Monday, March 25, 2013

Nurses BALL photos!

Kelly JUST tweeted this and  yes,  I snagged it! 

 THIS IS from TVLine 
 "Red Carpet" event at the Ball!



    13 spoilers I just saw from the nurses ball. Nothing earth-shattering, but there are some cute picutres.

  2. I have to say, today's show was riveting and so fast and so good I had to watch it twice to be sure of what I saw!

    Wow. I love the way Ron throws these returnees right into stories as soon as they arrive. You don't get the feeling they are simply temporary at all, even though most are.

    And that grim Doctor, Brit's mother, that actress is one big talent. She is a fantastic evil doer, scarier than Helena.

    I know we saw Sean right at the end as the guy with a gun, but I bet he was out looking for the shooter, and not the shooter himself. It was too long after the shot was fired that he was spotted. I think Sean saw the shooter and was checking the place for clues. (anyway, he's in those Ball photos so he didn't go to jail for shooting anyone.)

    This show is so good lately it is hard to wait from one day to the next to see it!

  3. I agree about Doctor O. She's one cold evil character. She could easily become the new Queen of Mean on the show. As much as I love Helena she's getting a bit past her prime. ( I will be glad to see her back though.)


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