Friday, March 1, 2013

Ok, so let's hope..

THIS is done... because that which started out promising? Er... no 

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  1. Its not done. Nobody stays dead on Ron's watch.

  2. Don't say that. I hope to heaven it's finished. This "nod" has been on daily for months, and the only real nods we've had have been returning GH characters who pop in every week or so for a minute or two. Is this suppose to keep us placated while other show's stories take over?

  3. Please let it be...honestly, I can not STAND Lucy right now. That was hard to say as I have been a long time Lucy-fan.

    1. I love this storyline, and Lucy but she's driving me insane with her insanity. LOL!

  4. That glowing ring said it all.
    It will never be over.

    But lets hope that it stays gone for a long long time.

  5. Oh, glowing ring, so Caleb really is a vampire? And Allison really is a ghost? Well, that makes sense, as Port Charles truly is the home of the undead. You can be shot, shot and thrown into the harbor, strangled, strangled and thrown into the harbor, thrown off a cliff, blown up, etc., etc., YET NO ONE EVER DIES!! Amazing town, guess we all should move there. . . .

  6. It is NOT over. HOWEVER, a lot depends on the Prospect Park crap and if ME is coming back or not.

  7. I FF'd through all of the vampire scenes. Even Lucy, who I also LOVE to watch....normally.

  8. I have enjoyed the storyline. SO have others..The show is so much better than it used to be. Weeks would go by when I would not watch and just was reading Karen's blog.

    I love Michael Easton and if he has to be Caleb to stay on this show then I will be happy to have him on GH. Truely would rather have John McBain..But this girl will get what she can have.

    Perhaps Sam will get hit by a car and be in a coma and they could have scenes where she is Livvie and he is Caleb and do a story there. I am really just joking..But I do want Michael on the show.

  9. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't want it over. I don't mind a little supernatural with my natural (or maybe it's just Cassadine craziness. You never know the depths of Helen's power *grin*). I do hope ME stays. I'll take Caleb if it means he sticks with GH. *grin*

  10. ME has become one of my favorite GH characters and he needs to be McBain to be enjoyable. Not Caleb. I know John and his stint on GH has completely won me over as a good guy, strong cop, friend to Sam and Anna and Robert. Caleb (Steven) has already killed people so I have NO wish to watch a serial killer anymore than I want to see vampires. None WHATsoever.

    Surely PP can give up these character finally. They have a plentiful cast and while I know these 3 are special, they can create other special people. These 3 were put out of work by PP's inability to work things out before--and they had every right to find new jobs. They should be allowed to keep the jobs and not be jerked around. Didn't Hillary Smith take a new job? Is she going to be forced back?

    When PP failed before, it was very much left up in the air and there was also a communication problem. Nobody seemed to know what was up and actors can live in limbo only so long. These people moved their families, etc., to LA to find new work and now what? Do they have to commute back and forth?

    As for the names, could Todd find out he is really Victor and simply go by the nickname 'Todd' ? Could John be called Johnathan or 'Jack' for awhile? The show already has a Johnny so 'Jack ' might work fine. Could Starr drop and 'r'?

    Just a thought...

  11. The Vamp storyline has been goofy, but hell folks this is the soap that gave us Mikkos Cassidine and his freeze machine with carbonized snow, Casey the Alien, Aztec treasure nonsense, and where only a few characters have really really died. Considering all that, I can take vamps for a few weeks if it means more Lucy Coe.

  12. I'm watching the lunacy that is the Caleb/McBain/Sam storyline as we speak from Wed and am laughing out loud at the battle ax. I really do like this storyline. It's so insane, but at least it's funny. BTW, did I miss where Kevin went? He was on for like 2 scenes.


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