Wednesday, March 13, 2013

POPE interrupts GH again..




Spin started the show with heartburn. 


  1. I WANT TO PROTEST THE INTERRUPTION OF OUR SHOW to watch the Pope stuff, which anyone can see on the news. Does anyone know to whom/how to/where to complain?

  2. Try the ABC network.

    I got to watch half the show on a Canadian network here but then it was cut off and another show was put on. ( We have news networks for people who wanted to follow the proceedings in Rome, and it was on the news later.)

    I think they were told to cut it as ABC will probably reshow it tomorrow.

  3. They even interrupted ESPN...A sports network for this.
    I'm glad they got a new Pope, but like Di said, we have news networks to cover this if we want to watch it.

  4. Yes, if you get Soapnet GH will run tonight. It's 9pm here in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area.

  5. If it wasn't totally pre-empted/moved to tomorrow (like the day of the Newtown shooting) then it should also be up on Hulu and around 9:00 pm Pacific time.

  6. They said on Facebook it will show tomorrow.

  7. At least I got to watch the first half hour here.

  8. Damn, the view is in my PVR, not GH!!! It just showed a "GH will be shown at it it's regular time tomorrow" :-I Cut the bloody View!!!! I'd rather see GH!!

  9. Soapnet ran Tues. show so sounds like oldschoolGhfan is right...I hope!

  10. Metrocourt: 14 year old AJ and 14 year old Carly pinky swear that he won't tell anybody about the fake relationship they are gonna have! Awww isn't that sweet? :) And Dani calls Todd!!! YAY! But wait, she calls just to say she hates him? HUH?! Shut up Dani! Why bother calling him to tell him that? He knows that already! Stupid girl!

    The hospital: Poor Spinny! He has heartburn He is taking tums ROFL! Altho it's called Stoms. :) Oh Spinny is gonna get the paper taken out ROFL! I guess they wouldn't want him to poop it out huh? Hahahahaha! :) The baby on the sonogram looks like a puppy hanging on a cliff! Spinny asks Liz what room is empty, she says room 2!!! Room 2 is where Maxie is!!! Spinny walks in and he sees the sonogram! IT'S YOUR BABY SPINNY! :) They talk about someday little Maxie's and Spinny's walking around hahaha!

    Michael and Starr's home: Starr opens the door for her Chinese food and Todd has it! :) Todd has been eating it! While they are talking, Todd is talking with food in his mouth! ROFL! And some is hanging out of his mouth ROFL! Oh Todd! :) So the person he was talking on the phone with the other day, was Starr! Er left messages.

    The floating rib: Connie wants to know if Sonny wants to be with her or Kate!!! Everyone is hearing their conversation, including Molly! He wants to go somewhere else to talk! GOOD IDEA! That Cho woman flirts with Mac! And tells him if Felicia goes back to Frisco, call her! WOAH! :) How does she know about Frisco and Felicia Mac? Did you tell her?! :) He kept her number!!! TJ is a very good boyfriend. :)

    Sonny's home: Connie wants to know if he loves her, or Kate!!!! He says he loves both! She don't like hearing that!!!! He says she needs to go to the doctor. She is afraid that she will be lost if she goes! But she agrees. I hope Connie stays! She is more fun than Kate! Connie has more chemistry with Sonny, and Kate and Sonny have none! Kate is boring! I WANT CONNIE TO STAY!

  11. I'm sick of this DID storyline now, ENOUGH! If I had to choose it would be Connie too. I agree, Kate is stuffy and boring. Kate's a little bit country and Connie is a little bit Rock n Roll ;)
    Spin should get nasty internal paper cuts from that stupid stunt he pulled.
    Mac should totally go for it with Agnes, he needs to stop being a doormat.
    Anything with Todd I LOVE. Carly needs to quit it with this AJ stunt, it'll backfire. Jas must be rolling in his grave.

  12. Avalonn said...Kate's a little bit country and Connie is a little bit Rock n Roll ;)
    ROFL! Good one! :)


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