Friday, March 8, 2013

HEY! I'm HOME!! On Time!!

wow..LIVE for GH finally... it's been awhile!!

ConKate and Sonny were in bed forever it seems. Geesh. I think she may be Connie still. Hmmm. AND I WAS RIGHT!!

Today was pretty slow.. And come on, no one walked into the Lab while Ellie and Starr were playing with pickles? LOL. I think the secret ingredient is ROSE PETALS. From Lila's garden! Or Rose Hips? 

Nice, Tracy owns Spin's office/apartment. Leverage!! Poor Spinelli :)  Ellie knows the secret ingredient and he's trying to peek at it! Then he steals the paper. Oh Spinelliiiiii. 

Sabrina and Liz friendship is ok but Liz should tell her to lose those 1965 men's glasses.  Like Yesterday. Do I keep saying that!!?

Diane's Earrings were from this movie!!
HEATHER comes out swinging for Todd's team!! woot!!  Both the witnesses flipped for Todd's side!! Too bad RH has to be back to OLTL for 4 weeks.


  1. I have a feeling the writers wanted to do a story with Todd ending up in jail for a while with Johnny, then have them start a weird frenemy sort of relationship, and then do some good-deed-ness that got them released together. Only now that RH has to go to OLTL for a while, I think they are hurrying him through the trial so he can be off the show. And then, alas, the potentially nice story for jail-bird Johnny is scrapped, leaving BB with little to no material and, hence, his exit.

    At least in my head that is what was going to happen. ;-)

  2. I also suspected that Kate was Connie.

    I know why Heather did what she did, but what about the other witness, why did he lie?

  3. Oh, also, WHY is Liz giving Sabrina that terrible advice to tell Patrick about her feelings? Liz is an adult now, and has been though countless relationships/marriages, and should know better. If a man is interested in a woman, unless he is EXTREMELY shy, he will make his interest known, as men are generally expected to pursue women. So, if he hasn't shown any interest, then, likely, he doesn't have any interest. So, if she tells him she's interested, it has to go badly, he'll be embarrassed, will not want to hurt her feelings, it WILL ruin their friendship, etc. And, after she has exposed herself in this way, if he rejects her it will be humiliating, and she works with him, so she'll have to see him all the time. WHY would Liz give her such bad advice, and WHY would she listen? It seems that people are always giving Sabrina bad advice, the poor girl can't catch a break . . .

  4. Diane paid him maybe? Or she convinced Johnny somehow?


    Sonny's home: Soooooo. Yelling with your alter doesn't wake Sonny up, and smashing the mirror doesn't wake him up, but a kiss on the cheek wakes him up? ROFL! I kept wondering if Kate was really Connie today, and I was RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Connie is angry at Sonny and wants revenge!!! For cheating on her with Kate! ROFL!

    Q home: Tracy and Spinny scene! ROFL! She grabs him and pushes him ROFL! When she hears AJ, she pushes Spinny on the floor ROFL! So Tracy's father owns the place where Spinny lives! And if he doesn't help her, she will kick him out!!! Oh nicely played Tracy. :) Nice twist!

    Hospital: Poor Lizzy is crying. :( Debbie Downer is there for her. Giving her good advice about Lizzy and AJ, which SHE SHOULD DO HERSELF!!! So Debbie Downer calls Patrick cus she wants to tell him how she feels. :) FINALLY! Ellie and Starr work on the recipe, and then later, SPINNY STEALS IT! DOH! Ellie is going to be so mad and betrayed! She might dump him AGAIN!

    Courthouse: Todd is free! YAY! Oh oh Starr! You are late!!! I'm glad Todd's new BFF Heather helped him!:)


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