Sunday, March 24, 2013

So, Do It Yourself Surgery...

If you dare.  I heard you when you said you wanted a place to comment! Here it is... 

I saw 15 min of GH last week this is what I saw:

Liz' giant beehive hair-do

Bobbie, Scotty, Laura and Luke in the same room  (Like I was on LSD ..flashbackin')
The Grad gowns
Nikolas hugging Lasha and Luke looking peeved. 

Have at it! Don't cut too deep and remember to take your meds. 


  1. Friday's show was the bomb. Bobbie showing up, Scotty and Luke going at it, Pip nailing Britchy, Liz and Patrick, Lucy and Nicholas!

    My husband looks at the cap and gowns and laughed that they were the same color as our son's.

    I read a comment by Jason T about the 50th anniversary episode and I'm gonna have the hanky ready. Talking about Dr Hardy.

  2. Karen, Luke wasn't peeved when Nik was hugging Lasha! Luke actually smiled, which was awesome!!! :) I didn't expect that!

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  4. I got the distinct impression that Luke is the one who contacted Nikolas to let him know that Lulu was missing is likely responsible for Nik showing up.

  5. The week was wonderful- well balanced with good flow all week. Great stories and acting with Lucy/Scotty, Dante/Lulu, Luke/Laura, Liz, Felix, AJ, Patrick, Emma. Anna/Felicia Mac/Duke All great! Carly and Todd were out of this world. loved the bunny cam. Good wrap ups with John/Sam and Starr/Todd leaving for a bit too. Loved they had Maxie's dream allowing her and this LuLu to have "the scene" before NUface takes over. Just when the show was rocking - it was capped off with the insanely handsome Nicholas! YUM! Can't wait for Monday. (Sonny who?)

  6. I wanted to respond to Sunday's post. I have followed you since before I moved to CA (around 13 years ago) (I am a Boo Yorker too!). I look forward to your posts and felt very sad about it ending. But I totally get the need to take time for yourself and to focus your energies where you feel they need to be. I am happy you will post from time to time. Daily recaps are hard and I say, good for you for taking care of yourself.
    As for Nicolas and Luke, I saw something totally different. I saw Nicolas give Luke a type of thank you look as Luke shook his head at being glad he was there. I guess we shall see. I have watched GH since I was in the 3rd grade (am 44 now). I am NOT a t.v. watcher. But I love G.H. and am THRILLED to see it like it was, when the writing was good and the characters were those we loved and were invested in. My 3 & 5 year olds are now starting to watch too!!


  7. Loved Bobbie and Nik showing up.
    Such a shame that they will only be back for a little while.
    I think Bobbie should stay. I like that there is now a storyline for Luke and Laura, instead of them having nothing to do, but rehash the past and talk about Scotty.

    Nice that they had JMB had the confrontation with Maxie about the baby ( even if was only in a dream). It will so different with the new Lulu.

    So Brit comes by her evilness naturally with wacko bad accent Dr. as her mother. Shouldn't she be babysitting Robin and Robert? IS Jerry going to show up tomorrow?

    I'm so excited for the Nurses Ball. Going to be so much fun.

    Going away for Easter weekend/ kids break so I will miss the GH marathon on Soapnet. My DVR would explode if I tried to record everything.

    They gave nice send offs to the OLTL people. We shall see if what will happen... Hope a couple of them come back soon.

  8. Utter perfection! Every single day was worth watching. I feel like I'm dreaming with all the vets back and people talking and being friendly. It's unbelievable!

  9. Friday was like GH Heaven to me. Can't wait for the Nurse's Ball :)

  10. I was going to say that Luke looked really pleased to see Nicholas. It was a great look.

    I enjoyed the whole week too.

    And I tried to put on the Sunday surgery gown and gloves but they just don't fit me. Sorry. they're very big gloves to fill. :(

  11. Yes, Luke looked pleased and happy to see Nik (as was I)!!

    Thanks again, Karen, for coming back today and giving us this forum.

    I, too, am in GH heaven, and have to pinch myself. I was just hoping that Bobbie would rush over to see Carly and her granddaughter, that would be a normal thing to do.

    ITA that they gave the OLTL characters a great send-off; I also hope they can come back soon.

  12. I have a prediction. Let me know what you think. This is based on Soap opera writing throughout the past 40+ yrs.

    Dr. Britt has been trying to get in with Patrick because this is what her mother wanted. She is trying to distract Patrick so that he doesnt go looking for Robin and forgets about her.

    Now that Mother Evil is in town, she will try to step things up. But eventually, something will trigger in Dr. Britt to not be evil, and she will turn her back on her mother and help Robin return to Port Charles and will go from the evil character to the heroine.

    A lot of bad characters make the turn around into good characters and redeem themselves. I think I can see this happening with Britt now that her mother is in town and taking over the evil mantle. can you?

  13. I'm taking a shot at daily updates myself. Check out

  14. Any chance Jerry Jax is Britt's father?



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