Friday, March 29, 2013

Yes, I'm Here...

You'd better not'd better not cry!! Hey,  I have today off so I can watch in real-time!!

SOAPnet will have their 50eppy marathon of GH beginning tonight... go to their FB Page for a sneak peek! The audio was so bad back then, but much fun!

Meanwhile, Katie took to the GH set for a special 20/20 special  to air on April 6th-- are we lucky or what? I still say thank you the old regime is gone.  I can't imagine we'd have anything but a bullet-bomb montage. LOL

I'm having a damn Cuervo Gold during today's show. :)

Anyway, Laura and Luke are now on the ship-- LOVED Connie's Silver SUIT! She looked so good. Yeah to Helena.  Sigh...;)  You could so tell by Helena's face that her sons are not dead. Did you see that gleam?
"You'd eat your own young with a chaser of Ouzo" LOL LUKE!! 
Helena calls Alexis by her given name, Natasha. Alexis was Natasha Cassadine and changed it to Alexis Davis.

Liz tells AJ about her affair with Nikolas.. he's  like "huh".  Well, whatever.

Felicia loves both Frisco and Mac. Surprise.

Could have lived without SpinELLIE..they were a buzz kill.  SO, Ellie doesn't want kids. Wow there's a plot device  if I ever saw one.

I think the DWTS guy is going to be a Cassadine, if not Valentine? Hmmmmm.  

Dante at the end,  he was so "Bond" Frogman!!! LOL


"Fail me Natasha and I will slit your throat just like I did that cow who dropped you." - Helena



  1. I loved Helena today. She definitely looked stunned when Nicholas being shot was mentioned. And I'm sure, given her sons' personalities, they'd have some evil spawn out there somewhere.

    Like calls Alexis Natasha too, doesn't he?

    And I also thought Bond when Dante showed up in that wet suit. lol

  2. Donte swam out to the ship to arrest Helena for stealing the Haunted Star, right?

    I mean, the PCPD wont let her get away with that, will they?

  3. I can live with Stavros. But what about Stefan? What's Stephen Nichol's status these days? Wouldn't mind having him back on the show.

  4. I meant "I can live withOUT Stavros." D'oh!

  5. I have the perfect solution for SpinEllie--they should adopt. There are soooo many children who need parents, and Ellie isn't against being a parent--just against creating life. If Angelina Jolie can go to Africa and adopt a million kids, surely SpinEllie can compromise with one or two.

  6. Any chance it was Jerry Jax who had Nicholas shot? Just a theory.

  7. Oh I do think it was Jerry Jacks. And YES Dave you KNOW the PCPD goes to GREAT LENGTHS to recover stolen property.

    And bodies.

  8. The haunted Star: HELENA!!!! :)Yes Karen I saw that gleam! That smile when she said that may her two sons rest in peace! I was thinking Helena are your sons still alive?!!?! :) I LOVE the look on Helena's face when she found out Nik was shot!!! She did not know! And I believe her. :) Especially when she talked to Alexis. I said that Luke is the only one who can call Alexis, Natasha, I was wrong. Helena can call her that too. :) And that's it! Well, and Stavros. :) But he is dead. Or IS he? :) Oh look James Bond (Dante) shows up! :)

    The hospital: I think it's best if Spinny and Ellie break up. :'( I mean they really should, since he wants a baby and she doesn't! Don't worry Spinny! You will have a baby soon! In a few months. Maxie just has to tell you. Quiz (AJ and Liz) scene YAY! Love the Alexis and Nik scene. :) Love the Alexis and Helena scene. :)

    Ellie and Maxie's home: Maxie's outfit is so cute!! :) And boy she is showing. :)

    The floating rib: Mr Marbles! ROFL! Does Mr Marbles have a girlfriend? :) If so, can they show her too? :) Uh Mac? I can see your lips moving ROFL! Lucy and her rack? Mr Marbles!!!! How rude! ROFL! Oh oh Felicia loves both Frisco AND Mac!!! Mac is right Felicia! You have to choose! You have to make up your mind!!!

  9. HELLS!!!!! Always a delight to see Connie Towers onscreen. She definitely knows something L&L don't vis a vis Steffy and/or Stavvy...

  10. AJ to Liz: "I'm just a phone call away."

    Me: SWOON!

  11. I've been over the Cassadines for years. Really how threatening can Helena be? One good push and you could break her hip.

  12. Helena, how do I love thee...infinity plus one!


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