Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Nik...Liz   NIZ

Milo..NuLu   NuLuLo 

AJ and Carly AJar? 20130429 1704(27)

And ELLIE ..finally YOU LOOKED. Thanks.


Um.. that's it. Oh Badger BOB got shown today!! WOOT!!

WATCH OLTL on Hulu !! Today's show was awesome.


  1. I could talk about OLTL all day long...but this is technically a GH board, so I'll keep it brief and say that if you watched OLTL before, COME BACK and watch it online. It's amazing. (Altho, yes the use of real swear words still startles me.) And if you fell in love with Todd on GH, check out OLTL. He's being featured prominently--with some depth, his usual snide-ness, and some quippy one liners, "When your daughter drunk dials you, you show up!"

    If you didn't like Starr and/or John McBain, don't worry, they aren't on yet.

  2. whoa whoa does Ellie now about the Spixie baby?!

  3. Hotness! All 3 kisses were great and I can't wait for tomorrow. So glad love in the afternoon is back.

  4. dear lord, Jack is an even worse actress now than he was a year ago.

  5. Maxie and Ellie's home: Really Ellie? Really? You are becoming so stupid! Shutting your laptop so quickly that made Maxie suspicious, and then not even looking at Maxie's private file in your own room?!!?! Your stupidity is unbelievable!! *rolls eyes*

    Metrocourt: Oh man that cake at the table while Connie was there was making me nervous. Even Connie admitted she murdered the cake last year!!!! But Connie didn't murder this cake! WHEW! :)

    Milo's home: Milo gets the line of the day today!!!

    Milo: Oh gosh it hurts so goooood. It hurts so good.

    ROFL! I love Milu!!!!! :) Lulu is so tiny compared to tall Milo! :) She really likes Milo! She wonders why she wasn't interested in him back then ROFL! Oh they kiss. :) They got some chemistry. :)

    Wyndemere: Liz and Nik still have chemistry! Wow they kiss!!!

    Q home: Carly and AJ!!! They kiss too! Sure Liz/Nik, and Milo/Lulu have chemistry, but CARLY AND AJ HAVE GOT HOT SMOKING CHEMISTRY! :) HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hate sex. :) Er on the show not in real life ROFL!

  6. Holy !@$!!!! There was some making out going on in the last 15 minutes. I cracked up with AJ and Carly - that was good stuff right there. I can totally see them as a couple - both dysfunctional as hell, sure - BUT highly entertaining and surprisingly good chemistry. I LIKE IT


  7. Hulu rejected me, saying it wasn't compatible with my equipment or some such. What? They aren't compatible with an i-Mac?! Ridiculous.

    Is there any other way to view OLTL? I'm very curious about it.

  8. Soaplover yes you can watch OLTL on itunes. :)

  9. I was only a casual watcher of OLTL...as in a couple episodes a year. I'm watching now because I love Todd and and heard they were going to address the Alcazar story. Is there any way you could do a blog on just a quick rundown of the characters on the show now? I know the older ones, but the younger ones, who seem to be featured prominently are pretty foreign to me.

  10. I have to comment on OLTL. First, I only tuned in to show my support of soaps, second, I wanted to see Todd, and third could they say sh*t just a few more times. I'm sorry but that completely ruined it for me! Once, twice ok but over and over was just Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if I will continue watching.
    Now back to GH, I love the chemistry between AJ and Carly. They sizzle on screen together even though its all sorts of wrong for them to be together!!!
    I like Lulu and Milo. Definitely willing to give this pair a chance.
    So glad Elizabeth is getting a real story! Aj and Liz seemed forced compared to Nik and Liz or Aj and Carly.
    Maxie needs to punch Ellie in the face or at least get her fired for violating every HIPPA law out there.
    There seem to be too many women and not enough men on this show. Almost every guy has two females vying for them. Sonny, Kate and Olivia, Patrick, Sabrina, and Britt, AJ, Carly and Liz, Spinelli, Ellie and Maxie, Luke, Laura, and Tracy.

  11. becky s said...and third could they say sh*t just a few more times. I'm sorry but that completely ruined it for me! Once, twice ok but over and over was just Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if I will continue watching.
    Yeah it's a bit much. I wonder how much nudity they are going to show when characters have sex! Yikes!

  12. Congrats to AMC & OLTL fans. I don't watch, but I'm happy for you. As for GH, I was totally into Liz & AJ at first, but now I'm on team AJAR!! lol

  13. Becky: Yes, but there also are women w/2 guys after them: Anna had 3, now just Duke; Felicia had Mac and Frisco; Molly has TJ and Rafe; Lulu has Milo and Dante; Liz has Nik and AJ. So, I guess it goes both ways . . .


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