Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday's GH

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I had a total DISCO flashback! LOL


  1. Could have done without the whole Richard Simmons bit - he is really creepy and not at all entertaining. Patrick deserves a much better love interest than Sabrina. Liz looked beautiful yesterday as always. And thank goodness no Konnie for awhile.

  2. I so loved it.. he acted just like he did in the 70's lol.. I thought it was really funny and GENERAL HOSPI-TALE!! wooooot!!

    guess you had to live it. :)

  3. Nurses ball room: Oh this is exciting!! There is rehearsal! Maks from dancing with the stars is there YUM! :) The Richard Simmons scene was fantastic! ROFL! Cracked me up. Laughed so hard. :) The General Hospitale song!! YAY! He brought up Amy Vining YAY! Richard Simmons does not like Monica ROFL! Oh Milo no!!! :( I thought you were a better person than that!! Deleting a phone message from Patrick on Sabrina's phone. :( I am so disappointed in you. :( A couple of days ago you really impressed me when you were with Patrick. But just because of the advice TJ said to you about you having to man up, you had to do this?! :( That is not manning up. :( That's playing dirty pool. I hope he gets redeemed. :( When Lucy was talking to Molly about Rafe, the look on TJ's face. He even rolled his eyes. Come on TJ! Lucy was the one who brought up Rafe and you know that!!! Felix wants to dance with Maks! ROFL!

    The hospital: Oh forget it Liz! Patrick is not going to budge about Sabrina!!!

    Alexis's home: Alexis feeds Rafe awwww! :) I like the Shawn and Rafe scene! :) Shawn made sure Rafe knew that Molly and TJ were a couple! :)

  4. A part of me thought bringing in the song Genreal Hospi-tale to the scene was utter brilliance. This was the ultimate nod to those of us who experienced the mass-mania that was GH in the 80s.

    I can only think that new viewers, not us long timers had to think "what the...???". I liked that the younger nurses couldnt believe that the song was about their mentors.

    A part of me, while watching, felt that it was incredibly cheesy. But still, it was fun.

    They are really doing this right.

    For those of you who dont know the song or recognize it, please do a youtube search. It's worth it to hear the entire thing.

    Looking forward to the next week of GH memories.

  5. I too thought Simmons was just awful and dragged down the whole episode. I just wish it was the last we'd see of him. I was cringing all through his appearance. Yuck.

  6. I absolutely hated Shawn, Shaun scenes with Rafe. He was so mean to a 15 year old kid. Give me a break. And Milo taking advice from a 15 year old, another give me a break. Once again, Sam was slobbering all over a "dancer." They never should have shown Robin alive and should have gone with a Liz & Patrick story line. Once Robin was shown, it would have caused such good soapy angst.

  7. Can't say I ever liked Richard Simmons, but I didn't mind his showing up yesterday, being crazy as always. They used to have him show up at the campus disco with Beverly as if they were dating--which even then was a laugh. Actually, Lucy is about as hyper and nutsy as he is!

    This show is SO good lately it can even bear up under Richard Simmons!

    Loved that Luke and Laura are on an actual adventure and Laura is back to being a determined and fun partner for him. She was the only one who could get him to behave. I remember long ago a scene in which, to tie his shoe, he put his foot up on an end table. Laura didn't say a word--just slapped his leg. He instantly withdrew it and looked apologetic for a moment. They seemed truly married, unlike so many soap couples. There was a scene where they were watching TV together, eating popcorn and commenting on the show...loved it. Usually TV watching is confined to turning it on for some news that just happens to be broadcasting at that moment.

    Hated the Guza years for both Luke and Laura. Boy, that writer has a lot to atone for!!

  8. Could have done without Richard Simmons and Lucy screeching yesterday.

    Love that Piph is getting more airtime, she is hilarious. She, "Sabrina", "Felix" and "Liz" all did some live tweeting during the west coast GH airtime. They were talking about their scenes and how much fun they had filming that. And they were all gushing over "Magic Milo". Lol!!

    I agree about Patrick and Liz. So much potential there wasted. Ron definitely played his hand too early with showing fans that Robin is alive. To be honest, I think Kim McCullough should just cut her ties with GH because all it's doing is putting the character of Patrick in limbo land when it comes to relationships. As fans, its hard to get behind a relationship when you know Robin can just return at some point, but the way Kim's career is going that doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon.

    Shawn, Shaun, Sean was just a bully yesterday. I didn't like it one bit.

    Looking forward to today's episode as Helena, Luke and Laura are slated to be on! Yes!

  9. I wasn't impressed with Shawn's behavior either. Is TJ such a loser that he needs someone to scare off any competition? And what was with the "TJ has a sad story too" bit? It's like he was telling poor Rafe to get over himself.The boy just had his mother murdered and found out his father was a serial killer!! He's being bullied at the group home. he doesn't need to be bullied by Shawn too. Really crass Shawn.

    And TJ's eye rolling dropped him a notch in my book too. Molly was just talking to Lucy about someone that Lucy is very concerned about. I'd tell him t grow up, but he's a unlike Shawn.

    I did laugh at Piffy trying to dance with the handsome Russian too. She does like the good looking men. But the Russian dancer asking Sam if he knew her was just a bit much. People who don't watch DWTS would be thinking there's some kind of past connection there. Why do they keep mixing shows here? This is General Hospital. Sam doesn't know any Russian dancers or vampires!!!

    I'm glad that Richard S was only there today. I'm not really a fan and I didn't want him taking over the Ball. it was funny on a shrt term basis though.

    And Milo is so easily led. lol I'd be mad at him but he took his shirt off...almost. PMSL

    I'm definitely looking forward to the next week. The Ball sounds like it's going to be fantastic. I always loved it when the stars of the show got to show us how multi-talented they all were.

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  11. Why hasnt criminal charges ben filed against Luke for injecting adrenaline into Nicholas?

    Is this not a crime in NY state? Can anyone walk into a hospital and just start haphazardly injecting medicines in anyone's IV tube?

    Epic fail.

  12. Also, why do they show Luke having a sometimes drink, alcoholics can't do that, are they rewriting history, and the fact that he was an alcoholic?

    I thought the Richard Simmons bit was weird, but I do appreciate any nod to history. Is this a new song, or is it a song from before?

  13. I was surprised that they were letting Luke's character have an occassional drink too. But then a lot of history has gotten rewritten.

    The song is from the 80's. It's on YouTube.

  14. I thought that Richard Simmons was GREAT and that Lucy Coe was awful. She was screechy and a harpy. I like what he added to the show. I wish he was flexible (eh hem) and edited the song so he could have stayed.



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