Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Molecular Structure

Yes, Virginia there is a molecular structure for roses

And ILLEGAL LAB USAGE!! LOL... Oh Ellie, I'm glad you don't have REAL work to do-- because that pickle relish was just taking over. And Starr, all of a sudden some science major? Next thing you know she's going to be All NATALIE and be the forensic expert at the PCPD! LOL 

WE are going to put on our Bunsen Burners  and goggles this week. Maybe some cocktail weenies for Sunday brunch (relish extra). 

Oh poor Steven Lars.. but if ya gotta go-- go this way so you can be recast at some point? Lisa LoCicero looked gorge as usual. Becky played these scenes really well.. it's strange because in all this time, I don't think they explored their sibling relationship enough. But, that's just me.
BTW how hysterical is it that the last scenes this dude had was in a goofy hospital gown? :giggle: 

Scotty is annoying--which is his purpose. And come on Laura, buy a clue. You went to the Q's to tell Luke, then you let this guy talk you out of it?

Things we learned this week:
Caleb is really Caleb..and he's got the ring to prove it. (and the hair)
Spinelli lives in his office, Tracy owns the building
Todd got off of all charges because of the grace of Heather and the bribery via Diane
Kate saw Connie, Connie yelled at Kate, Kate threw something and then Kate was Connie... 
Sonny turns women into other women with his weenie
TJ like ribs at Jake's
Alexis orders Veggie burgers from Kelly's
Molly has a GIANT crush on Rafe
McBain might too
Tracy has a lot of "funny money around"
Spinelli stole the secret to Pickalila but is reluctant to give it up
Steven Lars is going to an orange jumpsuit
Duke and Anna might be done?
Flea and Frisco might not?

Behold the Pickle Jar!!!  Should I or shouldn't I?? That is the Question! My poor Ellie, shuffling in her walker. *sigh*

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Was actually a flashback ...because it reminded me about young,  true love and what it looks like the moment it happens. *schmaltz..but sooooooo good!! 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Cawnie...Kate...Kate Cawnie.. is she or isn't she? Who's Sonny sleeping with. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!  Good Lord,  just..well. I'M DONE. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Todd says "it's a PHONE....with a CORD"!!!  

HOTTIE OF THE WEEK:  Oh doppelganger for  Caleb...we thought you were DREAMY!!! and your hair!!??  wowza. 

SWITCHEROO OF THE WEEK:  Oh that shape-shifter!!! He's ALIVE!!!

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FACES OF THE WEEK: Ok, who's having a blast?!! Jane Elliot!! Tracy was so fun, especially when everyone just started coming into the mansion one by one lol 

This was a tough week for me ...very busy at work and I'm afraid this week is going to be the same. I'll do what I can!! Have a great one, even if DLS stole and hour from us!!


  1. GH has no safety nor cleanliness protocols and Ellie wd have been fired for using hospital equipment, and on her day OFF?

  2. Starr has been into science for a long time. She was pre-med before Baz and Rick got her involved in recording music.

  3. she was/? I do NOT remember that. I remember her in HS.. but?? Hmm

  4. OK, I was waiting for the Felicia-under-Frisco's-bed flashback, and BINGO!! I never forgot that scene after I watched it when it was on originally. I don't know why it stuck w/me, but it did--anyone know what year that was?

    1. I may be wrong AntJoan but I think it was 1984. I'm right there with you, I can remember that scene vividly :) also, when Frisco took that hat off her head and we saw the pretty long blond hair fall. I love those two. So, happy to see them on screen together again!

  5. Not to mention the "science" of miscarriage, sex, and conception all in the same night!!

  6. Yes, ITA, OMG, almost 30 years ago!! Seeing all these vets, I can say that women seem to age better than men do. Or (which is very likely) actresses are usually paired w/actors older than they are (e.g., Luke & Laura; Sonny & Brenda)--I think that Felicia was still a teenager when she came to GH, while Frisco likely was not.

  7. Jack Wagner is only 4 years older than Kristina Wagner.

  8. I want to know who the actor was that played your hottie of the week. I've been watching Cars 2 with my son a lot lately, and in the words of Flo - Oooo, I'm gonna have to get myself some coolant!

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