Friday, March 15, 2013

Lexi Ainsworth To Be On ABC Pilot

Lexi will be on ABC's pilot show "Westside" starting Jennifer Beals.  She will portray one of her daughters, Nico.



  1. Love Lexi! She's guest-starring on CougarTown tomorrow night. She's also taping a guest role for the series Perception (with Eric McCormack - ie Will of Will & Grace). Her movie The Bully Chronicles is due out this summer. Lastly, the movie she did with Eric Roberts and Vivica A. Fox (So This Is Christmas) has been nominated for a few different indie awards. Go Lexi Go Lexi!!!

  2. Lexi was awesome on Cougar Town last night! Unfortunately, she is not able to do the Perception episode as she is now working on the pilot Westside. I hope hope hope it gets picked up. I mean if Charlies Angels was picked up despite the obvious lack of talent, surely ABC will give Jennifer Beals and Lexi Ainsworth a try!


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