Friday, May 10, 2013

Great GIFs of Maura West's Return to GH

Only on TV Source Magazine!!!

Sample for your viewing pleasure: hit the link to see all 12!!

Ava  Jerome!


  1. I must say that Maura West had a spectacular debut. You can tell that even Tony Geary was in awe and enjoying every minute if it. She has nailed this part already! Great addition to the cast.

  2. I have to agree. I had never watched CBS soaps and so hadn't seen her before, but all I could think watching her with Tony was what a pleasure it was to watch two old pros clearly enjoying themselves.

  3. As I sat there watching, I felt so impressed--she is a superb actress. I'd never seen her before, but it was instantly clear this was someone to keep Geary on his toes.

    Wasn't there a crime family of Jeromes a long time back--or was that another show? I dropped out of GH to watch Santa Barbara for a number of years so I don't know that story...

  4. I'd never seen her before either but I was really impressed with her. I hope she's around for a while.

    And the Jeromes have a history in Port Charles, and with Duke too. She may be a new character but she is part of the canvas.

  5. Return? She was never on GH before.

  6. there was a Jerome family...Victor, Julian and Olivia, all dead, at least they were :) And also if I remember right isn't Lucas biologically a Jerome?


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