Monday, March 4, 2013

Great, DNA from a Psycho!

Is Rafe connected to John McBain??  Hmmm, Lucy wonders.  He's the new Cole. 

Mayor rips up Anna's resignation. Loved  Anna's outfit. Glad the Mayor was on. and the DA isn't pressing charges, because this is PORT CHARLES. lmao

Stupid Xtina  was on.

Felix and Betty -- well, I do like Felix. "I should do what I should have done in the first place, talk to Epiphany..." "I regret that I only have one life to give for my friend"... Epiphany said she passed

Britt..grilled by Paddy.  Does she think she can get BACK with Patrick by being like this? Because she's not.!! Maybe she's just being a revenge bitch. Which, I'd rather watch anyway lol.

Steven Lars and the 'murder' rap. Whatever... ok, BUH-BYE!! 

WHO THINKS "Caleb/Stephen" is dead.
You know he's not!

WHO WAS THAT HOT pathologist in the morgue???????????? WOWWWWzzza!!
Caleb switched places with him-- ah.. I so wish he was alive.


  1. ...I've been aware of what's been going on with GH off and on... don't really watch it anymore...for some years actually...but I thought this vampire nonsense wasn't real or more than meets the eye...Has GH really gone supernatural?

  2. That ending in the morgue was just ridiculous. They said the vampire crap wasn't real and then they end with that!

    And that pathologist was hot.

    What was with McBain's attitude while the mayor was talking - arms folded, not even looking at her. He was reacting like a sulky teenager.

  3. I just wish Britt would go away. I don't want to see her get revenge because that would be Lisa Niles all over again (that was her name, wasn't it)?
    She can take Sabrina with her please.

  4. Yes Britt and Sabrina can both go away anytime. Bring back Robin already. Felix is great tho. Ready for Frisco to really throw down Britt (with MAC). Sabrina or Ellie have to be Franco's daughter right?

    Vampire stuff is creepy. Wonder if they'll notice the hottie in the lab is no more.

    Lots of extras today.

    Buh Bye right to Steven Lars. Lame ending.

    Ready for more Todd this week.

  5. Alexis's home: Molly tells Krissy that the vampire books, that she owns, she threw them out!!!! She don't like those books anymore. YAY! I hope this means she won't be thinking romantic thoughts about vampires anymore. :)

    Police station: Oh the mayor is pissed off!! But love the spin she had to do. :) So let's see. The mayor says three people escaped jail and a 15 year old did it!! Uh mayor? Molly is 16!! Oh no! The writers have desorassed Molly! ROFL! I love that the mayor ripped up Anna's resignation hahaha! Molly shows up to give a huge hug to Rafe awwwwwwww! :)

    The hospital: That's it!!! I am calling Sabrina, Debbie Downer from now on!!! Oh how I wish I could have seen the Felix and Piffy scene hahaha! Patrick accuses the Britch about doing that to the Debbie Downer. Patrick has become smart!! :) Britch denies it. Oh Frisco?! Where are you? Time to trip her again! :) Woah the guy working at the morgue is hot!!!! But wait he looks just like Clay/McBain!!!! Steven Clay is dead, but the RING IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!:0 That was a great scene at the end. Did Caleb really switch bodies? Hmmmmm.

    Friday's exchange:

    Spinny The item in question.

    Tracy: A jar of relish.

    Spinny: Have you checked the crisper? I find when my fridge is overcrowded,

    Tracy: It's not IN the refrigerator, because my thieving nephew stole it.

    Spinny: It might be cost effective to just to purchase another jar.


    And then the Frisco and Spinny scene.

    Frisco: Have you been thrown from a wall recently?


  6. Yes, the pathologist was hot, and I think he solved the mystery of who the "hair double" was in the Caleb/McBain scenes.

  7. OMG ANT JOAN! HE WAS the hair double@!@ !!!

  8. Like the long haired coroner dude was not an instant giveaway that Caleb will be back.

    Watch, Caleb's soul passed to him or some such.

  9. I do not care for the coroner...he was very expression....I did enjoy the sexy sergeant @jjlippold! He is a really great actor! He needs to be a regular on the show! Heck, it'll give me a reason to keep watching the show!

  10. The "nod" to the vampires has over powered (and in Lucy and Kevins case - ruined) the return of the vets.
    What we have now does not even resemble is the mutant child of OLTL and Twilight.
    I've considered it before but never have - After 34 years I have now stopped watching.
    When I no longer read about vampires, Starrs and ME I will begin watching again.

  11. You survived ten years of The Jason-Sonny-Carly Dark Ages only to flee at vampires? Come on, Frisco!

  12. Cosmoetica said...You survived ten years of The Jason-Sonny-Carly Dark Ages only to flee at vampires? Come on, Frisco!
    Yeah! Along with the stupidity of Kungfu Barbie Courtney!!Don't forget her in the dark ages. :)

  13. Oh Sonya, you had to bring up Courtney didn't you. You play dirty, haha. Man did I hate that character. I hate Starr *almost* as much.

    Cosmo, the Jason - Sonny - Carly dark ages were, well dark, but it was drama as opposed to the Disney Sabrina dribble and the vampire bs we are getting now. I thought soaps were suppose to be drama, not supernatural crap? Sorry, I just really hate vampires that much. And disney storylines. And recycled storylines. And over the top eyeball acting. AND NEGLECT OF VETERANS.

    Cartini came in on fire but seems they have quickly burned out. Connie / Kate does not have D.I.D. - General Hospital itself does.

  14. friscogh said...Oh Sonya, you had to bring up Courtney didn't you.
    ROFL! Sorry!

    You play dirty, haha.
    Haha I didn't mean to! :)

    Man did I hate that character. ======================
    Yeah I hated her too! She was one of the worst characters ever to be on GH!

  15. I think bringing in the supernatural junk was a mistake...they could've put together a realistic plot utilizing the Port Charles you have characters like Rafe introduced with this nonsense that his father was a vampire? Really?

    About GH being a new hybrid soap...I agree...they should just make a new soap with OLTL and GH characters and let the rest of GH get back to being GH...

    I personally think US soaps should adopt the Korean soap outline...a one-hour soap, airs twice a week, lasting 50-100 episodes long...when it's over...recycle the actors, actresses and bring in some new faces...start a brand new soap.


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