Friday, May 31, 2013

It's My Story and I'll be the one to tell it....

Oh, AJ.. you don't know about Michael in prison!!  So he tells them about killing Claudia. Oh the whole back story of Claudia and prison.  And Franco did nothing, it was all ILLUSION!! Get it.? Franco redemption.  Redemption of the flying FRONKEYS!

Luke's LIVER!!  Luke still won't admit it.  LOL

Dante and Lulu-- I keep trying to picture how JMB would play it.  Anyway, I knew that photo montage was coming!!

So.... I guess it DIDN'T happen? Damn.  ooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooooo!! and hell, that was FAST AND FURIOUS like my spoilers said. In a photo montage no less. 

Loved Alexis Nikolas!!


  1. I'm so glad that Lulu crap is over even though I like Milo!!!!!!!

  2. Karen you wanted Stavvy and Lulu to have a honeymoon? ROFL! Oh and in your news, you put Brandon Barash (Spinelli) is going on recurring basis. :) Oops! :)

    On to the show!

    The hospital: Rashi is still there!!! :) *Rashi purposes to me and we get married* So, my husband tells Luke he has LIVER DAMAGE!! Oh please let it be because of the drinking!!!!!

    Haunted Star: Ohhhhhh so new Todd didn't tell Carter to rape Michael! He told Carter to watch over him! Love the rewrites. :) The look on AJ's face when Michael told him he was raped! :( AJ grabs new Todd!!! No no Sam don't stop him!!!

    Alexis and Nik: Love their scene! Love Alexis's face when she hears the tape of Tracy and AJ talk about the hate sex! Priceless ROFL!

    Lante home: Love the Stavvy flashbacks!!! OH! there was no sex! She says no and Nik gets shot! Oh Lulu gets her memory back! YAY! But awww poor Milo. :( Lante kiss and make love Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And they look so strange when they kiss! Was it really necessary to have Lulu whine about what she does and doesn't deserve tho? UGH!

  3. According to GHH, "Franco" may not be "Franco"...

  4. Lara said...According to GHH, "Franco" may not be "Franco"...
    I hope that's true!!!!!!

  5. Meh...I think it happened. I just think she hasn't told him yet...she's probably preggo and Dante will think it's his.

  6. oh I hope Franco isn't really Franco...not liking this at alll

  7. Why do the writers have to give Luke liver damage because of his drinking and turn him into a boring teatotaler? Look at all the drinking Sonny does. Luke is a rather happy go lucky lush. A change is completely out of character.

  8. I don't think that NuLu had sex w/Stavros, since they showed the flashback of her refusing him, and Nik DID get shot.

  9. even if he's NOT Franco-- he's the FRANCO we know as Franco. If that makes sense...everyone recognized him. Unless he has plastic surgery to look like him???

    I missed today's show

  10. That was the weirdest memory flash i have ever seen on television.


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