Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Watch Fin and Jason On..

Who wants to be a Millionaire next Monday and Tuesday...check your local listings!! 


  1. its on the same time as gh where I live :(

  2. I was wondering when this was going to be on! Thanks Karen! GH WAS SO GOOD TODAY! I hope everyone watched it!!! Here are my thoughts.

    Lante home: Awesome Bobbie and Scotty scene! :) Scotty blames Bobbie for the past! ROFL! Too funny. Oh they talk about Lucas!!! :) And then the scene switches to Felix at the floating rib! Maybe Lucas and Felix can be a couple! :)

    The hospital: Nik is going into surgery YAY! Oh Milo got Sabrina to go with him to the floating rib party YAY! I will call them Silo. :) Patrick is sooo jealous! ROFL! Piffy thinks Milo is HOT ROFL! I love when Luke calls Alexis Natasha! :) He is the only one who can call her that!!! Luke and Laura scene awwww! Laura is so shaky! Even when she is on the phone with Scotty. :( What is with that shirt she is wearing?! With that bow!!! Burn that shirt Laura!

    The floating rib: Emma gets the line of the day!!!

    Emma: No silly. Felix likes boys!

    ROFL! So precious she is!!! :) Silo scene was awesome. Sabrina is moving on! YAY! :)

    Police station: OH OH! Another one of Olivia's visions!!

    The park: Oh oh! The shooter is foaming at the mouth!!! He has been bitten by a raccoon!!! The shooter has rabies!!!!! Someone get him to the hospital! Oh too late he is dead ROFL! Seriously tho, he took a cyanide pill. So the reason why Britch had to date Patrick was because her mother gave her a mission?!!! WOW!

  3. Piff: "OH, GET OUT! Sabrina's out on a date with Magic Milo? You can grate cheese on that man's abs!"


    Can't breathe!


  4. Wanda! ROFL! Piff thinks Magic Milo is HOT! :) I think she has a crush on him ROFL! I love Piffy and Patrick scenes. :)

  5. I absolutely loved the comments Piffy was making about Milo. She was practically salivating. lol And then when she almost said that Patrick had an 'epiphany' I started laughing again.

    Emma is absolutley adorable. That little girl has turned into an amazing little actress.


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