Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Wubs 5 Top General Hospital Scenes of All Time

Here they are...just my opinion, but I found these to be my most memorable scenes I watched on the iconic soap. I've watched since I was a kid--and then very closely (obsessed)  when I was a teen. GH was a little drama in my day...always! 

Honorable Mention:  The entire 1993 Luke and Laura return story. It was filmed in and around Rochester, NY where I live.  The "Triple L" diner is in Newark--so many people went to watch that. This scene was taped in Letchworth park, part of Seneca Nation land. I've been there MANY times. Swam  right in that pool!! There is still a vintage shot of them in one of our downtown mini-museums riding down the street in the Pink Caddy.

Number 5: Helena Poisons Stefan. Nasty and creepy! Helena kneels down to watch her son die and berates him for his childhood and basically, not being able to breastfeed. :shivers: 

Number 4:  Brenda and the Wire: Good Lord, but I was curled up in my chair with my hands under my chin flinching during this. Brilliant acting by both Maurice and Vanessa. 

Number 3: You all know this scene... Tony leans down and listen's to BJ's heart beat in Maxie. Waaahhhh

Number 2: Tracy with holds Edward's medication.  If you've never seen it.  Magnificent. Made my heart jump a mile high. Wow. 

NUMBER ONE: Luke sees Laura on the lawn of the mansion. His scream is just......... :thud:


  1. Some great choices. I still remember watching that wire scene live. I wouldn't choose the Helena/Stefan scene, as I'm not really a fan of Helena (sorry, Karen), although I do love Constance Towers. I still remember seeing her in The King and I on Broadway when I was a kid -- she was so good! So I would add instead the scene where Lucky discovers Liz in the park after the rape, perhaps tied with the confrontation between Luke and Lucky after Lucky finds out that Luke had raped Laura. Those were some powerful scenes.

  2. One of the most memorable scenes for me is when WSB agent O'Reilly was shot to death in the phone booth while trying to warn Robert Scorpio about the DVX. Billie Hayes was great in the role as Robert's mentor and I was so shocked at her death (before spoilers). A very small piece of GH history that had a big impact on me.

  3. Oh my gosh! Fabulous choices. I remember them all so well. Especially the last one where Luke sees Laura from the balcony. I was so young but remembered thinking "that is what true love is".

    Bookworm - I as well would have included the Lucky/Liz rape scene/Luke raped Laura in my own Top 5. I remember being so emotionally invested in that storyline due to the amazing acting from all involved.

    Loved your Top 5 Karen! So many great memories :)

  4. No doubt memorable scenes indeed! For me absolutely, the rape of Liz. The Nik and Lucky scene where Nik tells Lucky Luke raped Laura. The scene when Stone tells Robin he can see her. John Ingles last GH appearance and Tracy's VoiceOver. Dominique and Scotty on the lawn when she dies. There's so many but, those really stand out for me. So, happy with the show theses days. Love the opening, been loving the flashbacks. Retro heaven :)

  5. I loved all of those choices that everyone mentioned, but since I am forever Scorpio fan: I have to add Robert/Anna's wedding..... even Faison showing up!

  6. Loved this! Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

  7. Count me among the Lucky/Liz people. I was glued to GH back then. So much talent. Such a great, heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching story.

    I remember that wire scene too. Good stuff. I usually go to the "Brenda shot in the shower" scene before the wire scene though. I think at my impressionable young age it was WAY more intense.

    So, forgive my ignorance (I stopped watching GH for a long while in the 2000s) but is that how Stefan died?? Did Helena poison him, get all Oedipal, and then have him thrown overboard? WTF?! That was bat-shit nasty! (In a good soapy way.) I was always sort of warm toward Stefan, but I do understand he became quite horrible before the end. I guess I never really knew how he died. And it wasn't until recently that I found out he wasn't Nik's dad after all, and Stavros truly was.

    Anyway, THANK YOU Karen, for pulling these together.

  8. Only one I'd agree with is the Tracy/Edward scene- MUCH less corny than the Helena/Stefan scene.

    Top scene for me is the last talk Bill and Sly Eckert ever had, b4 he was killed. Best father=son convo EVER on television.

    Edward-Tracy wd be #2.

    The wire scene is good, but not all time. It does show how abusive Sonny really is.

    O'Reilly's death is one of the better death scenes, Zak. Good choice.

    The scene of Ryan Chamberlain talking to himself in prison- went on a good 6-7 mins between commercials- no cuts- a bravura scene by a great actor- Jon Lindstrom.

    Another Ryan scene- where he explodes in his dr's office and he tossed a photograph, and it smashed in the door, yet a pane of glass sticks perfectly in it. It was an accident, but it perfectly showed Ryan's rage.

    The Prometheus Disk tale- Gregory Malko smashes Natalie's hand after she says it's not broken, and he told her to say she hurt her hand. The recation shot by Brian Patricj Clarke, to the savagery of Malko is awesom.

    Lila Q's entry shot into GH= sitting in her LI mansion, sipping tea, and having Alan walk in the door, as the sun shines on Lila, and then get to his knee, and kiss her hand. It was almost as if the heavens said that this actress was born for the role.

  9. I LOVE how this triggered everyone to put their OWN scenes down!! thanks.. ;) All good memories.

  10. While I agree with all these scenes, I am still partial to Sean and Tiff's wedding in my top 5.

    ps. Karen, for someone who has "retired" from blogging, you sure are posting more than ever! ha ha. and we love you for that.

  11. Wow, I loved all the scenes already mentioned. I would add the scene where Lucy went from frumpy librarian to sex pot.

    Also, the AJs birth when Monica tells Lesley that Rick is the father and the shot of Heather writing Anne with Diana's blood.

  12. I love all these. I would add Alan trying to blow up Rick and Monica to the list.


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