Saturday, March 9, 2013

Luke and Laura Circa 2013

 What would Luke and Laura's 'Summer on the Run" look like now? 
Very different my friends. Very different. 
Instead of that dashing 'Indiana Jones' Look, Luke would have several hoodies at his disposal. stop shop

Luke has to stop to buy a to GO phone at Walmart so they can't be tracked by his iPhone

Laura decides to text Leslie one last time saying "Sry Mom CU latr xxxoo" 

They Google "Beecher's Corners" 
Luke Likes the Mexican Flavor!

Instead of going out to get countless donuts, the use the microwave in their hotel room to heat up Lean Pockets.

No blanket across the room for "modesty" this is 2013.  Laura has already sexted Luke several times. 

Scotty goes to "America's Most Wanted" to get Luke's pic up.

Amy leaves 100 messages on Laura's Facebook wall about the town gossip.

Luke runs out to get an iPad so they can spend their time playing games, watching movies and looking at pictures of adorable cats. 

Laura doesn't wear a wig, she gives herself a pixie cut ala P!nk and Anne Hathaway. She can use temporary dye to change colors every other day. 

They Wiki Frank Smith and make changes such as "Likes to dress in women's underwear" on his bio page

NO Donuts for YOU!
They can't leave on time because the season finale of " The Walking Dead" is on so they postpone by a day.

Laura makes Luke stop at every other Starbucks for her venti carmel soy latte.

And when they get married?

Laura travels to Kleinfelds in NYC to appear on "Say Yes To the Dress" and doesn't end up with a giant fugly head piece. 




  1. Great job. May I play?

    RC would give us three full weeks of nothing but L&L, then we'd go 9 shows without a mention of them.

    Laura would develop DID. Ruby would become a psychic.

    There would be lots of complaints on fan sites about these young kids and their unrealistic adventures who are taking screen time away from the vets, like Steve, Audrey and Jessie.

  2. BTW, I realize you were talking about all the changes in our lifestyles since then. I just couldn't resist!

  3. I'm glad!! I really loved this.. I was thinking about how hard it is going "on the run" right now!! LOL. Maybe they'd have a 3D adventure ;)

    Yeah,the pacing so sucks. I just can't deal

  4. I remember I loved Luke's Indiana Jones look--but that was their last adventure, the Mexican one, not their 'on the run' first one. Actually Laura stayed at Mariah's Inn in Texas while Luke took off for Mexico and it was Holly who joined him and Robert in that adventure. They were looking for some Aztec treasure, as I recall. (Mariah was Felicia's grandmother, and was played by movie actress June Lockhart.)

    Laura loved junk food back then and bought bags of chips. Now she might be more health concious!

    I loved the way they copied 'It Happened one Night' and hung the privacy blanket in their room, but I agree it would look a little coy these days. And as for vets--there were stories going for Audrey, Jessie, Monica, Leslie, Rick, Alan, etc, during this time, but we caught up with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. L&L had Mon, Wed, Fri., because people across the country were watching mostly for them at the time.

    You are so right--the story would certainly not be the same!

  5. That's really clever but a bit sad cause it's not fantasy, they could DVR so they don't have to wait. Thanks for the creativity oh and week with no Laura what's up wit data.

  6. Laura was on on Friday-- she went to the Q mansion to tell Luke about seeing Anna and Duke (I think she was on Thurs too?)

  7. Soaplover's right, Karen, about the look, and that photo is from 1993, when they returned- you can see TG is significantly older than his 80s heyday.

  8. Don't forget -- everyone would be up in arms about how young Laura looks compared to Luke.

  9. My cousin went to Kleinfelds and got a fugly head piece. you would have thought someone would have told her that ugly ass hats are only appropriate at British weddings.


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