT was beyond stupid. We can just have Rick walk into a room Laura see him and find out that it was "all a dream." she had while she was catatonic. - Not the cause of the problem.

    Then we can get on with a story between Rick and Monica -but it won't be the same without Alan.

  2. Q home: This is so funny!!! Spinny won't give the recipe to Tracy! ROFL! I was thinking just rip it up or eat it!!! Tracy calls up for Alice! Spinny knows who she is!!! ROFL! Alice shows up and Spinny eats the recipe! ROFL! Alice grabs his legs and has him upside down! ROFL! Great scene!

    The hospital: Oh geez! Debbie Downer having to tell Patrick she has a crush on him is a whole production!!! Liz is there and so is Felix! Come on now!!! Give me a break! She is going to tell Patrick her crush, but she isn't doing it!! Oh her test results are done! Piffy gives it to her, and Debbie Downer says she failed.. Oh no wait!!! She didn't! It was a trick! She really passed!! Wow Debbie Downer is a trickster. :) OH! Debbie Downer tells Patrick she had a crush on him!!!!!!!!!! WOAH! Liz and Felix can't believe she did it! Neither can I!!! But wait a minute! She said had!!! Had?!!?!! Meanwhile Ellie doesn't believe Spinny would steal the recipe!!! Oh yes belive it Ellie! Not only did he steal it, he ate it!! ROFL!

    Steven Larz home: Poor Olivia misses her Steven Larz. :( Oh look Connie is going to live there! Awww Connie is still upset that Sonny cheated on her with Kate!!!!

    Metrocourt: Carly and Todd scene was great!!! :) He says he loves her and wants her back awww! :) Todd is all like you are a mess, but you are less of a mess when you are with me! ROFL! They are about to kiss too! But don't. :( She says she is seeing someone! ROFL! And she says it's AJ! The look on Todd's face hahahaha! Carly kisses AJ ROFL!

  3. I had to fast forward through most of the show. Cannot stomach Connie or Kate anymore. To me the Carly/Todd scenes were poorly acted and Todd lets off such weird vibes that I really don't see any heat or love between him and Carly. Nice to see Alice but the whole relish debacle and Ugly Betty's crush on Pat are beyond ridiculous. She looks a slight bit older and not as mature as his daughter Emma.

  4. So over Sabrina and her lame After-School Special story line... Patrick is such a better character than this wasteful SL.

  5. Couldn't Kate/Connie live in the house Kate owned next door to Sonny? Does she still own it or did Kate never tell Connie about it? Lol.


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