Saturday, March 16, 2013

Watch Classic GH Episodes on SOAPnet!

March 29th at 10pm EST, SOAPnet will air 50 classic episodes of General Hospital--many of which are really Classic!! They will air one episode from each decade.

I am hoping for the Diana Taylor killing, the Tracy Q meds to Edward... the roof falling on Alan/Monica...and many more!!


  1. That sounds great.

    Would love to see some really old episodes.

    Tracy withholding Edwards medicine was awesome.

    Diana Taylor's murder was the first storyline I ever watvhed on GH. I remember Heather writing Ann in blood next to the body

    I want to see Jeff Webber, Jessie, Steve Hardy, Sean and Tiffany.

    A great Q living room arguing scene.

    I would love to see an episode when the Q's were staying at Kelly's, with the original Picka- Lila.

  2. So, is it 1 episode per decade and they will repeat them? I hope it's not 50 different episodes. My dvr would explode ;-)

  3. It is 50 different episodes. Here is the press release from Channel Guide Magazine.

    The SOAPnet General Hospital 50th anniversary marathon begins Friday, March 29, at 10pm ET/PT and runs through Monday, April 1, at 12am ET/PT (Sunday night/early Monday morning). The marathon kicks off with the very first episode of General Hospital from April 1, 1963, and will include shows from every decade since.

    Included in the General Hospital 50th anniversary marathon are favorite couples, characters and storylines. Luke and Laura’s wedding (pictured). Frisco and Felicia’s wedding. Luke and Laura’s dance at Wyndham’s. Lucky and Liz’s first kiss. Stone’s death. Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar. BJ dying and Maxie’s heart transplant. The Ice Princess. The Hostage Crisis. The Hotel Fire. Elizabeth finding Carly in the panic room. AJ discovering that he is Michael’s father. Jason’s car accident. And plenty more drama.

    During the course of the marathon, episodes featuring fan favorites like Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine, John Stamos as Blackie, Ricky Martin as Miguel and Rick Springfield as Noah will also be shown.

    ***Of couse the actual 50th anniversary show has been bumped to April 2 because of the Pope interruption - we are now behind a day:(

  4. I'd like to see the conversation at the lighthouse between Bill and Sly Eckert, right b4 Bill was killed- a great father-son moment.

    I'd like to see the episode where Kevin O'Connor is killed by Terry Brock and falls to his death in Catalina.

    The episode where Mikkos is trapped and frozen in his own room.

    Anything with Gregory Malko, the DVX operative in charge of Natalie and Grant Andrews (then Putnam).

    Any great scenes with Jon Lindstrom as Ryan Chamberlain.

    Some of Sarah Brown's great scenes as Carly- the original, and by far, the best Carly.

    Diana Taylor's murder would be good, as well as Susan Moore's.

    Alan blowing up Rick's and Monica's love nest.

    Frisco's return to town to battle Domino and Colton.

    The early scenes w Jason after the accident.

  5. I am so psyched about this marathon--and I'm so glad that it is being done over the weekend. i just hope that the dvr can hold the ones that air late at night and on Easter Sunday. It is just so much history for a show that flagrantly rewrote it or ignored it completely for so long. I can only imagine what would have happened if Guza still had control over the writing. *shudders*

    Liz and Lucky's first kiss outside the boxcar was the most romantic thing my 12 year old heart had ever encountered. I loved them back then.

    I would love to see how Laura and Scotty met. He has always been portrayed as the bad guy in the Luke/Laura/Scotty triangle when really he was the wronged party. I really hope he's not the reason for the Ice Princess redux.

  6. I hope they come out with a list of what is actually going to air and when before it starts. I plan on dvring the whole thing too...but I want to make sure I get the episodes I really want to see.

  7. I'm jealous, I wish I still had Soapnet :(

  8. Thanks for the info, Andrea. I will have to select carefully. I cannot possibly record them all.

    I love the scene of Elizabeth finding Carly in the panic room. That was great. I did really like Tamara Braun as Carly.

  9. @Andrea, Diana Taylor was the first storyline I remember,too. Crazy Heather!
    Loved Alan trying to blow up Monica and Rick,would love to see that again.
    I know some people are complaining about the disjointed storylines, but every time I see Lucy and Kevin appear on my screen I squeal. Watching Jon Lindstrom on Friday was like being back with an old friend.
    Thanks for posting about this marathon because I want to tape as much as I can.

  10. I also wish that I still had Soapnet. I hope that they show an eppie w/Jessie and her famous sweater, also Lucille and Al.


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