Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Last Call

When I added the type to this I was cheering! 
My first web page is dated 6/6/99.  Those were the days I was trying to figure out this HTML jazz so I could post a little thing called "The Lazy Lobster Pub". The pub was just something fun and it also had a page called "The LukeSon Lounge". I was writing my WUBS for Gedstern and getting to know the whole GH community on the AOL boards and Soap Zone. When Laura handed the reigns over to me in 2002, little did I know how long I'd be doing the site, and then a blog and live tweeting the show. 

when I first made a gif I about fainted !!

But, as all things must end--it's time for me to go. I don't want to be all drama on you but there's a hell of a lot of memories to cover so get your scrubs on one last time, lather up, grab a scotch and have a seat.  We've got some ground to cover! 

Most of you know the history of the first soap pages on the web. Soap Zone (Port Charles Message Board) , Callan's site and Gedstern's were it for a few years. The sources we had were amazing..and shocking. I would love to write a book with Laura some day and tell some juicy stories!   I was at home with my son, missing my full time job and just started writing parody stuff on the AOL message boards for a lark. Geddy picked the up and the rest is well... Wubulous. 

My first interview was with Billy Warlock and I will be forever grateful to him for that. Not many stars were doing them for websites and after he opened the door, I managed to snag quite a few GH actors. One of my favorites was the late John Ingle. You can see them all here Wub Interviews  The pages are ancient so don't laugh!!! Of course, my newer interviews can be found right here on the blog. 

I was honored to run Connie Tower's website for 9 years and help with her Hell's Belles Fan Club. We developed a friendship over time and would snail mail everything.  Watching Helena rise in popularity was a great joy for me.  Can't wait to have her back where she belongs--in Port Charles.

banner from Rick Webber Return

On the site I tried to do some cryptic things to keep people guessing rather than just letting the spoilers fly. I loved it.  Bob Guza and Co. always kept me busy with my snarks and sheer enjoyment of parodying their scripts. 

I finally began blogging and really found a way to connect with a lot of GH fans in a way the spoilers site wouldn't allow.  Daytime Confidential had me on for a few of their ABC Podcasts and that was a ton of fun. Then came Twitter. Ah, Twitter!! Being able to live tweet my mouthy thoughts to people when the show was actually AIRING?? --well...amazing. 

Although I've never made it to a GH Fan Weekend, I have attended a few small events in NYC and Toronto. I've loved meeting so many people and of course, having my lobster Alberta's photo taken with the actors! Quite a few wub fans have taken Alberta with them to events, the Habitat House build and even on set.  Alberta participated in two AIDS walks with GH fans and actors as well. She went on two soap cruises and even got to meet James Franco at the infamous MOCA shoot. Not too bad for an adorable stuffed mascot! 

Alberta's been on the GH set three times. Badger Bob was her favorite meet/greet!

I really wish I could say why I decided to leave now--of all times, when the  50th Anniversary is coming and the Nurses' Ball is going to run. I guess it's because I've gone back to work and feel neglectful if I'm not on top of things like I should be.  This spring will be HUGE and I just won't be able to keep up.  
We lived through the Phelps, Guza Pratt years, hoped GH would last and be fun again. I think that has happened. We have our Hospital back -- and many of our beloved vets as well. 

THANK YOU for reading my stuff every week and putting up with my crazy GH moods! I hope I've been a source of fun, information and news over the years for all of you. I will probably write now and again about certain things like Ingo on DWTS or tidbits here and there, we'll see. It's going to be hard to walk away, that's for sure. 


Really OLD wubs can be found HERE...


Karen on Tumblr 

Take care all you Wubbers! Remember our HUGE Times when it comes to the show--all the bombs, guns and blood we lived through. People disappearing into the GH storage room-- babies switched and NuFaces popping up. Fronkies and all the weird props--- the docks and the launch that could sail out to Wyndemere in the middle of winter.  The catacombs, tunnels and of course, our beloved parapet. All part of wubs lore. 
Feta Forever.  


  1. So, you are leaving? Is the site over then, or will you be passing it on?

    Either way, thanks for such a nice place to talk and commiserate over the ups and downs of GH. It's a small thing, but given the cosmos's indifference, small things, if nice, add up.

    Be well.

  2. Nooooooooo! You can't leave us! We need you!!!

    Thank you for your hard work!
    I'll still follow you on Twitter, is that OK?
    Wish you all the best!


  3. I'm so sad! Thank you Karen, for always keeping us entertained. I've enjoyed your blog since my.coworker told me about it in 2007. Wish you all the best and will really miss reading your blog!!

  4. Wow. I'm not ready for this. I've been following you ever since I started watching gh when I was 12. And through all the these years, even when I'd given up on the show, I'd check here everyday to keep in touch with what was going on. I respect your decision to leave but I'll miss your site. All the best <3 Carrie

  5. Karen, NOOOOOOO!!!!! I am SHOCKED, as you gave NO INDICATION that you were thinking of leaving!! And with the momentous 50th Anniversary and Nurses' Ball--why, why, why??

    OK, I've finished my rant, of course I respect your decisions to do whatever is best for you. However, I double-checked to see if today is St. Patrick's Day--or is it April 1? Any chance this is an early April Fools??

    Will someone take this over, if you really are leaving, or is the site done?

    I will miss you, and all my fellow posters, where can I bring my GH angst and joy??

  6. All things must come to an end. I remember your WUBS on the old AOL GH board. Those were the days!

    Good luck to you, Karen. Of course, now I won't know if I should watch that day's show or not, but that's just being selfish.

  7. thanks for the kind words...
    Carrie YOU WERE 12??!! good lord LOL

    No one's taking over the site-- it's always been just me. I may post for the nurses' ball or when I feel like saying hello... I just can't update anymore like I have. I used to be one of the ones first with the news, now I'm always catching up.

    AntJoan,no one knew only Gedstern. Not even Wubby Hubby. LOL. He was like @@ !!

  8. OK. I'm verklempt about his news. I'm late to the party and just found this site in the last year. I'll miss your regular posts, but I understand how time consuming it must have been. Thank you for all the GH news. I'm glad you were here for the resurrection of the show.

  9. Oh how very sad! Although I don't comment much, I've been a daily reader. Thank you for all you have done! I will greatly miss you!

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  11. I've only kept up with two sites, yours and Media Domaine. Went to both first as soon as I got online.

    Now it looks like both are going to be gone. I don't know what happened to Media Domaine, but it won't open. So your announcement has left me very sad indeed. I have really enjoyed reading it every day and dispair of where I'll learn the GH news now.

    I do understand that such an obligation can be so time consuming and if you must give it up, you must. But isn't there someone to take over? I like your format and your sense of humor and your daily takes on the show I've watched for 30 some years.

    Boy, this is bad news for your faithful followers...

  12. So sad. I almost feel as though the show has ended. Thanks for all the years you've given us. You will be missed.

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  14. What will I do without Sunday Surgery??? Couldn't you just do your Sunday Blog and not try to break news? You might feel less pressure that way. I log in mostly for your commentary anyway. I know I'm being selfish putting pressure on you, but I'll miss you! :( You have made GH more enjoyable and you've given a constructive, humorous voice to fans like me. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. Keep in touch with us. And thank you...

  15. No Karen!!! Don't go. :'( I love your blog!!!! :( All the pictures you put up, you didn't put up Steven Larz's ab roller! :( ROFL! I guess this is goodbye Karen! :'( I'm going to miss your blog. :(

  16. I hope you're still going to be around, even if you don't do the site!

  17. Noooooo - will miss you Wubs, but hope you will drop back in from time-to-time, especially for the Nurse's Ball. And hope to enjoy tweets now and again. Keep the site open so that your fans and touch base so you know we're thinking of you. xxoo

  18. Karen,

    I'm deeply saddened -- yet understand perfectly -- that you are leaving. You've been a daily read for me since Gedstern and a friend on FB for... five years... wow, time flies. The WUBS were delightful and dead on, I loved them all. I've appreciated your rants when GH was awful as well as sharing your joy when it begin to show some life again. Thank you, Karen, you are greatly appreciated.

    <3 Louise

  19. Aughhehhckkk! I am sad, too. I agree with Dar, it feels like the show just ended. Wubs has been cancelled!

    However, I do understand that you have a real life, Karen! LOL Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work and effort, for putting up with squabbles and such. I appreciate everything you have done and I love this site. I'd be happy with no spoilers and breaking news. Just pop on to say hi, etc. But, I respect your decision.

  20. A sad day indeed! Going to miss reading all of your commentary. Love your spin on things. I've been a GH viewer (off and on) for 30 years. I hope you check in from time to time to let us know how you're doing and give of your thoughts on the state of GH :)

  21. Thank you, Karen, for years of enjoyment. I rarely post here, but check nearly every day. Thanks to you, I got hooked again on OLTL after years of non-watching.

    Best of luck!

  22. Karen, thank you so much for years of hard work and dedication that brought smiles to all out faces day in and day out. Just having a baby 10 weeks ago, I always looked forward to reading your blog during maeves middle of the night feedings! Thanks for keeping me up to date with GH all these years. I too would appreciate you popping on here from time to time and let us know your opinion of the state of our beloved GH!! Take care!

  23. NOOOOO!!! Ditto what all have said Karen. I love your blog and writing style, updates and humor. You are really the only reason I came back to watching GH at all. I also don't read for the spoilers but the writing and Sunday Surgery. You will be very much missed. All the best to you and thanks for all the laughs over the years.

  24. Hi Karen,

    I'm sorry to see you go. I've been reading on and off for years. In fact I started on Gedstern's page in 1998 when I first got myself online. It's hard to believe how much time has gone by.

    I might just have to start blogging about GH myself, because I'll miss reading the posts.

    Good luck!

  25. Karen, coming here every day at lunchtime (I'm on the west coast) and reading the recaps and the highs and lows and gripes and grins has just been such a highlight for me the last few years. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you've put into this blog. I appreciate you getting me hooked on my beloved OLTL again. But mostly I appreciate you having this open, friendly, and welcoming space for all of us to discuss our favorite daytime vice. :) I will certainly miss your commentary and your humor (as we always seem to be on the same page!).

    To all the other posters....I will miss you all as well! I don't know anyone in my *real* life who watches GH, so it's been a true joy to be able to share thoughts and opinions and wishes with all of you.

    Peace, Love, and Namaste.

  26. You will be missed. Reading your thoughts, your spoilers and all was part of my daily ritual. I'm not even sure where else to turn now. It's almost like we're a weird family. Thank you so much for time spent, Twitter, fB, and all
    -Gwendolyn and Alex

  27. You will certainly be missed. I've been reading since 2004 although I rarely comment (but I do tweet with you on occasion). Your blog has been part of my daily or weekly routine for years.

    Thank you for all your blogs. Hopefully you will still tweet!

  28. To quote Obi-Wan:

    "Then the Emperor has already won"

    I cried today.


  29. Wow, I am really sad right now, but I understand you have to do what is best for you. You are such a good writer, always keeping things entertaining and fun.

    Thank you for all of the time you have devoted to this! Best wishes on the future! GH won't be the same without you!

  30. UBER-bummed. I love your blog and will miss you a lot.

  31. Well this is dang depressing, but I understand you gotta do what you gotta do.
    Thanks for all your work with this blog! I have enjoyed chatting GH with the people on here.


  32. I am so sorry to see you leaving. Thanks for the news,spoilers and humors. Hope you stay in touch in other way. Good luck!!


  33. Noooooooooo!!!!!! Wubs, you are an important part of my GH experience. I know you have been busy lately, but I hate the thought of no GH WubsTweets and no Sunday Surgery. It's always one of the first things I read on Sunday. Consider me weeping, wailing, & gnashing my teeth. I'm trying to process this, and I'm thinking WWAD! (What Would Alberta Do) Seriously, I wish you absolutely nothing but the very best. I've enjoyed you so much, I can't imagine you not being my GH WubsQueen. I'm choosing to think of this as you are busy, but you will be around as much as your schedule permits. :)

  34. I'm almost echo what everyone's been writing here, I too am very sad to see you go :( I check daily and love reading your blog. Sonia's recaps, as well as all the regular posters, its been nice sharing thoughts and chatting with you guys, it's true we are like a little family. This won't truly set in until I check in and see no updates from you Karen and no comments from our little community. Out of curiosity, how did the lobster get the name Alberta? And forgive my selfishness but, I do hope you decide to at least do Sunday Surgery...

  35. As CareyN said, I don't know anyone who watches the show IRL either, so I enjoy chatting with the people here about the show, reading their comments, talking about the history, etc.

    Here is a thought: we could start a moderated Wubs group on yahoogroups. Not to steal Karen's name, just to put the idea here of what it the list would entail: those of us that love this blog could continue the conversation, but still pop over here to see if Karen has any thoughts on the show lately.

  36. Hi Karen,

    It has been a pleasure to read your scoops, blog and thoughts on all things GH. I will truly miss your insight, wit, humor and comments.

    I sincerely hope you can check in to keep us posted on how things are going, your thoughts on the shows that celebrate the 50th anniversary, etc.

    Not that there is another site that can compare, but do you have any recommendations of other sites we should visit?

    Such a sad, sad day :(

    Best of luck to you and thank you for your commitment through the years :)

  37. Karen, so sad to see you go. Always love reading yours and others comments here, on this most civilized site. You will be greatly missed!

  38. MANY times I enjoyed your blog more then the show. It won't be the same. Best of luck and thanks.

  39. Karen, Reading your last sunday surgery, i realized that i have been going to your site for 7+ years- you are my 3:05(used to be 4:05) institution- you will be missed_
    now for selfishness- i need a new 3:05-anybody got any ideas- i know of no other good blogs and i need it-thanks

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  41. This is such sad, sad news :(

    I've greatly enjoyed this blog as there are no other respectful and fun soap blogs out there. Believe me, I've looked.

    Also will miss all the people I've met in here especially Sonya's recaps!! I'm on twitter as @MatchboxGinny if any of you want to chat soaps sometime :)

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication over the years Karen, you will be missed for sure! xo

  42. Wow, sad news indeed.

    I've enjoyed your blog for years, Karen. Reading the comments on the daily episodes has been so fun.

    Would you consider creating just a daily (M-F) post so the rest of us could comment on that day's episode?

    You've brought together a significant community of folks here. I'm sure I speak for most when I say we'd like to continue "meeting" here and discussing GH, even without your blog posts and spoilers.

    Many thanks for your years of service!


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