Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Answer some Questions....

I am not turning this blog OFF... it will still be here. I will post now and again with photos or promos or things I find on the net you might like.  I can't post daily recaps because I'm not watching consistently. 
Alberta's little page is up there so I can't just delete this, I'd lose all our history! 

THANK YOU For the outpouring of wub-- I have heard from people that I haven't heard from in YEARS--on all my old emails lol. I had no idea that many of you still read this or visited the Wubs Net. 

If you subscribe to the blog, I believe you will get updates when I post. There should be a DSS feed down the side too.

I will probably post now and again until the Ball and then try to post during that week since I'm on vacation. I thought for sure I had the third week in April off but because Easter is so early, we got that week off. 
Thank GOODNESS I didn't buy plane tickets based on that info :) 

THANKS again for the well  wishes.  Even my mother called  !! 


  1. You know it's serious when Mom calls. lol

    I'm glad the blog isn't closing.

  2. Thanks for clarifying! Happy Spring!

  3. Di she said "You DID buy that WUBS name right....that's not going anywhere!!" :)

  4. Happy news, indeed! It's nice to know we can come to Karen's "house" to chat about GH, even if our hostess is absent.

    We promise to use the coasters.

  5. lol Good to see she has her priorities straight too,kd. You don't want to lose your name.

  6. i just subscribed. on the main page


    on the right hand side, there is a spot that says "follow by email". I typed mine in, did the verifcation stuff and WOO HOO! I know when there is a new posting.

  7. Sonya runs a recap of the daily shows so maybe she could help you out Karen.

  8. Thanks DElco dave.

    There's a story about the anniversary / nurses ball in TV Guide

  9. I didn't know! I'll subscribe too :)

  10. Oh glad you are not shutting off the blog! :) Your mother even knew you can't blog everyday about GH? ROFL! Well, I better put my thoughts about Today's GH here! :)

    The floating rib: Awww look! Sam and Carly are bonding over the men that they lost awwww! :) Meanwhile Doc is NOT happy and does NOT want to go to the wedding ROFL! He don't like Scotty! :) Oh Serena is brought up YAY!

    The hospital: Oh dear!!! Olivia has another vision! From that clock bear! It's ringing!!! And Dante is NOT taking this seriously! Really Dante? Really?! After everything your mother has seen? And you still don't believe her?!!?! Come on superman Dante! Go see your wife Lois Lane! :)

    Lante home: Lulu wants her parents to get back together! YAY! :) She wants to open her father's eyes that Laura loves him!!! He is like no it's over. She is marrying Scott. He gets so upset that he throws the water bottle! ROFL! Luke you still love Laura!!!!!!!!! :) I mean come on! He didn't say no I don't love her anymore! :) Scotty calls Lulu to tell her he and Laura are getting married and she wants Lulu to be her maid of honor. Lulu is telling Luke what Scotty told her! Lulu wants her dad to go down and stop the wedding!!!! :) Luke doesn't want to. Oh Luke stop being so damn stubborn! :) Oh oh the clock bear is ringing at 7:00 on the dot!!! Oh oh Lulu faints!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! What just happened?!!?!?!!? Oh wait hmmm pregnant? :)

    The courthouse: Scotty has got the marriage certificate. He shows Laura and wants to get married NOW! She is full of excuses why they shouldn't! She says she loves him. Uh no she doesn't!!! Scotty, she is just not that into you!!!! Lucy and Doc show up. Lucy has Laura's dress! Laura wears it! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! Laura looks like a nurse in that dress! All she needs is one of those old fashioned nurses hats that the nurses used to wear. Ugly wedding dress if you want to call it a wedding dress. LUKE SHOWS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Michael and Starr's home: Oh Starr is going to Los Angeles. I wonder why. I like how Todd says just let me be your rich dad. ROFL! She agrees that he can take her. She wants to have a private moment with Michael. so Todd let's them but he kept honking the horn ROFL!

    McBain's home: What the heck?!!?! the bureau is recalling McBain from a case and it is classified?!!?! They are sending a plane for him to take him to Quantico tonight?!?! :( No!!!! :( Anna is crying. :( Don't go!!!! :(

  11. Maybe the bear was spouting knock out gas when the alarm rang, Sonya.

  12. Di said...Maybe the bear was spouting knock out gas when the alarm rang, Sonya.
    Oh! Yeah it could be. :) Hmmm the bear farting made Lulu pass out ROFL!

  13. screamingeagle said...Sonya runs a recap of the daily shows so maybe she could help you out Karen.
    Not really. :) I only do the full recap when she asks me to. :)

  14. I couldn't believe I wasn't happy to see the OLTLers leaving, especially ME. He seems to have so much more chemistry with KeMo than SB ever did. Hope they come back - even Star.

  15. It occurs to me that Micheal Easton is the new Jason figure for GH. The most appealing leading man. He has the charisma, and that connection to the other characters that is so valuable. More of it, actually, than Steve B had. It's tradgic that now he must go back to that dim-bulb Natalie who only drags him down. He always seemed so morous around Nat. At least he and Kelly could giggle together.

    TPTB must try everything to get him back. He is SO watchable...

  16. Can somebody tell me Who called Starr? She mumbled and I couldn't figure it out.

  17. Becky S the person who called Starr, was her best friend Langston.

  18. What what?!?! A gal take a GH break for a few weeks and finds out her whole GH world is achagin. Because let's be honest...most of the time i just "watch" GH through your eyes on this blog. Very sorry to see the WubTub as I've known and loved it all these years come to an end. But best of luck and good cheer to you. God knows you have us laughs when we needed it with this show!



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