Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Surgery: The Remains

Kinda like the  "After-Party". Now that the Ball is over, Lulu's home--Stavvy's on ice, we are left with...
Baby Bellies,


Ellie  investigation
Pickle Making
and Lulu Milo mischief

so, saddle up and get your relish forks at the ready!!

It's hard to say what's more difficult. Accepting a recast when someone has played the role for so long OR
having the character come back --remembering nothing.
The angst is lost.  Not sure this was the right move. Having Lulu not know anyone loses it's impact big time because she isn't the same person. Ergo, her 'reactions' and others 'reactions' just fall flat.
The whole Milo thing?
Ummmm,  interesting.  Again, don't care much. Emme is a good actress but the transference of the essence of "Lulu" isn't happening. 

HEY! TYLER CHRISTOPHER got in shape again!! CAN YOU TELL? CAN YOU? If not, we'll just parade him in his black briefs for DAYS!! Not that I'm complaining--I mean he DOES look fine but the blatant use of his skin was..well,  blatant.  LOL NO hospital gowns available?  Then  again, it was total "Ford OLTL" if you know what I mean.

Ellie and the BELLY... that's what I'm calling it. Yada Yada. Whatever. I've watched soaps long enough to know that Maxie won't be able to give the baby up, or if she does she'll regret it forever and eventually the Spin is the Daddy will come out.  Lulu herself will either get pregnant or Britt will die in childbirth, leaving a baby-- for someone to adopt or care for. Sabrina and Patrick? Hmmm... Will Dante fall for Maxie in this Lulu-fest? Will Lulu and Dante find their way back? What about Robin? Will she walk in just as Sabrina and Paddy are going to make it official ala Tina and Cord? I could go on and on.
Do we even really CARE about Britt and her bambina/o? I'm sayin' no. 

The Relish.
UGHHHHH for godsakes.... it's kinda stupid now.  No one in their right mind would split the market on a product. let alone a damn condiment. I guess I'm ok with Tracy being on more but that's about it.  They even have Shaun/Shawn/Sean doing some weird Anaconda sheeze in there

Oh Leaving AGAIN?? Really..LEAVING.. No, I swear. I'm going.Really.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ok, I liked this. Tracy and Nik do have a past and I really am glad they talked about her history with Lulu as well.  I could get behind some Prince Pickle. "Pickle of Prince"? 

BELLY TOUCH ... ut. ooooooh.

OUTFIT of the WEEK: Maxie looking like Babs Bush, by way of Jackie O. It was weird but I found it strangely adorable. I want that jacket. Well, not THAT jacket. We all know it wouldn't fit me LOL

PROP OF THE WEEK: Peanut-Ring. It fell into the peanuts, survived the night (no one threw them out) and Flea took it. Oh well-- glad no one had allergies! 

Bye Johnny. 

I will miss Brandon Barash.. he was a great addition to GH and one hell of an actor. 

This week felt like "GH LITE" to me.  I think we'll be getting some island flashbacks from Lulu-- and of course, the "gang of 3" back from OLTL. I'm assuming Sam's Daddy story. Morgan's coming. Molly's going to the prom! 
I'll have some new scoops up later today so get over to  The WUBS NET 


  1. Yes Nik can be in his underwear ALL DAY! :) Yum! :) Molly is going to the prom? Who's prom? Must be TJ's prom. :)

  2. Love me some shirtless TC. He is looking fine.

    I had such mixed feelings about Niz the last time around. I never got invested in GV as Lucky (took a long GH break during much of the time he was on), so I really didn't care at first when she cheated on Lucky and actually thought they had some smoking chemistry and also thought it made a certain sense that their shared grief over Emily would bring them together. But as soon as JJ walked through that door as Lucky, my feelings turned right around and I hated it.

    Now, however, no conflicts like that, except that now I love me some AJ. So all in all, if they are going the triange route, I am loving it and actually can't decide who should win. Nice move, RC.

  3. what did you think about NuLu?

  4. Best part of the week was Sonny and Brenda! They still have that magic together.

    Brenda is leaving but rumors are she's back this summer. Hope so.

  5. Well, if Brenda shows up this summer, I hope she's preggers.
    It's Micheals baby!
    She lied about lying!
    Everyone would go Nuts.
    I would love that.

  6. my jury is still out on NuLulu, I want to like her so I think the amnesia should wrap up. I loved Maxie's outfit with the pearls :) And of course Nik's body ..well. sigh

  7. I can't get into NuLulu right now. So they are telling that Lulu was brainwash in four day time. Emme Rylan wants to make Lulu like a brandnew character. To me thats not good.

  8. I don't think it's the actress's fault. It's the storyline and she has to play it out. I think she's doing a great job.

  9. I'd like Nulu better if she gained a bit of weight. She looks so wan, so pale and unhappy. They could golden up her hair, maybe, so she isn't so all-over pale, and give it a bit of body. On her worst day, Julie never looked so sad and washed out.

    Aside from the major difference in their looks, I could like this Lulu, but it is hard to imagine her as Lulu as she looks like a faded little ghost of our Lulu. She is just too thin. (And YES, it is possible to be too thin!)

    Personally, I hope Brenda never returns again because they just play over the same stupid 'love' story. I have a really hard time believing any half-way intelligent woman would actually love Sonny. Especially if she had a chance with Jax!
    Connie, OK, she's from the neighborhood, and kind of dim in some ways--she ain't got no culture so they match better.

    I do like AJ so far. That surprised me because I loved Billy as AJ and was disappointed they brought back Sean. But he's doing well, and the writers are doing a good job redeeming him, yet allowing him some of his 'screw-up' tendencies.

  10. I hope Brenda returns because I would much rather watch Sonny and Brneda's love story which actually played out on screen than the stupid rewrite of history.

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  12. Also, people complain about Vanessa/Brenda's many returns but Kim Mc, Jack Wagner, Ingo R, Tristan R all come and go too. I think vets should be able to come back to the show.

  13. The show was not running on all cylinders this week. Only the prospect of Tyler Christopher in boxers made me tune in.

    The Patrick/Brit/Sabrina snooze fest doesn't work because guess what, Robin is alive. Patrick the brightest neurosuregeon on the planet, that survived Lisa Niles can't figure out that he is beng played? But guess what? It doesn't matter because, Robin is alive.

    Sonny and Brenda did not deliver the emotional punch that long time viewers have come to expect. The Jax breakup was so swift and so fast that I had zero time to actually care.

    Please bring back the relish induced visions as that was the only intersting part of that storyline.

    NuLu. Ugh. Just ugh. The direction of is character is just off. She looks like a teenager and there is no chemistry with Dante. I can't root for a couple that has zero chemistry. More Luke, Laura and Scotty.

    Anna and Duke were brillant. Too bad the nurses ball "reunion" occurred two weeks ago.

  14. I could get behind "PickleNikolas" or, even better, "Pickolas." Frozen Cassadine Picklesickle, anyone?

    As for NuLu, I think the actress is doing a fine job with the story, but Lulu's amnesia does make the transition from Julie's Lulu to Emme's Lulu a little more jarring and it highlights the fact that a new actress is in the role. So it's like she didn't come back (from her deep freeze on Cassadine Island) as the same person in more ways than just the loss of memory. She has a NuFace too!

  15. You can't speak for all long time viewers since this long time viewer thought the Sonny and Brenda scenes were great.


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