Monday, April 29, 2013

GH: Snail's Pace Race

Sorry, but after watching the REbOOT of AMC and OLTL, GH is going to seem soooooo slooowww. Plus, they don't have the groovy music track lol.

Sam went from hot, gun toting private eye to baby mama and FOSTER MA to Rafe.. goodness. Wonder what her story is going to be zzzzzzzzzzz

Britt's giant belly goin' in for an abortion. 
Um, NO! looks like she's going to give birth any minute.

SOLIVIA yeah. 

AJ's hair looks Scott Baldwin-ish. Sonny punches him, he has a panic attack.

Morgan is into Online gambling? ahaha how stupid.Whatever. He's at Vanderbuilt.  



  1. Yes, boring, ITA!! Line of the day (When Sonny clocks AJ): Didn't have to be psychic to see that one coming!!

    Some problems today, the writing is getting weak. HOW can Britch go in for an abortion when she is, like, 9 mos PG? And WHY wouldn't Patrick ask for a paternity test? After his dealings w/Cray Lisa, he should be able to sniff out a sociopath.

    Also, Emma asking Sabrina and Felix about where is daddy, who is his patient, is RIDICULOUS!! She is like 4, they would just tell her he was paged and called into work, which I'm sure happens ALL THE TIME!! She NEVER would ask for the patient's name, she is 4!! And Felix and Sabrina wouldn't even know who the patient is, and, if they did, HIPPA laws would forbid them disclosing his/her name, what fake, phony suspense!!!!

  2. The "line of the day" was spoken by Olivia, I forgot to say,

  3. I agree! The energy from the Nurses' Ball is gone. This has become a snooze fest. Instead of tying up loose ends, like Robin, Jerry Jax, and Robert, they are creating new stories that are boring.

    Again, I am entitled to my opinion. :)

  4. Britt looks 7 months pregnant.
    And Patrick needs not to be such a good guy, nothing wrong about asking for a paternity test- You had sex with her once. But this is GH and the first results will always be tampered with anyway.

    There is really no story line that I am excited about right now.

    Hopefully it will get better when RH gets back. He always livens up the show. Especially if the rumors are true that he is a Q. - daily interaction with Tracy.

  5. Sam's place: Molly is SOOOO happy seeing Rafe!!! Molly has to go see TJ so oh yes why doesn't Rafe go with her! HUH?! And Sam acts like she doesn't know how to handle a teenager! Come on Sam! You were with teenagers before!! She can't even give Rafe a curfew! COME ON! Give me a break! Altho Alexis doing it/her comments was funny. :)

    Kelly's: OH TJ wants to ask Molly to go to his prom! Awww. :) Oh there is Molly and Rafe talking outside. Rafe wants to leave, so Molly says let's go somewhere else. Uh Molly? You are supposed to meet your BOYFRIEND at Kelly's remember? Dummy! Rafe kissed Molly! :) Molly is all like I have a boyfriend and I just see you as a friend. LIAR! Molly come on now! You like Rafe just as much as he likes you!!! :) Olivia and Sonny scene was great! Sonny had to bring up Connie and the Metrocourt on his birthday last year!!! Wow it's been a year since Connie murdered the cake!!! :'(

    Abortion clinic: Uh Patrick?! You know why Britch is having an abortion!!! She told you! Why are you acting all surprised now?! Oh and she admits she wasn't planning on having an abortion! I KNEW IT! Patrick wake up!!!!

    Patrick's home: Boy Emma really really REALLY wants to know who that patient is!!! ROFL! Sabrina is still wearing Taylor Swift's dress. :) I think the dress is cute. :)

    Jail: Johnny what?!?!! Morgan has been caught up in internet gambling?!!?! OH OH!

    Metrocourt: Poor AJ with his panic attacks. I thought they were over. :( Olivia brought Sonny cake awwww!! How sweet of Olivia. :) Is this cake's cousin? OH NO! CONNIE IS STANDING THERE!!! SECURITY!!! HELP!!!!! CONNIE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAKE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(

  6. Perhaps WebTV is the future of entertainment. The television set may be the new radio.

  7. OK, I watched the rest of the show, and Felix and Sabrina did explain confidentiality, why didn't they just say that in the first place?

    AJ, I am a psychotherapist, and I specialize in panic disorder, why don't you come over to my office and have a panic attack!! I can help you!!

  8. AntJoan said...AJ, I am a psychotherapist, and I specialize in panic disorder, why don't you come over to my office and have a panic attack!! I can help you!!
    Would you REALLY help him? Or just jump his bones? :) ROFL!

  9. I was so sad to see Johnny in prison knowing that was likely his last scene. I really liked Johnny Z, and sad that they destroyed him :-(

    Good luck Brandon Barash

    We knew you when ...


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