Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lose the Shirt....

LOL "Lose the shirt"..."Keep the shirt"....lah lah!!

Connie's back with her boobies out! SHE'S OUT!! SHE'S IN!! SHE'S OUT SHE'S CONNIE SHE'S KATE!! the book is MOLLY'S ...no...it's CONNIE'S..IT'S KATE'S IT'S Molly's!! 
She did name one character "Zander"...
Who's this party-lady? hmmm She was awful!

Patrick...dreaming while SCRUBBIN' UP! Looks like Sunday Surgery to me. LOL. :) Patrick's going to confide in Epiphany. 
"You're a blind man cutting into people's brains"!! 

Liz saw AJ Kissing Carly-- and note, she changed her scrubs color!!  Todd is not buying the AJ thing.

I read on Twitter that Olivia packed away Steve's ab roller! LOL 

AND THE POPE thing interrupts.



  1. I laughed at the opening today when Olivia was boxing up "Steve's Ab machine." It was written in big letters on the box.

  2. The non Pope interuption was crazy. Just scroll an alert on the bottom of the screen. Not having a pope is NOT Breaking news and it doesn't need imediate analysis by three people. Are they going to interupt GH to tell us the status of the smoke everyday?

    The Ab thing made me giggle.

    I just wanted to smack Betty

    Todd always makes me laugh.

  3. The hospital: Patrick is surprised to hear that Debbie Downer has a crush on him and doesn't know what to say. He doesn't feel the same way and never knew she had a crush on him. He says the same thing to Piffy! Who thinks he is in denial or blind!!! Come on Patrick! If you never knew she felt that way and you don't feel the same way, then why did you almost kiss her on New Year's eve?!!?!?! And then Patrick thinks about the almost New Year's eve kiss!!! Patrick is lying to himself and is in denial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does have feelings for her too!!!

    Metrocourt: Okay Carly enough games! Todd knows you are lying! Give it up! Stop kissing AJ! Todd keeps messing up AJ's name on purpose! BJ, OJ, LL ON COOL J ROFL! I wonder if that was adlibbed. :) And then AJ calls Todd, Tad ROFL! After Todd leaves, Carly calls AJ a pig! Oh come on Carly really! Now who is Todd calling to help him prove Carly is lying about being in a couple relationship with AJ? :) Poor Liz. :(

    Steven Larz's home: AB ROLLER ROFL! Aww Karen! No ab roller picture? :( I would put a picture up, but you do it better. :) Put the ab roller picture up when you put the next Sunday Sugary up. :)

    Olivia: No no no that's not Connie! It's Kate she is just stressed out. That is why she was snippy at me!

    ROFL! Come on Olivia wake up! :)

    The floating rib: Milo is dancing with Connie's picture ROFL! This party planner lady Agnes Cho is there and is so rude to everyone, including Milo!!!! Hey Agnes! Leave my Milo alone you bitch! Connie tells Milo twice to take off his shirt!!! Yes Milo listen to Connie! :) Alexis wants him to keep his shirt on ROFL! Maybe if Milo takes off his shirt, Agnes might change her attitude toward him ROFL!

  4. Favorite line of the show when Connie telling Milo to take off his shirt to Alexis saying "have you seen him?" Alexis is like (pointing to Shawn)"do you see what I've got!?" Too funny.

    Heard Agnes is going to go after Mac

    The Pope thing- agreed- don't break in unless the new Pope is actually elected - otherwise scroll will be fine thank you.

    Digging Carly and AJ even though it's a whacked story line. Always LOVE Todd.

    Will miss Steven Lars abs for sure!

  5. Gotta say it. I like Sabrina and am enjoying her quandry over Patrick. Loved Piff's take on it. I think he does have feelings for her. Since Robin coming back alive is only temporary because the actress can't stay, it is good to have a story in progress for him and Sabrina is a sweetie. Brainy, shy, kinda awkward but a very decent person, Sabrina is also beautiful. That is quite evident; she just needs a haircut and new glasses. I like that she wears glasses--many of us do and there's nothing wrong with that, nor does it make one ugly.

    Felt bad for Liz. Disallusioned again. Today was a tame show, but I enjoyed it...

  6. I am sad to see Liz used as a plot point, again.


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