Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fifty Year Marathon on SOAPnet

and they have A LISTING of what to expect! 
 Friday, March 29 at 10:00 PM ET/PT and running through Monday, April 1 at 12:00 AM ET/PT (Sunday night/Monday morning), will be airing a 50-hour marathon of 51 classic episodes from the 50 years of ABC’s “.”
The marathon is kicked off with the very first episode of the drama series, which aired on April 1, 1963. Episodes from every decade the show has been on the air will be featured.

IF YOU WANT allllllllllll the 51 shows and times look at this PDF...start on page 57. 


  1. Ok Karen. Let's see you name all the characters in the photo that you posted. NO CHEATING!

    I think I can name about 16.

    If not Karen, anyone else want to give it ago? No internet searches!!!

  2. Oh wow,I can not. I can name MOST but a few in the back? and there's a nurse I don't recognize.

  3. Okay, I'm going to give it a shot...Starting in the front: Jessie, Audrey, Mike (kid in front)Jeff, Steve, Diana Taylor, Heather Webber. Next row, from the left, A Dr I can't place, Laura, Dorrie, Susan, some older woman whose name I can't remember, Scotty.

    Rick, David Hamilton, Gary, Alan, two old guys, a woman can't place (Gina Dante, maybe?) Lee, Gail, Monica and Alan

  4. Thank you so much for providing where to get the listings.

    Why are they showing things out of sequence as on Friday to Saturday AM? Seems odd. They jump over all of the early Luke and Laura.

  5. From the picture I see Doug Sheehan who played Joe Kelly. No one has mentioned bringing Joe back for the celebration and he was a nice part of the 70s GH. I always liked Doug and would love to see him again. I think he went to Knots Landing after leaving GH, but haven't heard a thing about him after that.

    Lee, Peter Hansen, and Gail, Susan Brown, are centered in the back row. Loved Peter Hansen both on GH and in the movies. Saw him on a Perry Mason re-run a few nights ago, as well as Connie Towers!

    Peter won an Emmy for GH a long time ago and was on the show, and PC, a very long time. Wonder how they are both doing these days?

  6. Ack! I do not see Doug Sheehan. Can you point him out to me?? Thanks!

  7. Nice to see a happy family inside the hospital.

    women for women

  8. I am sooo upset that I don't have soapnet anymore :(

  9. Love4dogs:

    The one behind teen Genie in the dark suit with dark hair.

    I think I was mistaken. After looking again, I think the actor is the one who first played RicK. Can't think of his name. This pic is a bit early for Joe to be there, I think, even though his buddy Jeff is there. Joe was also a buddy of Luke finally, in the last period of the Beechers Corners saga. The one Luke contacted when he broke the code on Smith.

  10. Not sure if everybody has seen it, but TV Guide is confirming the actors playing Todd, McBain & Starr are coming back playing new characters. Even Todd.

  11. I saw that today too in TV Guide but was hoping that it was a misprint from the rumors a month or so ago. If true, I am kind of disappointed, but it will be interesting to see them in new roles. Wonder if they make Roger H a pure GOOD guy? That would be a new twist for him, I think!

  12. Awesome!!! But I don't have soapnet. :( I think I will put my thoughts about yesterday's GH here. :)

    Patrick's home: Awww Patrick! Stop thinking about Sabrina and go to the graduation!!!! :)

    Lante home: WOW! NIK GOT SHOT!!! I did NOT see that one coming!!! Did you?!!?!?! Hey Rick Springfield's son is a character on GH! Did you see him? It looked like he was stumbling his lines a bit. He is cute. :)They found the shooter!!! IT'S SHAWN?!!?!?! :0 I did NOT see that one coming either! Or is it a red herring? :)

    The hospital: Nurses Graduation! YAY! :) Piffy tells Felix oh we are gonna have a lot of fun ROFL! The look on his face ROFL! Oh Milo likes Sabrina!! :) Ask her out Milo! Then I can call you two Silo! :) Hey we got to know Milo a bit. He is a high school drop out, and wants to go to school for massage therapist awesome! Poor Felix! But Felix come on now! Milo IS straight. :) Emma wants to play with Liz's phone ROFL! I knew that little stinker was up to something :)

    Police station: Well it's about time Dante took his mother's visions seriously!!!

    The park: Dr O is so cruel to her daughter!! ! I LOVE IT! :) Oh who is Britch's papa? FASION?! :) Oh please let him be her father!!! :) Dr O called her brita.. Hmm from Brita water filter?

    ROFL Just kidding. :)

    Dr O: I am your mother. I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!!!

    ROFL! That is the line of the day!!!! :)

  13. My crazy theory is Jerry Jax is Britt's father or a cassidine.


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