Monday, March 11, 2013

Chris Robinson Back to GH


Ain't he supposed to be dead? TV Guide Magazine can exclusively report that Chris Robinson has been added to the list of General Hospital greats returning for the soap's 50th anniversary.
The veteran actor, who played heartthrob doc Rick Webber, rocked the '70s and '80s as part of the sizzling Rick-Monica-Alan-Lesley quadrangle. In 2002, the writers suddenly villainized Rick and the character was killed, seemingly by his stepdaughter Laura (Genie Francis), though the real killer turned out to be Scotty (Kin Shriner). But that hot mess won't stop Robinson from hitting the air April 1 in scenes with Rick's former love Monica (Leslie Charleson). Just how GH will pull off the trick is hush-hush.

Another ghost? Maybe Alan and Rick will fight over her lol 


  1. Praying that Ron and Frank undo what Guza did!!! That whole storyline never made sense to me at all.

  2. No way they can bring him back to life, even with the crazy hoops they jumped through to bring Leslie and AJ back. The man's corpse was dead and buried by Nikolas and Luke I think? Anyways, all of that is pretty much set in stone.
    My guess: they bring him back as a ghost or a conscience or something, which is fine with me. Gives him a chance to get some facetime in on the 50th without blowing up the storylines and credibility too much. I hope that they have a scene with him and Lesie, as their "reunion" scene when he came back last time was just written awful.

  3. We are WAY beyond respecting the bonds of credibility, so if Cartini resurrect Rick, do it the Malcolm X way: By whatever means necessary!

    Undo the rapes of great old characters.

  4. can they bring back jake, georgie and emily, the good guys.

  5. now that they brought back the bad guys from the dead can we have the good guys (jake,emily and georgie).

  6. I say have it walk in to Kelly's. Laura and Scott sitting at a table. laura goes I thought you were dead. And it turns out to all be a dream she had when she was catatonic. Never to be mentioned again.

  7. Great idea Andrea! Looking forward to his comeback.

  8. Good idea Andrea. That won't be any worse than the shower scene on Dallas that wiped out a whole season. lol I say, "Go for it."


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