Thursday, April 4, 2013

Emma: "What are Abs"??

WHAT A DOLL!  She and Sabrina and Emma Skype! awwww. Emma LOOKED ADORABLE!

Ok, so.. no follow up on my HELLS LAYING ON THE DECK OF THE HAUNTED STAR!!  I got her on the Bat Phone and I'm handling things quite well now.

NOAH shows up! He never really left last time, remember? LOL. Just kinda walked into the bedroom.

I so want Bobbie to stay on the show. Get the Brownstone going again.  And for those of you with 'issues' on her surgery, please know that she got a bad batch of whatever when a shady doc did both she and Priscilla be kind. Thanks.

Jax and Brenda...talking about Carly LOL.. Carly goes IN To Jax and totally blows Brenda in :) And  BRENDA says she wants to get back with Sonny!! Then she tries to say she didn't mean it. Good gravy.



  1. I can't wait to see it! JZ looks fine. I wish actresses didn't feel pressure to have surgery and etc. but I don't blame them a bit. I just wish they knew how beautiful they looked without the extras. I certainly hope she stays. I hope they all stick around.

  2. Bobbie brings together so many essential characters and of course is connected to the hospital. Hope she will stick around.

  3. I love Emma!
    That has to be the sweetest little actress.
    I hope they don't recast her any time soon.

    I use to like Brenda but now can't stand her.
    Not the actress just the character.
    I want to slap her.

    Noah and Sabrina Skype! Hehe!
    She knows all about his love life.

    Hope Helena isn't really dead!

    How many times is Mac going to wait in line for Felicia to decide she wants to be with him.

    Love Carly!
    At one time I never would've said that, but since LW took over, I love Carly.
    And loved the way she handled Brenda.

    Jax please wake up!
    You will always be #2 to Brenda.
    And what an idiot she is to admit to what she said and then not understand why he is leaving.

  4. According to Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) her return is open-ended

  5. I think Jax needs to be slapped - What did he expect? How many time has this happened? Brenda loves SONNY, Jax is just the back up plan. Jax needs to wake up. BTW Mac needs to do the same thing. Stop panting after Flea.

    Loved Carly she was great with both Sonny and Jax today.

    Sabrina looked great. Loved that she knows more about Noah than Patrick.

    I love when everyone gets dressed up. They all looked great.

    Can't wait for the acts and Lucy's shenanigans to start.

    Bobbi looks fine, much better than she used to. Would be nice if she stuck around. (cross fingers)

  6. Noah told Patrick not to let a good one get away the way that he himself let a certain nurse slip through his fingers! There had better be a Bobbie/Noah scene coming up! (crosses fingers).

    EVERONE LOOKED SO GOOD! /even enjoyed the old sonny/brenda/carly/jax conflict. Glad Jax is not sticking with Brenda but I don't want him back with Carly either.

  8. Could someone explain to me how the Nurse's Ball, this great big huge gala fundraiser that required so much funding to produce, has seating for about 12 people?

    I've been to people's Dining Rooms that were bigger than this hall space of Carly's.

    Just saying...

  9. SONNY & BRENDA FOREVER!! I would like to see Carly back with Jax also, he is the best husband she ever had.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my GH, LOVE JZ, hope she stays!!

  10. Brenda and Jax: Carly busted your ass Brenda!!!! :) Oh come on Brenda!! Stop! Stop! STOP!!!! Stop lying to Jax for crying out loud!!! I can't believe when she tells him, that she wants to get back together with Sonny, she gets upset with Jax for wanting to end their relationship and walk away!!! GROW UP BRENDA! I love you, but you are in the wrong!!!

    Patrick's home: Line of the day goes to Emma!!!

    Emma: Felix he wants Sabrina's boyfriend Magic Milo. Magic Milo doesn't like boys. He likes Sabrina. And working out. Felix says he is in love with Magic Milo's abs. Wait. What are abs?

    ROFL! Stop!!! Stop being so adorable Emma! :) Just stop it. :)

    Patrick: Okay finish your carrots, and no gossiping.

    ROFL! Poor Patrick. Emma has started early hahaha! HEY NOAH!!! :) So Emma and Sabrina skype with Noah? Awww! :)

    Nurses ball room: Mr Marbles! ROFL! Kevin can't make the nurses ball? :(

    Metrocourt room: Wow so many vets on today getting ready for the nurses ball YAY! :) Wow has Anna got her hair cut, or is it just up? I like it. :) Sabrina's makeover! Very pretty. She looks like Liz. :) I don't like how Felix tells her that if she wants to get Patrick to notice her, then she has to change her appearence. No no Felix!!!! She shouldn't be doing this to make Patrick like her!!!

    1. No, I think Anna hair is just shorter looking because its curly.
      Patrick already loves Sabrina. The makeover will just be like icing on the cake ;) no harm in looking your best, otherwise everyone would be going to the ball in sweats a ponytails.

  11. So, Karen reading between the lines tells me we have not seen the last of Hells....
    Did not know that about JZ, that's really sad :(
    I'll say it again, that's not Kevin, it's Ryan!!!! Patient? Hmmmm, brainwashing Lulu maybe? Robin? Both?
    Is that a Canada Goose on Jason Thompsons right arm?
    I was once a huge Sonny/Brenda fan but, I got to say Brenda is such a bitch to treat Jax like that! Is my memory off but, didnt she truly love Jax once? I mean she was always back and forth but, this seems to be a new low.
    Sabrina looks a lot like Anna! She's actually grown on me. Since Kimberly McCullough is not coming back long term as Robin, I don't mind Sabrina with Patrick.

  12. I'm just loving all of these people coming back to the show. I grew up with Bobbie, Brenda, Laura, Lucy, and Kevin, and it is great to see them back. Its even better to see people like Noah and Frisco (the first time I saw him was when he showed up at The Floating Rib a few weeks ago) because I didn't grow up with them, and it is like a whole new layer of the show coming together for me.

    Emma is just the cutest kid on television right now. She's a great little actress; the way she delivers her lines is just so sweet. I kinda feel bad for her parent's though. I can only imagine the kinds of things she must be asking them because of the show.

    I can't wait for the ball to really get started. It was always my favorite part of GH. I remember calling my mom from a friend's house to make sure she was taping it for me while I was at the party. My friend's mother was like, "You watch soap operas?!" lol

  13. Avalonn said...No, I think Anna hair is just shorter looking because its curly.
    Oh thanks. :) Her hair is cute curly.

  14. As one of Brenda's biggest fans, once again I'm disappointed with how she's been written. The last few times she's been back I felt she was whiny and weak and all that hair playing and slow speaking was so annoying. I don't remember her being like that during her first GH run although it was so long ago that maybe I'm misremembering things. I always thought that Carly would be no match from the "back in the day Brenda" but in all of her recent appearances under Guza she just trounced by Carly.

    I thought with Guza gone they would bring back the Brenda that I remember. But the writing here now is just so unbelievable and out-of-character. I just don't think "old" Brenda would've lied like this. "Old" Brenda wouldn't be engaged to Jax and still blatantly and consciously (as opposed to subconsciously) want Sonny back. And the old Brenda wouldn't be so stupid as to believe that everything would be ok with telling her fiance that she wanted her ex. I mean, really???!!

  15. I was surprised that Sabrina looked older with her makeover - something about the eyes. Great to have Rick S. back and Emma is just precious. It helps that Jason T. is so wonderful with her - he is such a gem himself. Watched Katie yesterday and it was great to see the cast members. Jason T. is so nice and down to earth. And handsome. I didn't like Brenda lying to Jax, but I hate Carly for being such a bitch. This is the first time that returning cast members have been allowed to interact so well. Awesome!

  16. Hey - just stopping by to add some news!

    Go Lexi, go Lexi!


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