Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Drawing Blood

Oh GH...what am I to do with you?! This week was a bit nuts for me so I didn't watch live like I usually can. So, I went through them pretty quickly.  Being able to FF and skip commercials is HEAVEN!!

This week had quite a bit of blood in it, so get on your latex gloves and get ready to dish it up! 

I asked people on Twitter and FB to give me their version of #GH this week in Three Words or less.  Here is a sample: 

 Gynne: Blood and Relish.

Mel:  Stupid. More Stupid. 

Shannon: Freaky Fabulous Fun

Christine:   Vampire Fake Out

Patty:  worst week ever

Deb:  Stabbed, Bitten, Pickled...
Brenda: Piece of Crap 
Hannah: Damn These Vampires
Andrea: Enough Vampires Already
Cathy: More Frisco Please
Melody: Boring Vampire Saga
Ann Marie: I love vampires!!!
Jan:  An utter disappointment
Alison:  More Frisco now
Jennifer: Who's Sams Daddy
Lauren: AJ Liz Goodness
Mary:  Vampires, ghosts and prayer
Fay: Love Michael Easton!
Frisco: please change clothes!
 Ok, I'm going to bitch for a minute. Haven't we seen Sam in enough  of the"Damsel" mode? feels like we JUST got off the Franco stuff and here she is, all tarted up, tied like a 20's movie starlet and wearing enough lipstick to rival LaLohan. 
You know I was excited for this whole thing but in reality, it fell as flat as a dime-store nickle plated bracelet. 
I just can't even talk about it. GLOWING BAT RING. @@

Onward and UPWARD...Steven Lars was stabbed by his crazy mama. Olivia cried a lot. A LOT
BUT! He LIVES!! Oh, yeah. great. thanks. And  NO WAY would Olivia let him see her in her gown BEFORE the ceremony. She's too superstitious. Maybe that's the point? But still. Lisa LoCicero looked fabulous, btw.

On to the PICKLE RELISH... oh that PICKLE RELISH. You taking notes? Duke, international man of intrigue stole the pickle key. And Tracy, in all her wisdom-- who didn't put it in a safety deposit box or...I don't know have Alice hold it, freaked out. Now we'll do the Scooby Doo "Pickle Hunt" ...stay tuned. Ellie and Starr are breakin' it DOWN baby!!

Ummm, Nurse Betty lit some candles!  And remained to work at GH.. I hear the actress playing Britt broke her leg in real life.  I guess that explains the crutches. OUCH.
Liz and AJ bonded some more and more. She lit some candles too. And Cried. Too.  I did like her Steven Lars scenes. Aw, he wants her to be "best man"! I guess ALiz is going forward. (is that what we call them?)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Call  me nuts, but I loved this Heather and Rafe scene. Her telling him it wasn't his fault and the hug. RM did such an awesome job with it. Heather was so real here.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: So, who's Sam's baby Daddy?? Oh ..what? Oh.. sure Alexis take that phone call. No big deal.  Two GREAT Actresses...but WE WANT TO KNOW!! LOL it was my biggest let down of the week too. wah.


Frisco and Felicia: I think Mac needs a break on this-- and yes, I get "First love" but I'm mad at him disrupting FleaMac.  WE know he's not on forever so just rip it off like a band-aid.  LOVED The Spinelli exchange. Spin NAILED him on his not being around. I guess I like Frisco best when he's intimidating  Britt or interacting with Maxi.

NO Scotty-- this is like rotating soaps. Yeah, I'm glad people are back and all but hours and hours on Picalila? Okayyyy. People just might figure out when their faves are on and watch then. Next week should be Laura-heavy.

  know I'm leaving a lot of parts out and the truth is, this blog is going on too long as it is.  I'm going to miss Julie Berman as Lulu, I really like her.  Michael Easton still doesn't know what he's doing-- it was on FB that he's kind of waiting:

...your kind words of support mean the world to me. No word yet on when we might return to work but the fridge is stocked, the bills are paid, and I get to spend lots of precious time with my little girl.

Thanks for the 3-word submissions. 


  1. I agree with the tone of your SS this week.Besides the Frisco scene with Spinelli, the only things that made me kinda happy was Anna mentioning Robin and Robert. Not enough, but something. I also liked the Duke/Felicia scenes. The returns are making me feel frustrated, cheated, and annoyed instead of thrilled, elated, and satisfied. These are vets that we have LOONGED for for decades...yet we get a smattering of them here and there. I say if you are going to bring them back...BRING THEM BACK! Let them interact with other characters that they've had a long history with, address their history with more that one or two lines. Show us the characters we've loved for so long...or don't bring them back at all. Feeling disgruntled this week. :(

  2. Frisco and Felicia belong together- they were the anti-Luke and Laura, in the BEST possible way. Flea was only standable w Frisco.

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  4. Rather than risk offending anyone with my warped sense of humor, I immediately deleted my first comment. I had to chuckle at what we're to call AJ & Liz. "ALiz" is better than what I had in mind, that is, substituting the "L" for a "J" ;-)

  5. I am beyond thrilled that Nik is coming back. My next wish is for Rick. I loved all the Frisco scenes and Duke with Felicia. I though it was rather odd that Sam had been through such trauma, especially with Caleb undressing and dressing her, and she seemed really too calm. The Heather/Rafe scene was excellent. Gonna miss McBain. Looking forward to more Laura this week. She was so lovely and gracious on The Chew, which I forced myself to watch for the first time.

  6. The week was very frustrating. Didn't like that glowing ring stunt at all. Leave the vampires be. PLEASE.

    The vets coming back are great, but there are too many of them all at once. There is simple not enough time to give them all a decent storyline - especially when you spend a week touting vampires.

    You didn't even mention the kate/connie storyline;.. which I thought was ridiculous. We had to watch kate react and cry over Trey -didn't we see her do this as Connie? I get that she does great cring scenes but please enough. Lets pick an identity and stick with it. I don;t want to see everythind happen in both personalities.

    And I just do not get the motive behind why Britt wants Patrick so much. She HATES his child, what did she think would happen if she statred dating him? Emma would magically dissapear? Are there not ANY eligible rich Dr/Lawyer/vampires around without children that she can go after? And this vendetta against Ugly Betty...It is not like patrick even looks twice at Sabrina, Britt wants her fired because Emma likes her more???? Unless Britt is Jerry Jax's daughter I don;t know why she is there at all.

    So Ellie, a young lab tech has total control of the hospital lab and can "rent" out GH's facilities so ELQ can identify relish ingredients? No wonder it is so easy to switch lab results.

    I like AJ and Liz.

  7. I am going to miss Julie too. I just wish Dante and Lulu were on more these last two months. I'm glad the vampire stuff is done.I like A.J and Liz together too.

  8. I thought this week was okay. I liked AJ & Liz, every scene with Tracy and the Frisco and Felicia moments. I'd would have liked to see more of their flashbacks. The one GH did show was pretty lame.

    At first I hated the idea of the Vampire stuff, then I started to like it and now I'm just glad it's over...I think. I also think the show did Lucy an injustice by making her seem so crazy.

    As for Steve/Olivia, I thought they should have just let Steven die. It didn't make sense to have him live. Both Olivia and Liz looked great, but the wedding in the hospital was stupid.

    I think the writer's are throwing to much at the audience and not following through on the a lot of the story-lines. However, I'm still watching and I always find something redeemable in the episodes.

    As for Julie leaving, I might be in the minority, but I really don't care. The actress is terrific, but the character of Lulu has become very annoying. Lante has lost steam to me. I wish her good luck in the future.

  9. That sucks about Julie Marie Berman. :( I love her as Lulu!

    Karen says I guess ALiz is going forward. (is that what we call them?)
    People on another soap board have been calling them Quiz! :) Q + Liz = Quiz! :) I love it, so I'm using it. :)

  10. natasha_jax said... "ALiz" is better than what I had in mind, that is, substituting the "L" for a "J" ;-)
    ROFL! That wouldn't be a very good idea ROFL!

  11. GH is trying...trying a hell of a lot more than they did under Guza, but it has gone off the rails for me in the past month or so.

    The Duke/Frisco reunion was weirdly brief. Another blown chance of getting two long time vets and characters back together on screen and then it falling flat on its face.
    I missed Scotty and Laura this week...I want to see that Scotty/Lucy reunion and maybe Scotty/Heather too!

    I did like the Flea/Duke scenes; all the Heather stuff; and Frisco was tolerable this week. AJ/Liz are winning me over too.


  12. KD, you were excited for the whole vampire thing and you think it it fell as flat as a dime-store nickel plated bracelet, imagine how those of us who weren’t looking forward to it felt. And I definitely don’t want to talk about the GLOWING BAT RING.

    I actually enjoyed the Heather/Rafe scene too. I found it really genuine, and that in itself made it very surprising.

    I also agree about the rotating subplots. We have actors who’ve fallen off the stage, so to speak, while we have months of a stupid vampire plot that was on almost every day. Frisco was back, and I read an interview he had about his return that most likely took longer than the amount of screen time he’s had on the show.

    I like AJ and Liz and I like that they’re taking it slow and making it believable.

    I’m also sick of Kate/Connie and definitely don’t want yet another alter.

    And the security in that lab is ridiculous. never mind the possibilities of cross contamination now. I’m picturing Olivia’s next vision. “Oh Maxie, I’ve made a mistake. You’re not having a dog after all. You’re having a cucumber.”

  13. DI I can't imagine if you didn't like the Vamp stuff at all. LOL


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