Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Surgery: What To Expect When You're Expecting

Oh.. yes.. she's showing  MORE belly than Maxie is...and she's proud of it! Mama tries to give her warm milk to calm her down. From the dialog you'd THINK she was really PG (and with Patrick's baby) BUT--is she? Seems so.  Is it really his or did she steal some sperm/egg combo from her own lab?? You know I am SO OVER BABY DRAMA!! LOL. Although a legit grandbaby of Faison's?? Hmmmmmmm, could be rich!! 

GET ON your OBGYN scrubs and bring over some OUZO because this week's GH was OLD SCHOOL FUN!! 

Disclaimer: Yes, I said I was leaving..yes, I had this huge good-bye blog but DAMN! HOW can I leave now?? When My Cassadines are creeping back!!?? How how!!? 

Causing Trouble for everyone since the 1980s...

Had to dig out my CASSADINE WUB again!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. YOU KNEW someone was waiting!! And there's Luke and Laura, back to the beginning. NICE!! Great to have an obsession with the mama of your son's DAUGHTER. Hee hee. Now, here's hoping Bat is hanging around somewhere as well.
Fight that FETA!! 
Doesn't Tyler Christopher look hot again? WOW.. he sure does.  I am also wondering: What if Lulu has a Stavvy surprise inside? Nik would be a brother-nephew.  LOL. 

SO much to dish this week. Brenda and Carly. NO WAY Brenda really slept with Michael. I'm thinking she scammin Carly just because SHE CAN.  ConKate is coming back and .. Oh I hope she's Connie. Then Brenda can drive her out of town.  hee hee. 

I really loved Lisa LoCiccero and MB this week as well..she's such a good/fun actress. I like that they have Sonny interact with his baby-mamas more as well.   It was kind of eyerolling how "the satellite" found all those PEOPLE-- but hell, whatever.  Anna and Alexis talks about Cassadine lore added to the history and let people know what was what.  

Other great touches: Monica and AJ's talk about Liz. Maxie and Mac dishing at the Floating Rib about Mac's upcoming wedding. KS  is looking so happy and healthy lately! wow. Luke and Laura waking up. Nikolas telling Natasha about the Nightmare at Greek Isle. The Nurses' Ball ended Tuesday--like I said WHAT A WEEK! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Best kept secret out there.  We had hints and thoughts another Cassadine was alive (you saw Hell's face--you read my rumors) but NO ONE really knew who it would be. RKK looking  FINE!! Like I said: Mitch Lawrence with a freezer! :) He wanted his Ice Princess and got LULU from Mama.
A NuLULU btw... and if you look at pictures, she's TINY. Even smaller in stature than Kirsten Storms. How great was it that LAURA punched that button on Stavros?

RUNNER UP: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, THERE SHE IS!! Sleeping Evil, just waiting to come back!! 

SPEECH OF THE WEEK: Patrick memorial to Robin.. *SIGH* 

DANCE OF THE WEEK: Shirts off! 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: I don't have a photo but it was the weird "Side Kiss" that Nikolas and Liz shared.  He was like, making out with her neck! LOL. And folks, if that was the "worst" you know it was a wonderful 5 days.

PROP OF THE WEEK: Um..any doubt?

I asked on Twitter where Spencer was...I guess with Leslie in Italy. Okaaaaaaaay. Missed that nugget of info!!  I wish Denise would have come back for the 50th. We needed Leslie to scrap with Monica. 

There you have it.  I guess I'll be around when I can. Here's hoping the ratings reflect the awesomeness that is GH lately.


  1. Good to have the Sunday Surgery back!!!! :)

    No comment on the mockery that was made of Frisco? It was an unfortunate choice by Ron. Lot's of hurt fans out there...A little redemption for Frisco would have been enough. Unfortunately the continued destruction of one of my all time favorite characters is what stood out for me this week.

  2. Maria: I second that! Olivia's comments on the songs for Frisco's next album were ridiculous! Stavros should take Olivia and give Lulu back.

    Stavros: DUMBEST Villain EVER!

    Nulu: Here comes the 3rd Wave of Fan Hatred on a new actress! Already many blogs and sites have fans ripping on the Emme Rylan Lulu b4 she's uttered a syllable.

    It's Jen Lilley/Lyndsey Morgan Part 3.

  3. Love Dr. O, though. I almost forgive her for overpowering Robert.

  4. Lyndsey Morgan was painful. I'll give NuLu a chance but I'm nervous.

    Loved this week. I'm not thrilled about the Britt situation but I trust Ron. Hes making me like people I haven't looked for years.

    I'm very interested to see how and how long the cassidine stuff plays out.

    Good times!

  5. I think I heard Anna say that Dante, Luke and Laura were found from their RFID chips. When did they get those implanted??

  6. I have to admit--and it was great to see Luke and Laura working together again--I am worn out on Cassadines. Even back in the day, they were not L&L's finest hour er... adventure. And later, the so-called 'end game' thing that led to Stravros' pitfall was a travesty in bad storytelling.

    I thought the Frisco thing made a certain sense, but I know how sensitive a fan can be about a fave. Every time Guza implied one more time that Luke was a bad father, boozy womanizer and jewel thief, I wanted to throw things at the TV! It was a campaign to get Geary fans to care less. For a while, it more or less worked. But now the real Luke is back, I am so much happier with the whole show!

    I do think the Frisco thing would have worked better if the proposal had been handled differently. He looked insensitive and a fool to put Flea publically on the spot like that. He had NO reason to be sure she would say yes, so both were humiliated. Because Wagner wasn't staying on GH, they had to make it logical he would go, but that seemed harsh.
    I think Frisco is smarter than that and he wouldn't do that, ever. And especially to add on the dumping of Maxie. I was never a Frisco fan, but it just seemed un-Frisco-like, even to me. His interaction with Maxie was nice earlier, so that relationship should have meant more.

    Emme Rylan looks quite different from Julie, but I hear she is a good actress so I'll give it a chance. I loved Julie and it's hard to give her up, but it was her decision. And they are being wise in introducing Emme slowly, where Lulu has to be brought back to life and the other characters will have to get re-acquainted, too.

    In the case of Lindsy Morgan, they brought her on as a nasty teen, full of anger and outrage and stupidity, so she WAS hard to accept, especially after hearing our Lexie was dumped for simply looking too young. I felt for Lindsy--awful way to go on a show as a recast--but I admit I disliked the character after she took over. Blame the writers at that time and TPTB.

    Baby stories are my least favorite soap tales, but they are useful sometimes. If Britt IS pregnant, I'd bet it isn't Patrick's. But I find Britt and her evil mother's relationship interesting! That lady is one fine actress!

  7. Spencer & Grandma will stop into Pt Charles--

    As far as Frisco goes, you snooze, you lose. Yes when he sang to Felicia my eyes got wet, but really, why would she want Frisco when she had stability with Mac. Good going Felicia!

  8. One of my favorite things about the show recently is that the cast seems to be having so much fun. It was especially evident at the Nurse's Ball but it's all through the show. It's wonderful for me.

  9. Every time Guza implied one more time that Luke was a bad father, boozy womanizer and jewel thief, I wanted to throw things at the TV! It was a campaign to get Geary fans to care less. For a while, it more or less worked. But now the real Luke is back, I am so much happier with the whole show!


    Soaplover: the Luke of the last few years was a return to Luke as he was before the post-rape fantasy. Geary loathed it and Guza's lobe shining moment was returning Luke to his natal scumminess. Geary is not good at nobility- it's hammy. He's best as a lowdown loser.

    The Frisco thing was an abomination, though, since it was 180 degrees from the previous version. Many sites have said that KW wd only work w JW again if they let Flea choose Mac. I guess she made Frisco pay for JW's real life sins, and the fans felt her wrath.

  10. Emme Rylan can actually act, so hopefully the haters will not be too hard.

    Hopefully the Cassadines are finished.

  11. I'm ready to give NuLulu a chance. JMB left on her own and I think recasting is the smart way to go. Would you rather her die? ( or be presumed dead - this is a soap).

    I was shocked when Hells was shot. But I don't think she will stay dead. Luke saying he should have done it 30 years ago made me laugh.

    Laura has found her backbone and I loved that she was the one to push the freeze button on Stavros.

    I love RKK but I think that it is time to let the Cassadines go. If Stavros is frozen and Hells is lying on a slab dead, who can bring them back to life. Are there other Cassadines waiting in the wings.

    Didn't like how Frisco abandoned Maxie like that, Very mean. And I don't think that there is a chance in the world that Flea would have EVER picked Mac over Frisco.

    Although I would love for the Brenda/Michael sleeping together to be real I think Brenda is just taking the opportunity to torture Carly.

    When is Robin coming back, and if it still only temporary, I don't think they should bother. I don't want Patrick to get her back then have her yanked away again.

    Britt's baby bump is huge especially compared to Maxie who is at least a couple of weeks further along.

  12. Karen, they just keep reeling you back in. They have been doing it to me for years!!! You're right though, how can you leave now with all this soap goodness!
    Sad to see Frisco leave... Chemistry with Maxie was incredible.
    JMB left, haters get over it. I felt Lulu was getting stale anyway and could care less that she was gone. So I will give new actress a chance and hopefully she will pump some excitement into the character.
    Glad Lindsey Morgan left, her Cristina was all wrong.
    Love that Nik is back but had to believe he wouldn't have warned Laura about Stavros. I hope he's frozen for good this time.
    I agree with all that don't want Robin back if its just for a few episodes. It justs makes the characters involved with her stuck in current states and they cannot move forward.
    Its like Jason, I sure do miss looking at him everyday, but other characters have been able to move on. (I refuse to turn on the Young and the Restless to see Steve, I feel betrayed and cheated on).

  13. I usually hate sociopathic villains, but I also enjoy Dr. O. Her dancing was priceless!! Also, she would SOOOO fit in as one of the dark-haired evil-doers on Once Upon A Time--Now that Cora is dead, Dr. O should play the aunt.

  14. Loved the whole week The Ball, Luke and Laura, etc. I'll give the new Lulu a chance. I agree that they all seem to be having so much fun on the show these days. After going through the Guza years this is like a breath of fresh air :)

  15. I was waiting for the announcement... "The role of Lulu Spencer will now be played by..." hahaha

  16. Karen says Disclaimer: Yes, I said I was leaving..yes, I had this huge good-bye blog but DAMN! HOW can I leave now?? When My Cassadines are creeping back!!?? How how!!?
    ROFL! I don't know hon! ROFL! I guess you just have to stay. :)

    Karen says RKK looking FINE!!

  17. 1. I didn't think Xtina was a good actress. To be fair, it was her first role. People that know this girl playing LULU have seen her on another soap and say she's amazing. So I have hope. PLUS JMB wanted to leave. They let Lexi "Go" for the sole reason her bodytype didn't FIT and going in "another direction"

    2. The chips...I thought they implanted them when they got WSB clearance? It was weird.

    3. I didn't see the FRISCO thing, I'm sorry. I tried to watch the whole week and talked about them last Sunday but there was just too much to squeeze in.

    Loved Jen Lilley.She was in an tough spot and did great. SO happy she's going to DOOL

  18. Soaplover says That lady is one fine actress!
    Which actress are you taking about? The actress who plays Britt, or the actress who plays Dr. O?

  19. I'm loving everything! More please :)

  20. I love Dr. O! She could be on Austin Powers! LOL! I really hope she and Faison stole Britt from Anna, who was pregnant with Robert's baby at the time of the tanker explosion....A Robert/Anna tanker baby MIGHT make up for the Frisco debacle! :)

  21. loved the whole week as well - and so happy you're hanging around Karen. Stavvy was great and nice circle story from the past. More Olivia - find her a man. Love Doc O and the idea of Britt somehow being Anna and Roberts... Where is Robin? Is she ever coming back?
    More please is right!
    Lucy was great this week as well.

  22. Maria says I really hope she and Faison stole Britt from Anna, who was pregnant with Robert's baby at the time of the tanker explosion....
    She was?!!?! I don't remember Anna being pregnant.

  23. NO! She wasn't! But I'm hoping that will be the story! Sorry I wasn't very clear! :)

  24. Separated at birth:

    Dr. O and Rosario (Will & Grace)

  25. Dave, I have been thinking that all year. (but I am living Dr. O as a villianesse.)

  26. Ohhhh that Britt plot idea is brilliant. I totally dig it. Hopefully Ron picks it up. I'm sure he reads this blog.

    Btw I'm so glad you're still hanging around Karen. I didn't want to plead and I'm glad I didn't have to :)

  27. Karen, so glad that you are still with us, especially now that GH is actually good! I thought last week was great and the Lulu recast will be 100 times better than the Kristina recast. I hope Tyler sticks around for awhile. Thinking that Maura West will play Franco's daughter. She is a really good actress. I do want Frisco to come back for Maxie's birth. Glad that Scott, Lucy and Laura are sticking around.

  28. Isn't Maura West way too old to play Franco's daughter?

  29. NuLu will be just fine. Jen Lilley was good and gained many fans, hence she is now on DOOL (good for her!!!). Lindsey Morgan was horrible. The character of Kristina should have never been recasted after Lexi Ainsworth was fired. Anyone who gave two hoots for the character wanted Lexi to stay. Our girl is on to bigger and better things! :)

  30. Maybe "Star" will be Franco's daughter. MW may be too old.


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