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The Legend of Stavros Cassadine

Once upon a time, Helena had a son...his name was Stavros. (I call him Stavvy). He was tall and handsome and much to her other son's chagrin, much more loved than he. 

Blueberry Days with Stefan
When Laura (Lasha to them) was kidnapped after her wedding to Luke, the Cassadines locked her up in their castle on a Greek Island where Blueberries Grew. Stavros wanted her..and Helena let Lasha know she would marry him. How did that happen?
Helena told Lasha Luke was Lasha married the cruel prince. She also gave birth to Nikolas. (This was actually retrospective memories made up by Bob Guza during the Nikolas years). This was when Stefan stepped in and showed Lasha some kindness (and a picnic) while she was captive for those years. 

Laura managed to reunite with Luke in grand fashion at the Mayor's mansion. Stavros found them however and tied up Luke and was going to force him to watch the ravishing of Laura when...
Luke escaped and crushed his head with a post!
Stavvy survived but fell down the stairs to his "death"...

The RETURN of Stavros came in the form of his mama "deicing" him in underground chambers. He came alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this was part of the "End Game" story in 2001 that was scrapped because of 9/11). 
He actually murdered Chloe Morgan (relative of Lila) when she discovered who he was.  
There was much DNA testing.
Up down...false ...positive to determine if STAVROS or STEFAN was Nikolas' father. Stefan had raised Nikolas as his own..he called him Uncle..then father ..then uncle again when the tests were found to be messed with. To this day, I'm sure we'll never REALLY REALLY know if Nikolas is Stefan or Stavros' son.  For now, he is Stavvy's. 

When we last saw Stavros he was falling to his death in a "never ending pit" that Luke pushed him into. He laughed at Luke and cursed him. 

There you have it.  Stavros. In a Nutshell. 


  1. He really needs to dye that beard so it matches his hair. The grey looks so stupid.

  2. Oooh Elizabeth, I love the gray beard. It makes him so evil looking!

    And Karen, you said, "He actually murdered Chloe Morgan (relative of Lila) when she discovered who he was." But made no comment about, "Thus, putting us viewers out of our misery." or "The only nice thing he did." LOL! (I rewatched old Nurses Ball episodes a few weeks ago and remembered just how much I disliked her.)

  3. I just keep wondering why Luke and Laura are at the Hotel California? :)

  4. The hospital: Nik talking about his father! The flashbacks! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Metrocourt: I don't think Brenda slept with Michael. She just wants to torment Carly. Brenda doesn't want Carly to even call Sonny about it. CATFIGHT! Awww too short of one! :(

    Q home: Michael thinks he slept with Brenda ROFL! AJ is so giddy! He practically gave Michael a high five ROFL! Great scene. Love how AJ was concerned about Michael drinking since alcoholism is in the family! :)

    Cassadine Island: OH DAMN! RKK who plays Stavros is so hot!!! Always has been!!! :) His voice is so sexy!!! Karen the pictures you put up of him! I can't take it!! RKK today on the show and the pictures you put up, I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm dead!

  5. When RKK played him last, I remember her gave me the heebie jeebies! He seemed way more menacing than any other villain had been up to that point. Was always disappointed in that fall down the bottomless pit.

  6. CareyN, he does not need the grey to look evil. That actor has an evil face. lol

  7. While not even attempting to reach the artistic heights of BJ's heart transplant or Stone's death; today's show was a hell of a ridiculous funhouse ride that paid homage some of GH's most watchable hours. Massive catfights and catty betrayals! Cassadine craziness! Bedside confessionals in the halls of the hospital! A Quatermaine flipping back and forth from being a schemer to sympathetic! awesome
    I had a blast watching it and didn't miss a minute. Good times!
    RKK is great as Stavros and is looking like he is having fun returning to the screen (apparently he had left acting to be a pilot according to tv guide)


  8. oldschoolghfan says (apparently he had left acting to be a pilot according to tv guide)
    Holy crap! RKK in a pilot uniform?!!?! I bet he looks sexy in it!! No Karen! Don't find a picture! ROFL!

  9. I love the grey! The older I get the more I love a silver fox. I think we're so age obsessed now, that it's refreshing when a person lets themselves age gracefully.

  10. Awesome show today! Still confused about Laura and Stavro's history. Did he rape Laura? Was she with him willingly? It's odd. Is my memory failing me. Did this ever get explained fully?
    I'm thinking Michael is going to battle the bottle now as AJ pointed out, it runs in the family.
    Brenda's cruel joke on Carly is going to bite her in the a....
    Is it just me or does Stavros look about the same age as his son? I mean if he dyed his grey he'd look younger!

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  12. Avalonn: Stavros did rape Laura.

    When he first captured her, he drugged her and supposedly kept her drugged on the island. Laura believed she willingly slept and married him, but, as she was drugged, this would have made it rape and the marriage invalid- aside from the fact Luke was still alive.

    In PC, he threatened to rape her in front of Luke (irony in that her 2nd rapist wanted to hurt her first rapist by the very same act) and it was implied that this was a normal romp in the hay for the two.

    Hence, it was implied Stavros repeatedlt raped Laura the old fashioned way- by brute force, it was shown that he had drugged and raped her (not unlike Sonny C. did years later w Karen Wexler and other strippers), and merely by detaining her, and coercing sex via intimidation, he hit the rape trifecta.

    Whether sodomy, menages a trois, bestiality, and necrophilia were involved is still in the air.

    1. Thanks Cosmetica for clearing all of that up for me. Now, the sickness makes sense.

  13. Avalonn, Stavros looks so young because Helena froze him for about 15 years after he first "died", so he didn't age. Then she defrosted him and unleashed him before he was pushed into the bottomless pit. She may have kept him on ice some during the last 10 years too, hence, he's still looking good.

    I know it sounds crazy, but if they could freeze the world, I'm sure they could easily freeze one little body.

    I thought yesterday and today were both amazing. Brenda is being conniving and not whiny...YAY! AJ is funny/real! Dante is finally kicking some ass. And it's so SO nice to have TC back as Nik. One of my favs. Hope he sticks around.

    1. I know the whole freezing business but, RKK didn't get frozen. The man looks young! He's 48 so only two years younger than Genie. Great genes I'm guessing. To me he looks exactly the same aside from the grey hair. I love him though and I'm also very happy TC is back but, I don't want him messing with Liz and AJ ;)

  14. I LOVED today's show! The catfight was a long time coming imo. As much as I enjoy Laura Wright, I have always wanted Brenda to take her down, for all she did to Robin... and everybody else lol. Back in the day, Brenda lived with the Q's and I remember her being friends with both A.J. and Jason. Not to mention Robin was like her little sister.. okay... back to the subject. Sorry.
    I LOVED today :) Even A.J.'s reaction. He had to have been having a blast.
    Glad to see RKK back.. he is as handsome as ever :) BTW....
    Robert Kelker Kelly is on Linkedin lol

  15. Loved yetserday's show!! I so wanted to punch Carly in her snarling teeth. I can't help but root for Brenda, who is playing the game very well. So glad to have Nik back and RKK is really scary. I never imagined I would ever look forward everyday to watching GH.

  16. I almost said how many times can u come back from the dead but then I remembered dixie on AMC :)

  17. In the original story, Laura was kidnapped on the docks, shipped to the Cassadine compound via their yacht. When Stravos saw her, he experienced instant lust. She was scornful and scared until she was given a newspaper with the story about Luke being killed in the avalanche. Then she lost hope.

    Helena threatened her daily, but by then Laura was too grieved to have any emotion left. Stavros told her the only way she could live freely on the island was to marry him. Otherwise...caged or killed. She decided to live by agreeing, and the scene where Stavros takes her as his prize, with Laura standing there like a dead statue, was chilling. He couldn't get her to respond, but he had her anyway, that was clear. She no longer cared about anything--or thought she didn't. (here Guza version starts). But having to live with someone so evil and cruel was too much and when Stavros' brother Stefan was kind to her, they had a little fling where Stefan was smitten and she was simply grateful. She had Nikolas but didn't get to see much of him, and finally Helena left the kind of breadcrumb trail that led Laura safely off the island, leaving Nik behind in Stefan's care. By now she knew Luke was alive.

    (back to first writer's version.) When Laura returned to Luke (that famous scene of the balcony the day he became mayor of PC), she knew Stavros would find her and he had threatened to kill Luke if she ever tried to return to him. When Stavros showed up, Luke managed to render him unconscious long enough for L&L to get downstairs (this took place in the mayor's mansion.) Stavros appeared at the top of the stairs, started down after them, and caught his foot on the carpet and fell and broke his neck. It has always bothered me that people say Luke killed Stavros. He didn't.

    The Stefan and Nikolas part of this story is Guza's creation. They didn't exist in the original kidnap story. And Stavros was played by a long forgotten actor--very creepy. When Stavros returned years later it was Kelker-Kelly. Robert Kelker-Kelly had been on Another World, and it was canceled. The word then was that he had become a airline mechanic, and they had to hunt to find him for Stavros. He always had a kind of evil face, even though he was a good guy on AW.

    After Helena secreted him away in a laboratory underground at GH, and unfroze him (apparently she stole his broken-necked body from the morgue and froze it to preserve it...too weird), he was unleashed and fought with Luke and fell down the pit and was off the show. I don't know where RKK went--didn't read anything of his whereabouts. He was pretty popular as the recast Stavros, but I was really surprised to see him this week! Frank knows how to keep a secret!

    (I have tapes of the original story of Laura's kidnap and return, but not of the return with Kelker-Kelly. That was the year JFP became EP of the show.)

  18. RKK's Stavros is the goofiest and lamest bad guy ever. I mean, how easily did they trap and freeze his ass? In like 20 minutes?

  19. Cosmoetica said...RKK's Stavros is the goofiest and lamest bad guy ever. I mean, how easily did they trap and freeze his ass? In like 20 minutes?
    There is probably a trap door! :) Cassadines don't die remember? ROFL!

  20. I recognize him as the Bo Brady recast on DOOL when Peter Reckell left the show in the early 90s. He's still just as hot 20 years later!

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