Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Friend Terry Morrow

Terry was a wonderful man who wrote for the Knoxville Sentinel Paper as their entertainment columnist. Terry did many interviews with daytime stars, especially for General Hospital. Every time he would talk with someone he would sound so excited! I remember when he got to interview Tony Geary--he was like a little kid. "I'm talking to Geary this week" he told me and we both gushed a bit.   His blog, Tele-Buddy's Tinseltown Tales was popular with the soap set as well as those who loved his fun interviews with prime-time and movie personalities. 

Terry passed away today with complications from cancer. He was fighting until the end. We even messaged each other last Friday and he wanted to know all about Stavros Cassadine.  I sent him some info on the character and he said "oh good. ..another baddie"!! 

On twitter, he was known as @Telebuddy and we'd dish all during GH when we happened to be on together.  We'd laugh about Franco and all the weird stuff going on.  We even had a mutual love of FRONKEYS:

Terry was a big supporter of the East Tennessee Children's Hospital and loved dressing up as Spider Man to entertain the kiddos there.  

The internet can be such a strange place. I never met Terry personally and was hoping to get to Knoxville to give him a hug and have a beer together. Yet, we "talked" almost daily and always kept each other 'up' on the latest dish out in the cyberworld. He loved "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad".  When he interviewed the actors on that show we both were dying!! I was like YOU MET  Aaron Paul??  WHAT!!?!  He knew I was jealous and I always told him I wanted to be his assistant someday. 

Terry was 52 years young and was to celebrate his birthday next week at his beloved Dolly Parton's cabin. He was positive he'd be well in time and would tell us all to "save the date"! I have the lobster tie I bought him (yes, he would have loved it!!) , right here and will keep it always as a reminder of one great guy. 
 You will be missed. Godspeed, my friend.  xxoo 

Terry's interview with Tony Geary: HERE 



  1. Very sorry to hear this sad news Karen. xo

  2. I'm so sorry Karen for your loss. :(

  3. He sounds like an awesome person..RIP Terry Morrow.

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  5. Karen, I'm sorry for your loss. Gone far too soon. Thank you for sharing his interviews with us.

  6. Cancer is cruel, we have a family member fighting that in our family right now. So, sorry for the loss of your friend Karen.

  7. Hugs to you and to Terry's family and friends.

    I hate you, cancer.

  8. I have known Terry since second grade and he has been the same amazing person all that time. He is missed and we look forward to parties with him again some day!!


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