Friday, March 15, 2013

Apology for BlahBlogginess

Well.. it's been a long week for me and GH has been the last thing on my mind-- I have UPDATED THE SPOILERS  and thankfully, next week the "LULU" thing kicks off and Luke and Laura will be on more. 

I realize GH is gearing up for the ANNIVERSARY and the BALL--but boy, it's been hard to stick with lately. I will try to watch today's show when I can. HOW are you feeling with the show? 

AND YOU KNOW LULU will be getting a NUFace after this adventure:
CATV 8 20130314 1300(22)


  1. You know, when Dante and Lulu were looking at that sonogram and getting all emotional, I was tearing up a little. JMB is SO good and makes DZ that much better. I like having a happy, real-life kind of couple on the show and I was so sad knowing the baby wasn't really theirs and anticipating all the drama that's going to unfold in a few months. Then I started to wonder if I'd care this much with a we'll see!

    OH and I'm pissed about the Liz/AJ/ Carly thing. Dumb!! I like AJ with Liz. His best scene since his return was the one with her in the hospital hallway when she was all dressed up and he was so nervous/awkward asking her out. So cute! And I don't buy for a minute that Carly and AJ would ever, EVER, ever be working together on anything! I hope AJ tells Liz the truth and then she has something to hold over Carly's head. Oh, and hello?!?! Joss? Hello?

    Oh, and for once Sonny had some valid points yesterday regarding ConKate...talking about his denial of his bipolar and how neither Connie nor Kate would be a real person until they were integrated. It was actually good dialogue and well delivered. Maybe that's a sign that this looooooooong repetitive story may be coming to an end?

    Thanks for letting me rant!

    1. Good rant :) I totally agree with you, the Carly AJ thing is stupid. And as I recall you and I have been in agreement on an AJ Liz pairing. Then this messes it up! The scene with Liz in her pretty dress and AJ's gushing fist pump was so cute. A favourite of mine too. Seriously, what does Carly think is going to happen here? We all know once Todd is done visiting Lanview him and Carly will be back together. Just prolonging the inevitable!
      And, I actually didnt want to ff the Sonny/Connie scenes! But, it's time to get this aspect of the show on the road.

  2. Karen. :) BlahBlogginess! ROFL! You are too funny. :)

  3. My friend Connie says the new Lulu actress is very good and seems a good choice. Right now it doesn't help me hating to lose Julie, who I felt was one of the best castings choices in all the Guza years.

    This week has been slower, but since there was TOO much going on before, this was OK with me. I find these character-to-character scenes entertaining and interesting enough. That's what I like about soaps--relationships, good dialog, even the two-steps-forward, two-steps-back stories like AJ and Liz and Todd and Carly. Good romance stories have to have obstacles to overcome!

    But I'm ready to drop Sonny/Connie, and anxious to see how Picklila turns out! And dearest to my heart is the Luke/Laura story to come...

  4. OH, LULU, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!! I really think that JMB is a unique actress, she was PERFECT casting, I really don't think that anyone can fill her shoes.

  5. I am surprised. I never cared for Sean as AJ and was not excited they brought him back. It wasn't because he was a screw-up--he was--but when played by Billy he was a sympathetic screw-up, one you felt for. Sean's AJ always just seemed too cocky and while his family treated him badly and drove him to drink, I just didn't like the character as the actor played him.

    Well, lately I find myself liking him, feeling for him, hoping he handles things better, wanting to see him with Liz. Amazing. The actor is doing a much better job than I anticipated and has grown on me.

    And I have to admit, Billy might be somewhat out of place in this story.

    So once more Ron and Frank have done their work well.

  6. Thanks Avalonn! Had to get a few things out! Funny that I mentioned the rarely-seen Joss and then she pops up on today's episode! weird.

    How come Lucy doesn't take Rafe in? Didn't she swear to Alison's ghost to protect him, and hasn't she been saying all this time how much she cares about him and will look after him? So much for that!

    Hey everyone, wanna take bets on where that mystery Nurse's Ball check came from?
    1) Todd
    2) Jerry Jax
    3) Jasper Jax
    4) Brenda
    5) Helena
    6) Nikolas

  7. I have a feeling that this whole thing with AJ and Carly is going to lead to genuine feelings, which would be weird, but interesting. I think they're two sides of the same coin and would really work together if they can get past the whole history between them. That said, I do like AJ and Liz.

    CareyN, I was wondering about that check too. Who would send a huge check to Lucy? Do we know for sure that it was intended for use on the Ball? Is it written in the notes on the check? I was wondering if maybe it could be from the Barringtons as a thank you for saving Rafe, although that raises the question of why they didn't take him in once Alison was killed and he was released from prison.



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