Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soap Opera Uncensored

INSIDE — 2013’s Sexiest Woman Alive: GH’s Finola Hughes In Her Most Intimate Interview Ever! The Beauty Reveals What Gloria Monty Would Think of Today’s GH; Why She Misses “The Llanview 3;” If Kimberly McCullough Will Ever Come Back Full-Time; What Kelly Ripa Thinks of The Soap Opera Renaissance; What It Was Really Like to Make Out With A “Latex Mask;” and Her Sexy Secrets Revealed! — DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS PREVIEW: WHO WILL BE NOMINATED NEXT WEEK? — Sofia Vergara’s Sis Joins A Soap! — SOAP HUNK COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET — Trevor St. John Back on ONE LIFE — INSIDE PROSPECT PARK’S LAWSUIT AGAINST ABC! — Juicy Blind Items: Which Superstar Is Embroiled In Tense Contract Negotiations? — NEW ROLES BEING CAST ON AMC AND Y&R! — UNCENSORED Quotes Of The Week!
I'm putting this up and a LINK to the Smashword subscription to read Branco's latest edition. It's great...! good info on the Prospect Park stuff going on and of course,  Trevor St.John news!! 


  1. Is the news about Maura West joining GH true?

  2. Yep, I think her name is Ava?? Last name, Jerome LOL!

  3. yes.. it is true! I just didn't put it up in the blog

  4. oh no! If TSJ is Todd on PP OLTL! I'm going to be SOOOO torn! He's my guy! :*(


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