Sunday, March 10, 2013

GH Cake Celebration!

 Jackie Z tweeted this cake, which was at the Red Carpet celebration last night!

From the same event, Michael Fairman tweeted this photo of he and Sean Blakemore! 
Hit the link to MF's page to see more fun pics!! 


  1. Karen: saw these inside scoops on the IMDB board- looks like Johnny is dying and Kristina being recast, so that Ethan (with Nathan P. returning) has a match:

    - Kristina is attacked while doing her community service at Pentonville.

    - Look for Johnny to risk his life and end up dying saving Kristina from her attacker. Johnny is redeemed at last, and goes out a hero.

    - Kristina, traumatized from watching Johnny get killed right before her eyes, decides she needs to get away from Port Charles for a while, and leaves town. (Recast this summer? Bet on it!)

  2. Maybe Fauxtina will suffer facial injuries along with multiple knife wounds to the chest and come back miraculously played by Lexi Ainsworth!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Karen:

    Great news: Cartini is undoing Guza's RAPE of Rick Webber:

    Tammy, wonderful to see you're as psychopathic as ever.

  5. I like your suggestion, Tammy.

    I also like that they're going to bring back Rick, hopefully devillianized too.



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