Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Wasn't yesterday's show awesome?? I loved seeing everyone-- even Emily!! I did love Amber but if she's going to visit Nikolas, this Emily fits better. That's some LSD Pickle! :)

Today's show:

Ball decorating. 

Laura on the boat...Should she kill Ethan? LUKE? After listing all the sheeze he did to her, I would say SHOOT LOL 

AND LUKE DOES IT.. are they fake bullets? You know they've done that before..hmmm. I'm dying. HELEEEEEEEENAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
OMG is shereallydead?

OMG.. Damn. No she can't be!! NO NO!! 
No way. Ok, I'm not going to believe it. LOL..but Connie is 80 and this WOULD be a good way to go out. 

"Crazy bitch. Should've killed her 30 years ago" -Luke 

Jax and Brender. Sonny tells Brenda to just Leave.  Carly shrieks like a banshee LOL she was SO RIGHT about Brenda though!!  Brenda just doen't MAKE UP HER DAMN MIND. 


  1. I can't believe he shot her. There is NO WAY that Helena is dead. I'm in shock.

    Sonny/Brenda/Jax for the up-teenth time. Carly nailed it. Brenda wants Sonny back and is using Jax. At least they can't drag this out a long time.

    We did not get to see Emily talk to Nick.

    When is the nurses ball going to actually start?

  2. Ding Dong!

    Sorry but I laughed out loud at that comment.

    I was also thinking that the actress is 80 and probably really doesn't want to be doing much more acting now, so this was a great way for her to go out. It also paves the way for more revenge scenarios by any spawn she may still have out there.

    Is anyone else hoping it's the WSB that's coming? Where are you Shawn?

  3. The other day when she mentioned about her sons, Helena smirked..makes me think that Stavros may still be alive...she certainly wouldn't want Stefan around.

    I can't believe she is gone :(

  4. She may be almost 80, but for all we know she may want to continue acting as long as she is healthy and able. If it turns out that Helena is really dead and not just "soap dead" and Connie Towers was let go just because of her age, that would really piss me off. If it was her decision and she wants to move on, that's another thing. If Helena is really gone, I will sorely miss Connie's portrayal of her. She took a role created by Elizabeth Taylor and made it her own for the last 15 years, with her own elegant touch.

  5. Helena should have been written off in the offense to CT, but the character is about as a threatening as a patient at Shady Pines. Someone should have just broken her hip years ago.

  6. Meh...Natasha should be the one to kill the old (fabulous) b*tch.

  7. Still in shock. Couldn't believe what I saw! Can't be true...but it really should be true given the amount of terror she has inflicted over so many years. Even evil Stefano DiMera will have to die "for real" one day (Days). Lol!

    Same old Brenda/Sonny stuff I see. Not liking the dumbing down of Jax again but looking forward to how this will play out.

    Although...hating that Carly was right today. Ughhhh.

    Good stuff happening on GH now. Yay!

  8. Today's GH:

    Carly's home: Uh Jax, Brenda IS at Sonny's!!!!

    Sonny's home: What the hell was with Brenda reciting the stupid letter to Sonny one minute acting like she is in love with him, and the next telling him she is engaged to Jax?!?! Brenda stop playing your damn games!!!!! If you are not in love with Jax, then end it with him!!! Jax doesn't deserve this!

    Nurses ball ball room: Milo helping Sabrina. I'm still mad at you Milo!!! I haven't forgiven you yet! Milo feels bad about what he did!!! There is hope for him yet!! Now tell Sabrina the truth Milo!! Maxim!!! :)

    Haunted Star: Come on Helena tell Luke that Ethan is not your son!!! That his REAL father is Robert!!! Oh no! Luke shot Helena!!! She is dead!!!!! Yeah right ROFL! Come on you do you really expect me to believe that Helena is dead? :)

  9. It's been spoiled on all the blogs and web boards for months that CT was retiring and Helena was to be killed- the only q was who? Luke or Valentin?

  10. Cosmoetica said... It's been spoiled on all the blogs and web boards for months that CT was retiring and Helena was to be killed- the only q was who? Luke or Valentin?
    Maybe it's just rumors! It better be! If it's true that she was to be killed off, that was way too fast!!!! :(

  11. Cosmo, I honestly didn't see those rumors. I still write to Connie now and again and she gives NO HINT of retiring!! LOL She's the vault though and would want Helena to go out this way.

    Fitting it was Luke, but she should have used her dying breath to say "But there is another"

    or something :) Star Wars LOL

  12. kdmask said...but she should have used her dying breath to say "But there is another" or something :) Star Wars LOL

    ROFL! Her dying breath she should have said, Ethan is not yours Luke! He is Robert's! :)

  13. I think my jaw is still on the floor. I didn't expect that in a million years. But really the Spencer/Cassidine is overdone. How many more kidnappings and threats can there be


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