Saturday, March 30, 2013

SOAPnet Marathon: Are You Watching?

I am seriously dying here. OMG.. Diana Taylor, the cottage the OLD NURSES' uniforms!! AlexQuartermaine. 
WOW.. Heather was a pill even then. ALWAYS obsessed with a man. Jeff, Joe.. you name it. Poor Diana...that was  a huge murder mystery and I read NO spoilers LOL.

And the Ice Princess  Episode!! There was Ruby and Laura looking like a Bond GIRL!! Tristan Roger's accent was so much thicker.!!

Fake Waterfall (Which I probably thought was real).  The way Laura's voice made Luke's heart melt.

I had a Black and White TV in college so I saw most of the early 80's eppies on that. I didn't care!! I loved GH anyway I could get it.  It finally went to an hour in 1978 and we were in heaven. I so wanted Laura's dress:

Rick Sprinfield was on GH when his "Jessie's Girl" broke in the charts..he got HUGELY POPULAR.  It was great for GH because girlies tuned in just to see him. Claudia and Bryan. I loved Claudia. Burt Ramsey and we all know about THAT HUGE HUGE reveal!! eeeee!!

Also note the actors' voices/cadence and THEATER training. ALL of them had done some theater (at least the older ones) and you can so tell. Brilliant. Even their articulation was perfect. Swoon. 
No GIRLIE VOICE hoarseness and running out of breath!! 


Scotty so hated I forgot about that..and Lee's whole involvement. His drinking storyline was really innovative back then.


  1. Was watching last night into the early morning hours. That first episode was so cool, I loved it. So nice to see all the actors and actresses before the botox and plastic surgery!!!! Will continue to watch throughout the weekend. I'm loving the blast from the past!!!!

  2. I love how that map actually says "wrong side of the tracks."

    I've dvr'd several episodes. It is interesting to compare the length of some of the scenes, how long some of them used to go. Also forgot how pretty Susan Moore was, and how commanding original Edward was. John Ingle was great but brought such a different vibe to the role.

    So happy you are still blogging when you can!!!

  3. I am loving it, but was bummed that they didn't show the classic scene of Heather writing Anne's name using Diana's blood. I was hoping to see that again! But, it's been so great to see these episodes again.

  4. I am so loving it! Really was such a huge frisco & Felicia fan! Such fun!

  5. Loved seeing Tony and tonya too! Its a shame they killed off Tony. I loved brad maule and he would have so many characters to interact with now!

    1. Kinder, I so agree!! The character of Tony would tie so many characters together right now. Another Guza catastrophe!!!

  6. Were we all stoned back in the 90s? For all the nostalgia we have about Lois, her nails and Brooklyn accent were damn annoying...even more annoying than an Irish brogue.

  7. TONY never should have been killed or ALAN OR GEROGIE OR EMILY or or or or THE WEBBER HOUSE BURNED TO THE GROUND!!

  8. I just watched this am..>LUke's club shooting. SLO-MO Like a Damn John WOO movie. Nikolas is shot, ALan is hooked on drugs. Guza.
    Although KAT AND BAT were on!

    and my Sarah Joy Brown was Carly, trying to pass Michael's baby bump off as Tony's lol

  9. Watched a bunch last night and watching stuff off the DVR I taped from yesterday. Early 90's GH was so amazing but even so, I wish they'd shown some of the much older SL's.

    I'd have loved to see when Bobbie found out Lucas was really Cheryl's (Tiffany's sister) baby, again. And was I the only one who cried a little seeing Ruby again? I really miss her.

  10. I am watching. I had it on since ep. 1 and it is on in the background and I come and go and see pits and pieces.

    I cannot believe all the characters I forgot were on the show.

    which character was married the most times? Was it laura?

    Ted KIng looks better in a beard than without. I know that will be debated, but it is my opinion

    Did I miss Sean and TIffany? Were they on any episodes this weekend? (ps. wouldnt it have been the greatest cameo in the world if Sean was flying the helicopter last week?)

    On a side note. I cannot believe that Soapnet was only able to secure 3 sponsors for the marathon. In between doing my abdominal crunches, and I now snaking the drain AND cleaning the pipe. Simultaneously. An practicing my slight soap turn of my head for dramatic effect.

  11. i think i am only limited to 2 comments per post, but I had to say something else.

    the beautiful thing about this marathon is that I was NOT limited to soapnet. I found myself going to youtube throughout the weekend and watching the memorial service for Ruby, Lois jumping out of the cake (classic) and all the memories of Lila's funeral.

    The best part of this weekend for me, wasnt always on Soapnet, but it was all the other memories I found on youtube stemming from the marathon.

    I hope some of you did that as well.

    And a very big Happy Birthday to Mrs. Ned Asthon!

  12. It struck me as I watched, that not only did Guza & Co destroy or kill off character after character, butwe lost the charming Webber house AND Laura lovely big home to fires, plus Luke's club, which I enjoyed seeing again. I remember when BB King played there and the night Mary Mae sang there and blew us all away.

    I wonder why Guza had to destroy what he no longer wanted to use. Why burn down the Webber house? Rick and Leslie lived there before Mac and Felicia--they could have simply passed it on again. It seems to me Guza was in the destruction business. He couldn't just let someone move out of town...he had to kill them off. There was no need to kill Tony Jones. The actor had just done some of his very best work. And why kill Georgie? Just send her to college.

    Guza made the worst choices all so he could focus entirely on Sonny and the mob--which got old VERY fast! I wonder how many of those viewers who tuned out because of the mob focus are aware now of how GH has changed, how it is now 'Must See' TV.
    Although this week it would be hard to not be aware of GH--it is everywhere!

  13. I watched so much of it that I had eyestrain. Still awed by how fabulous Sarah Brown was as Carly. My favorite had to be BJ's heart. The little girl who played Maxie was amazing. Everyone looked so young. What a wonderful tribute!


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