Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brandon Barash Leaving GH

Brandon tweeted a cryptic thing yesterday: 

“With a bittersweet, heavy heart I announce my time at GH has come to an end, as I have chosen to move on & pursue my NBA career. I love u all.

We didn't know if it was true, but Michael Fairman confirmed that he was indeed, going. Johnny has been in jail for a bit--no word on if he'll make a final appearance or just fade away. 

He will be really missed.


  1. This is why GH and soap ratings have plummeted- bad casting decisions.

    BB is one of the 3-4 best actors on the show, and Johnny has such potential- from the piano to Claudia- to mine.

    He's also a still young enough hunk to lure in teen and 20s gals.

    The show screws itself cuz there are no young hot hunks- Chad Duell? Seriously? Also, the terrible record GH has w minorities and gays. Felix is the best they can offer for both a gay and a black man in 2013?

    Cartini blew it. BB was a gem, and they tossed him away when there were plenty of other characters to cut. Similarly, TJ and Shawn are dead meat. Why? Characters wasted on the vine.

    1. So I guess you don't like the OLTL people or vampire stuff?

  2. Very sad. Do we know if it was his decision? Really sorry he's leaving.

  3. Uh with a heavy heart, sounds like his decision.

  4. Maybe he didn't want to have to deal with the WORST actress ever to be on GH? That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

    Best of luck to him! He will be missed!

  5. Very sad. One of my faves. Great actor and underused recently. I really liked him with everyone they paired him with.

    Good Luck Brandon. Hope you do well on Y&R (just guessing)

  6. So disappointed that he is leaving - such a talented actor and seems to be a great guy. Unfortunately, they wrote his character into a corner, as they did with Rick Hearst. I wish him well.

  7. Brenden wanted to leave. If you go to his twitter he'll tell you why he left. I didn't care for Johnny so I'm not sorry to see him go.

  8. Bummer. I like his character (and BB) a lot...there just wasn't a place for him, I guess. I would have liked to see him paired with Liz.

  9. My heart is broken. I will truly miss Johnny. I've read the show has resigned MB to a new, long term contract so I'm sure we'll being seeing a lot more of Sonny.

  10. I agree...BB is a very good actor, one of the best on GH. This is a loss for all

  11. He should have been paired with Liz ages ago.

  12. GH is losing or letting go all the men. (Nicholas and Jax come to mind). Aren't soaps supposed to have "hunks" on them? I guess Dante might count, Patrick is all just sad lately, maybe Chad Duell for the 20 year olds, but that's about it. I'm sorry but Frisco has too much make-up on and no expressions anymore so he doesn't count. Brandon is a great actor - funny, hot, talented, sensitive - just someone you want to watch. I hope he lands somewhere on a sitcom next, he'd be great at that.


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