Sunday, March 3, 2013

GAH! Our Rena Sofer on Once Upon a Time

As Snow's MAMA!! I died!! I love OUAT-- and to see her looking so wonderful. Sniff. Awesome!!



  1. She did look great. And I liked her much better without that accent. lol

  2. me too..and that little GIRL? She acted SO MUCH like Ginny Goodwin!! This eppy was so good.

  3. Yes, she did. She was really good.

    And I really enjoyed this epp too.

  4. Agree on both counts. The little girl was fabulous and Rena looked beautiful. And that red gown! So gorgeous.

    And the bonus was Downton Abbey's Mrs. Patmore!

  5. The GH Facebook feed had a brief "official 50th anniversary" clip from Rena I guess they filmed while she was filming OUaT. It is only like 30 seconds of her but she talks about how amazing GH is and what an amazing time in her her life it was being on it. She also said Lois was the best character she'se ever played.


  6. She looked fabulous and the little girl is so amzingly like Ginny G. Great little actress. Love this show!

  7. I can't believe how much little snow is like Ginny. Facial expressions and everything.

    It was one of the best OUaT in a long time.

  8. Yes, I also have been watching OUAT, so I already saw the little girl playing Snow, amazing likeness!! And as soon as I saw her Mom I knew it was our Rena Sofer--still as beautiful as ever, she never ages!!

    My husband has a joke about Rena (not really funny), that every time we see her on a show, that show tanks!! It does seem to be true, though, so let's see if the "curse" holds for OUAT!!


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