Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why YOU should watch OLTL and AMC ONLINE!


It's so dang simple people!! I'm only writing this because I'm enjoying my "online" experience with these soaps more than I can say. is don't even need an account..or log in. Just search the soap and start watching.  If you choose the first commercial (which is longer) you won't have many to watch during the shows.
Once you log on and start watching (they are set up in order) you can go back at any point and resume where you left off. I went somewhere yesterday and had 3 minutes left--came back this morning and my spot was right there. Nice. I did create an account so my "channel" is ready. It's a lot like YouTube in that way. I just hooked it to my Facebook account. Now that I see all the shows available, WHY DO I HAVE CABLE!!? Between this and Netflix, hell-- it's great!

The next eppy will load if it's ready to roll, right after you finish the last one you saw. The new episodes are ready at 5am. 

You can watch them daily, or binge on the weekends. They are short, 25 min or so and move fast. The audio is good (so many webseries are crap in that area). You may seen new actors (especially in the 'young adult' roles) but the way they are weaving the stories, you'll catch it quick.

If you have a Wii or a Playstation 3, load it up--hook it in and watch through there on your TV. We have an HDML cable we can use from my laptop to the screen. I have a bigger laptop so I don't mind watching on it.  Hey, my kid doesn't even WATCH TV anymore--just uses his laptop and Netflix, Hulu and You Tube. 

All My Children actually went ahead 5 years, ala Desperate Housewives.

The humor and the "feel" of both shows are intact. Yes, some faves are missing but it may be that once these get rolling and start taking hold, others will come back.  

REMEMBER: WE THE FANS are the ones that made this happen. Seriously--never before has the voice of the fan been more important. The other thing I love? The actors are just so HAPPY to be back to their shows. If you read their tweets or see Instagram, they are just giddy. It's awesome. 

** as it was so KINDLY POINTED OUT in comments, you can't watch Hulu Free if you only have a gaming system or iPad..Sorry.  Me, being the dinosaur I am still have a Dell laptop, Toshiba notebook and Dell Desktop so I'm golden. 


  1. No way am I going to pay eight bucks a month to watch when I can watch the other soaps on my tv for free.

    1. But Hulu is free. you only pay if you get hulu plus...

  2. HULU IS FREE Smack..>I don't pay a CENT!

  3. don't people read what the hell I WRITE? god! lol

  4. Hulu is free!! And easy.. I use my desktop pc with the big monitor, so put a link in my favorites. Then each morning pour a cup of coffee and grab a granola bar and have breakfast while I watch.... OLTL is great and is just a continuation of the TV version. But, truthfully, I am such an OLTL fan that I would pay for Hulu Plus is that was the only way I could watch... Spending $8 on entertainment for myself each month is fine with me.. I am worth it!!

  5. I watch on my iPad. It is NOT free for me. So smack yourself KDmask.

  6. lol I'm hoping that was a sponsored advertisement I've seen on other blogs because if anyone deserves something for promoting them it's you!

  7. why the hell isn't it free? Why can I watch it free?
    Why? WHY?
    Why DO YOU PAY? Do you pay for no commercials?
    I don't smack myself in my own blog, bucko.

  8. No, I get nada LOL No ad money from them!

  9. It's too early for a "SMACK" war on here today!
    "Just Smack..." is right though...regular Hulu is only free if you are watching on a desktop or laptop. The tablet/smartphone version of the Hulu app makes you get a subscription as far as I know.

    Still, this is pretty sweet and I will tune in when I can...Again, really impressed with the production costs on these things. Whatever else I can criticize Prospect Park for, it will NOT be how the shows look and are filmed...Really good work on PP's part there!

  10. You cannot watch this on on the iPad, or on any gaming system. If you do not have a computer it is not free. What is so hard to understand about this.

    Just mind your own business, and understand that everyone is not YOU.

  11. Dear assphat I WROTE THIS BLOG so, yeah it IS ALL ABOUT ME.

    Buy a damn laptop.

  12. Why anyone would pay for Hulu on an iPad and not just watch for free on a computer is beyond me. Notepads/laptops are so cheap now. Just wasting your money paying for something that is FREE. Lol!

  13. Which is why I won't waste my money.

  14. I figured it out, watched first 2 eppies last night. The sets are gorgeous and the picture so sharp. Visually it is superior to network.

    They have made the show faster and more contemporary--music, costumes, stories, dialog. Unfortunately what that means is loud rocking music, nearly naked bodies with lots of leg and bosooms showing, stories of kids on drugs, and some profanity. I'm sure younger people will like it, but it doesn't quite feel like OLTL to me--EXCEPT when Viki and Clint and Nora and Bo and the other old timers are on. Did they hire back Roxie, I hope?

    It's very glossy and and it was good to see the two Todds, but I really want Todd to go back to GH where his character was well established.
    I'm not yet caught--maybe after I've seen a few more episodes.

  15. I watched the first two episodes of One Life to Live. It is Fan-Freakin-Tasic!!

    I am so glad it is back and with Prospect Park!!

  16. KD I am sorry for snapping at you. Today's not a good day :(

  17. Ok, me too. I really didn't know that the iPad cost money so I guess you helped me! :)

  18. Just found out you can watch Hulu on an iPad for free.

    My twitter pal, Claudia downloaded PHOTON App for $4.99 that allows flash videos and that's how she watches Hulu for free without having to pay the subscription.

  19. Here in Ontario we can watch both AMC and OLTL on regular tv. On the FX channel.

  20. Here in Ontario we can watch both AMC and OLTL on regular tv. On the FX channel.

  21. Yes MatchboxGinny - I just bought the app for $4.99 and I now get Hulu on my iPad 4. Once you buy it, you never have to pay again. Perfect solution. So excited.

  22. Ginny I'm going to check that out. It'll help with other flash issues. Thanks.

  23. thanks for the tip! i just bought the app for my ipad. now i can watch outside while my son is playing. Fyi, the app is currently on sale for 4.99 so get it before it goes back to 9.99!

  24. For those with iPads, you can watch Hulu on Puffin app. It's a browser that enables flash content on iPads. And allows you to view Hulu from any location even Canada on the iPad. Best of all (as Karen would say) IT'S FREE!

    the image is slightly jerky, but heck IT'S FREE!

  25. I haven't owned a TV for about 10 years, but I've watched more TV in the last year thanks to Hulu. Uh, "thanks" to Hulu. Mostly I just watch my soaps tho. :D I do pay the $8 but I also don't have a cable bill like everyone else I know, so I don't mind. And OLTL is so good I would pay $8 a month to watch it if I had to! Heck, I'd pay, like $15 maybe!! It's that good.

    And KD--Did you see little Sam!?!? :) So glad they didn't SORAS him.

    And Just Smack Yourself--Classy of you to apologize. Sorry you're not having a good day. It happens to the best of us. Here's a picture of a cat to try and cheer you up


  26. Carey thanks. Baby was up all night. Teething and hasn't quite cut that first tooth yet. So I was a bit edgy this morning.

    I love this blog, been following it for years now, so my only option was to apologize.

    --- Janice

  27. I've been watching GH on Hulu for ages now. It's my Friday night treat. Pizza, wine, and all five episodes of that week's GH!

    I did watch the first OLTL episode on Hulu last night. I never watched the network show, so I only recognized the GH crossover characters. A lot of the scenes took place at The Shelter nightclub and I kept thinking, "There are more extras in this nightclub than there were at the Nurse's Ball!" Well done, OLTL! I'll keep watching. I even like the 30 minute format.

  28. Okay so,

    Bought the Photon App

    Watched OLTL,

    Very good!

    Worth the 4.99. Plus there are other shows on the app I watch. It's more of a browser, you can use it to go anywhere on the web.

  29. I'm more excited to watch the new oltl than general hospital this week! Stories have really been slowing down since the nurses ball but I guess it can't always be amazing!


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