Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Shot Thru the Heart...


This clip says it all for me this week..Luke and Laura "We don't fit anymore" ...
and Ellie getting plugged. Even if it WAS Fake!!  Shot through the Heart both figuratively and metaphorically.

VERY Bittersweet to watch and makes a fangirl feel very old..because I get it.  Totally GET. It. Part of me wishes this scene never happened..but then again a lot of the L&L history I wished never happened. (See Guza years).

SO old.
I keep hearing "Landslide"... 

MAURA WEST: Good intro and good that she had her first scene with Tony. NuMorgan? Who looks like a Ford Brother?? Eh..jury is out. He sure looks NOTHING like Carly or Sonny that's for sure. Not that that matters but, still I do like some kind of 'visual cue' that they are who they should be. (My OCD of soaps). Any whoo-- what do you think of the story of all of this? Morgan, embroiled in some online gambling ring--Ava Jerome and a girlfriend  coming. Which, I'm thinking may be "Starr" who will then eventually fall for Michael instead so there's a giant brother-triangle.  ?? We'll see if I'm right. Tight lid on all that. Yes,  they'd be first cousins. I get it. Just dreaming here. AND Hey, not the first time that happened.

 20130509 1509(22)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Well. You know it was Tyler Christopher's Chest.  

I will be away from the blog for about a week..sorry. I may do a post  or two asking about the OLTL Three! If you need spoilers, go to TV Source Mag on Thursday or Friday. I will update the next week. Believe it or not, this is May sweeps. Huh. It is? LOL  This week wasn't very sweeps-like.


  1. This new kid looks alot like Laura Wright- same long face with sharp, pointy features. Looks nothing like Sonny, though.

    1. So he could have her features and his hair (color). One of nephews and my niece look like my sister, blonde, blue eyed, my other nephew spitting image of father, dark hair, hazel eyes and light brown skin. Everyone always ask if they have the same dad.

    2. I agree with you Cos, he has those sharp features but, dark haired like Sonny. To me he kind of looks like Eric Roberts.

  2. I watched that Luke and Laura scene over and over. It was beautifully written and knocked out of the park by Genie and Tony. I'm with you Karen, I totally "got it" and also keep hearing "Landslide"...Lol!

    I'm not into NuMorgan at all. I can't get past his GIANT broken nose. I know that sounds so shallow but it's so distracting! I would love to see a bro-angle though, that'd be great especially since this NuMorgan is being written so cocky.

    Loved the dynamic of Luke and Spinelli this week. That was fun! I'd like to see more of that. Also saw some chemistry with Luke and Ava/Maura West.

    Tyler Christopher. Mmmmhmmmm!! He can do every scene shirtless. I'd be totally okay with that!

    I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Nik/Liz or Liz/AJ but now I'm really into this triangle. I absolutely hated "dominant Nik" the other day with Liz so I started routing for ALiz. Then when Nik listened to Liz about not ruining things for AJ, I started routing for Nik. I've missed this kind of thing on GH. Soapy goodness at it's best.

    Rebecca Herbst looked absolutely beautiful in those scenes. So glad she finally has a story and her talents aren't being wasted by having to prop another character(s) who she can obviously act circles around.

    Looking forward to seeing the return of Todd, McBain, and Starr, which I will probably keep calling them regardless of what their new names will be. Just like the Floating Rib will ALWAYS be Jake's to me. ALWAYS. Lol!

    Happy Mother's Day Karen and all other fabulous Moms on here! Have a great day!

  3. I agree about Morgan's looks. he looks nothing like any previous Morgans at all. But my biggest problem with him is the complete personality change.

    Morgan was never reckless. He was mature for his age and really grounded with a great moral compass. I would have thought military school would have increased that, not turned him into a rebellious immature idiot who'd run to a stranger he met on the internet to get him out of a jam. I hate that they only seem to be able to write for rebellious teenagers with chips on their shoulders.

    I was hoping for a kid whose military training had left him with at least an aura of maturity and who would probably be clashing with Sonny on moral issues since Michael now totally condones all his actions. But I guess with summer coming it was more important to have a rebellious kid on canvas and one who could probably clash with his brother later over some girl.

    For me it's another disappointing rewriting of a GH character.

  4. Too early to tell on NuMorgan but the Ava angle could be interesting.

    Tyler is hot and agreed - can do all scenes in a towel. Glad to see Becky is back. The triangle is great so far. I'm also rooting for Tracy's Pickle Eddie and then this story needs to end. Put Tracy and Luke back together already.

    Ready for a story for Sam now please. Rafe ain't doing it.

    Sure doesn't seem like sweeps at all.

    I'm just hoping the new Todd character isn't "Jason"...So crazy they can't keep them as characters.

  5. I agree with Di...what I liked about the old Morgan's(2) was they wore their hearts on their sleeves and both of the previous actors were able to bring that emotion to the character....NuMorgan needs to drop the "bro" and show some of the vulnerability that the previous young actors had....

  6. I agree w/Cosmo, and had been planning to comment, like he did, that the face-shape is like LW's. To me, though, he's swarthy, like Sonny, so that is some resemblance.

    I also agree w/Di, that Morgan has gotten a total personality change that makes no sense--it is not the same actor, and not the same character. He also doesn't look that much younger than Michael.

  7. I agree about the personality change - too much. Kristina had a major change of personality when the role was recast. She was always a good student and relatively sharp, and the recast was just the opposite. Morgan was always sweet mannered. Relish is not exactly a sweeps front burner story to me, but Nik sure pulled his weight this week.

  8. Julie Marie Berman did a good interview with Micheal Fairman.

  9. Still trying to decide if I want to continue watching GH. I sat thru all those Guza years with Guza ruining Luke and then telling us Luke actually fell for (of all people) Tracy, waited and waited for Genie to return to the show, years of waiting, then so happy to see Luke restored after Guza--only to see Luke tell Laura they no longer 'fit'!!???

    No, thanks.

    I got my brother and sister-in-law hooked on this show back in the early '80s. They have been faithful, even thru those hated Guza years. My brother says he is turning it off. He watched Luke break Laura's heart the other day and decided it was too painful.

    I was tempted to say, 'just wait, this writer probably has a twist coming and will put them back together', but I am not too sure. I know, in my soapy heart, there is NO way Luke would fall for Tracy EVER, but those who tuned in after Laura don't seem to mind.

    Well, I mind. Frank and Ron were supposed to be better than Guza. Now I wonder. I like Jane Elliot fine, but as romance for the great romantic that is Luke,
    NO!! NO, NO. No.

  10. For me it's another disappointing rewriting of a GH character.


    Yes, I preferred the Morgan as male Molly type. One of Sonny's kids has to have a brain.


    Kristina had a major change of personality when the role was recast. She was always a good student and relatively sharp, and the recast was just the opposite.


    Krissy was ALWAYS a dope- recall her trying to seduce Jason, her sticking w Kiefer, her absurd plans to seduce Johnny and Ethan? The Lexi A. Krissy was not like Molly, at all.


    I know, in my soapy heart, there is NO way Luke would fall for Tracy EVER, but those who tuned in after Laura don't seem to mind.


    Tracy and Luke are perfect together. He FITS with her. Give it up. The only good thing Guza did was return LUke to his scummy roots and shitcan the Luke as hero crap. Geary wanted it, and that's why he still defends Guza.

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  12. I'll share my thoughts about today's GH here. :)

    Morgan and Michael: Wow!!! Morgan is REALLY annoying!

    The chew: The chew people threw up! ROFL! Oh look it's Todd Manning YAY! Er wait he is supposed to be a different character ROFL! I thought it was really funny, when the breaking news scrolled at the bottom of the screen talking about a woman hit a man and ran screaming! ROFL! Cracked me up! Oh Tracy hits Nik's family jewels OUCH! ROFL!

    NYC hospital: Sam and Carly scene awesome. Sam wants to help! :) Oh look Sam sees McBain!!! Er I mean whomever this person is supposed to be. :)

    Connie's office: All those thugs did was break things?!!?! I was waiting for them to hit Connie and Olivia!!! Come on thugs! Show us how bad you REALLY are!!!

    Michael and ??????? Oh look it's Starr!! And she dyed her hair! Oh no wait. She is someone else. :)

    Emma and Patrick: WOW! Emma says witch please?!?!! DAMN! Yes Patrick talk to Felix, but talk to Emma first. Great scene with them. :) Yes Emma your daddy will love you even if you talk bad. :(

    The hospital: Britch manipulating again! Oh she has to be on bed rest. Oh she lost her apartment and has to live with Patrick! UGH! Felix and that hospital tech! ROFL! I'm glad you didn't sleep with him just to help Sabrina! Whew. :)

    1. It's a bird, it's a plane....wait it's.....we don't know yet. Stay tuned ;) Too funny.

  13. Avalonn said...It's a bird, it's a plane....wait it's.....we don't know yet. Stay tuned ;) Too funny.
    ROFL! Let's see, Kiki, Steven Clay's brother, and well, we don't know yet. It's not Todd. That producer is named Todd ROFL!

  14. Today's GH

    Jerome home: I rhymed haha! Okay I see she isn't Starr, her name is Kiki! And when she opened the door, Michael asks who the hell are you? I thought he was going to say Starr?! ROFL! Ohhh so Kiki and Morgan are a couple. I see. Morgan is so annoying and stupid! Kiki I like. :) Morgan deserves what he gets!

    The Chew: Poor pukey Chew People! ROFL! Todd lookalike isn't Todd! Who is he I wonder! He looks hot with blonde hair! :) All of a sudden you hear someone yell out Todd! It's the producers name! ROFL!

    NYC hospital: Oh so McBain lookalike isn't that murderer as Sam thinks! He is the murderer's brother!!!! :) I like!!! :) Tracy what are you going to do with the info about Carly and AJ sex? Tell Liz?! Blackmail AJ? :) Poor Carly is so worried about her boys! Morgan is so stupid.

    Shawn and Sonny: Oh a discussion about Sonny's father!! Bring Mike back!!!

    TJ and Felix: Great scene. :) So funny. :)

    Molly and Rafe: Come on Molly! Admit that you have a crush on Rafe!!! :) He didn't do anything wrong? ROFL! Course he did! He kissed you when he knew you had a boyfriend!

  15. I saw that, so funny :) Todd! Todd! And the look on Roger Howarth's face. I love him, so happy he's back! He must be a Q because he hid from Tracy as if she saw him she'd know who he was..... The suspense is killing me. I love him and Michael Easton. I just wish this new character, Stephen Clay/Caleb and John McBain could just be triplets. Seriously, all three look exactly alike, c'mon! Although, GH probably can't even say John McBain. New Morgan, I have this urge to just smack him in the face. Kinda wish Michael would have gotten some of his old anger back and just punched his not so smart mouth. And "Kiki", don't get me started! So far, they both really irritate me! Maybe it's just the name Kiki, is irritating me. I'll reserve judgement a little longer on her.

    1. Oh, sorry I forgot! Loved the TJ scene with Felix. However, are we heading to an abusive bully story with TJ? Sure looks that way! Also, I'm putting out a prop of the week suggestion....Mario B's pukey croc shoe...yuck!

  16. I really hope Kiki ends up being mystery-Todd-look-a-like's daughter because I really love seeing KA and RH in that crazy, dysfunctional, but super-sweet dynamic. Maybe he was married to Ava for a while and raised her?

    Also, I just can't wait for "Kiki" to meet "Lulu". Heh.

  17. They could use a Didi, JoJo, JJ, CiCi and Gigi, too.

  18. Avalonn said...I saw that, so funny :) Todd! Todd! And the look on Roger Howarth's face. I love him, so happy he's back!
    Yeah it was so funny! :) So great! His face was priceless! :)

    He must be a Q because he hid from Tracy as if she saw him she'd know who he was.....
    I hope he is a Q but not Franco or Jason!

  19. Even though other sights are really down on the return of the OLTL three, I am so happy to have them back. GH has been boring since they left and the end of the nurse's ball. It did freak me out though to watch OLTL and then turn on GH to see RH on both shows. I don't care that they are different characters as long as they move the show along. I would much rather have KA as Lauren Frank than Ellie. Ellie is beyond annoying.
    Glad this relish/Chew thing is over. That show is horrible and it was painful to watch until everybody got sick, hee hee hee.
    I don't like nuMorgan. He looks older than Michael and I'm sorry his nose is huge. I don't mean to knock him but I can't see past it in his scenes.
    If KA is Lauren Frank, she can't be with Michael because that would make them cousins, yuck! (Her hair looks good).
    Tyler and Becky have way more chemistry than Sean and Becky. Maybe she should hook up with nuTodd or nuDr.Clay.

  20. Jerome's home: Kiki is awesome! ROFL! I love her attitude, and I love how she hates Michael! ROFL! Morgan shut up stupid, and listen to your father, and don't disrespect him!! GO SONNY GO! :)

    NYC hospital: So Sam is with that doctor! The McBain lookalike! And his name is Silas! ROFL! He is an unfeeling cold jerk! And he is a doctor ROFL! Me thinks it's just a defense mechanism, and he is REALLY a sweet, warm, caring, gentleman.. Hmmm. :) I love Tracy! Record them yes!!! ROFL! Oh so she IS blackmailing him hahaha and it works hahahaha!

    Alexis's home: Oh TJ stop it!!! Oh Molly stop it!!!! MOLLY it's not your prom! It's TJ's!!! You are not 16 yet remember stupid? Rafe doesn't even go to your school stupid!!!

    Crimson office: Olivia! Don't shoot the thug's other knee cap! Shoot his Johnson! ROFL! And while you are at it, stop talking with your mouth full!!!! UGH!

  21. Anybody have an opinion or thoughts about the online OLTL & AMC only going to 2 days a week on HULU? Doesn't look good for our returning shows.

  22. Today's GH:

    Milo's place: Oh oh Milo! No don't kiss Lulu! She is married! And even tho she doesn't have her memory, she will get it back, and you will get your heart broken! :( Forget about Lulu, and think about school. You are going back to school in September right? :) Oh there is Dante.

    Dante: Do you ever wear clothes?


    The haunted Star: Lulu and Dante zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry I'm awake. I was dreaming about Lulu and Milo kissing. :) Scotty vs Luke ROFL!

    Floating rib: Lucy and Scotty scene = LOVE! :) Lucy touching all over Scotty's face and chest ROFL! Come on get back together already! Scotty is afraid Luke will catch the bouquet! ROFL! You mean just like YOU did Scotty? Hahahaha! KEVIN!!!! :)

    Lucy: Because Scotty and Laura are getting married today!!

    Kevin: Heeeeey! Well....let's hope this one takes!

    ROFL! I am so glad Scotty, Lucy, and Kevin are back!!! Kevin and Lucy are making out! HOT! :) Oh oh Kevin has a mystery patient! Who is it Kevin? Christina Baldwin? Serena Baldwin? :)

    Wyndemere: Leslie and Spencer YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww Spencer has a speech impediment. He looks just like Nik!

    Lesie: You marry Scotty over my dead body!

    ROFL! Love the Scotty, Leslie and Laura scenes today! :) Leslie is funny. WAIT THO! Laura says the attic thing was a misunderstanding?!!?!? HUH?!!?!?!! Say what?!?!?!!?!

  23. JPink said...Anybody have an opinion or thoughts about the online OLTL & AMC only going to 2 days a week on HULU? Doesn't look good for our returning shows.
    Yeah I Heard about that. That doesn't sound very good at all! Yikes!!! Oh oh!

  24. There is an article in the NY Times regarding OLTL and AMC regarding their reduced schedule and keeping them free for now. With OLTL only airing on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on Monday, I do not think I'm going to invest in any more in it. Besides it sounds as though eventually you are going to have to pay for episodes that are not the most current one. I can't be bothered.

    GH- I love when Lucy is on. She brings so much energy to her scenes!

  25. Killing Rick and letting Laura think that she did it was a MISUNDERSTANDING? Cleary Scotty has brainwashed her - maybe his face will melt off and Stavros will be under there.

    Milo needs to back off.

    Spenser is adorable.

    They need to move this Lante thing along.

  26. Oh geez - if AMC and OLTL go belly up, what a screw up for the OLTL 3 who would have been recast for NOTHING. argh

    Good to see lots of Scotty today and hey there's Kevin and Leslie too???!!! Love it! I bet the patient Kevin is seeing has to be RYAN. Either that or we have been seeing RYAN since the start of his return and he has the real Kevin locked away somewhere. You know what? I bet that is EXACTLY what is going on (hence his saying months ago that he never had a daughter named Livvie).

    I like oldStar being the Q heir now as that gets her screen time with new cousin Alex (Q) Cassadine.

  27. Hmmm...I went to view last week's OLTL and couldn't find anything but promos. Somehow I just cannot sit in front of my computer and watch a soap--don't know why. I get restless almost at once to find a better chair.

    Today's show gave me a bit of hope back, what with Leslie showing up to disuade Laura from the disaster that is Scott. I guess I never liked Scott, even when he was a dumb kid going around saying Gosh and Okie Dokes all the time. That used to really annoy me and I always felt Laura deserved better than that childish, complaining, petulant boy. Then when he turned vengeful after Luke won Laura, he showed a really dark side, loosening the railing on the Star and stalking Laura for awhile and generally being a rat.
    Laura says he made mistakes--MISTAKES?! Stealing and manslaughter aren't mere mistakes.

    Good for Leslie for calling Scotty out! And what does Scotty do? Goes and waves the red flag in front of Luke just to have the satisfaction. What a jerk.

    And I was ready to turn the show off after one kiss led L&L to say it was over. Ridiculous. (So great to see Denise again--always thought she was a delightful actress.)

    On the returning 3--I was so unhappy to see John McBain is now a doctor and won't be working cases with Anna. McBain was my favorite of the 3, but I also am so unhappy Todd won't be Todd now because he made PT Charles so much more interesting. I really liked Starr better on GH, too. Loved her relationship with oldTodd.

    Good show today. Happy Kevin is back. Would his patient be Connie? Would it be the new Todd?

    We have some mysteries again....

  28. Soaplover you didn't like Scotty when he was a dumb kid with his vocabulary, and then you hated him when he got dark! ROFL! What do you want Scotty to be? ROFL! :)

  29. Please understand, Sonya--I rather like Kin Shriner. It's the character I do not like. I never thought him worthy of Laura. And naturally that leads to--is Luke worthy of Laura?

    Of course, Laura is not without flaws, quite a few in fact. But she has heart and hope and she at one time was plenty intelligent (changing writers saw her different ways). She was maddening back in the days when Scotty was a kid saying 'Okie Dokes' all the time. She was passive, seldom opened up to anyone, gave her mother lots of trouble, was stubborn, rebellous. Some of it was her age, but some was that passivity. Passives do not speak up, but carry resentment. They are not active but just wait for things to get better. When things don't just solve themselves, they resent some more. Very hard-to-deal-with types. Laura knew she was like that and once said to her mom, 'I know I always say just enough to worry you and not enough to explain anything.' Typical passive.

    Anyway, Luke brought her out of her passivity. She could talk to him, open up better to him and he opened up to her, over and over. They were totally sympatical, even when it seemed they had nothing in common. She could never be that way with Scott because Scott had a set of standards that were basically intolerant and she had to filter what she woud tell him, knowing what his reactions would be. She kept things from him. He was chauvenistic as a husband, saying she ought to be satisfied to cook and clean for him, and not go to work. He said he loved her, but within the bounds of what he expected her to be and how much control he had.

    Luke, on the other hand, only expected her to be herself, made it clear his love was unconditional. He was okay with her even being abit crabby (as she sometimes was) or being independent or making mistakes--he was always there for her. He made her feel safe. She knew he would back her no matter what. His Elm Street background made him a lot more tolerant and understanding than Scott was because Luke had to scramble and scheme and fight for anything he wanted. He understood yearning to better yourself, to attain things that seemed out of reach. He was willing at one time to go the criminal route until he realized that way was a dead end and there were better ways to achieve his goals.

    I know these are just Soap characters, but I look at the writing all the time. And the writers who conceived these character put much thought into it and knew a heck of a lot about psychology.
    Pat Falkin Smith was the writer in the L&L days and she really had the two characters nailed. And she understood Scotty as well, the protected-from-life kid, and later the hate-filled vengeance, the complaining and dissatisfaction that makes Scott so unpleasant.

    I think Kin understands him as well. He can see Scott is a jerk, wanting Laura but at the same time wanting a victory over Luke maybe more.

    I find the triangle interesting, but NEVER want Scott to win....

  30. Scotty is obsessed with Laura. I never like him when he is around her - even when they were teens. I don't think I am alone with that or Luke and Laura would never have become so popular if people LOVED Scotty and Laura together.

    I like Kin Shriner. I love him in scenes with Lucy and Serena - and loved him with Dominique. But with Laura he acts like a petulant child who is trying to get back a favorite toy.

  31. I can't stand Scotty and Laura! I refuse to believe Luke n Laura are truly done. There must be more going on here. Speaking of which, I refuse to believe Kevin is in fact Kevin. I've said it before when Kevin first came back that he is Ryan and I still believe that to be the case. His mystery patient could really be anyone or several people. Robin, real Kevin, any Cassadine, Caleb, Sam's Dad, Lucky....there's so many possibilities.
    Back to Scotty, I loved him with Dominique as well as Lucy. I'd like to see Scott save Lucy from Ryan and rekindle their romantic relationship.

  32. I agree that NuMorgan looks older than Michael!!

    Here's where I have a tough time suspending belief...Sam automatically recognizes the dr as "Steven Clay" but Michael doesn't look twice at Kiki. I realize that they can't even use the Star and John McBain names, but I think Michael should have at least closed his eyes, shook his head as if to clear out cobwebs and said, "Wow, you look like someone I used to know".

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Today's GH:

    Liz's home: Nik was trying to manipulate Liz, but it totally backfired on him hahahaha! She invited AJ to the wedding ROFL! Those kids look so adorable with those suits awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Lulu and Dante: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry I fell asleep again. This time, I dreamed of Milo kissing me. :) Wait Lulu and Dante's first kiss was on the boat huh?!!?! No their first kiss was when she was drugged, and it was on the pier. Did I miss something?!!?!

    The floating rib: Love the Luke and Mac scene!!! Go Mac!! The Mac and Felicia scene, Mac totally got me when he said he didn't want to marry her!!! :)

    Wyndemere: Leslie won the line of the day!!!!

    Leslie: And if you ever and I mean ever hurt her, I will crush you like the dung beetle you are.

    ROFL! And the look on Laura's face hahahaha! Laura's wedding dress, I like, except I didn't like how the shoulder is.

    Q home: Oh Luke shut up! You are not upset because of what Mac said to you! You were already upset!! You are upset, because Laura is marrying Scotty!!! So get out of denial!!!

    The plane: Oh no. I have a bad feeling that Roger Howarth, is playing the character of Franco!!! He is acting like him!!! His facial expressions!! :( Crap!!! :(

  35. If you check out today's (Friday's) closing credits, Roger Howarth's character's name is listed as "The Man". I just thought that was hysterical!

    I am in love with the new Spencer!! That little guy can act circles around most of the cast, and I'm not talking just the other kids. He has insta-chemistry with his "dad" and everyone else he's talked to.

    And if anyone knows where I can get Elizabeth's dress, please let me know...also, the gorgeous hair, perfect skin, great body, beautiful smile, etc., etc. But honestly, I WANT THAT DRESS so if anyone stumbles upon it or a dress that looks similar (in ANY color) online, please let me know...I'm gonna email the GH costume people too. I sent them a letter years ago about a sweater of Elizabeth's and a pair of pants that Emily was wearing (then AmTam), and someone from the costume department called me at home to tell me about the clothes. SO COOL. He said I could have had the pants, but they weren't my size (they were size zero). And they were custom made pants. :(

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Okay. I youtubed Lulu and Dante. so the boat kiss WAS their first kiss. Interesting. I must have missed that scene. Back then, I would watch GH off and on, cus the show was really bad at that time.

    soaplover WOW You could write a book about Luke, Laura, and Scotty! :)

    CareyN said...If you check out today's (Friday's) closing credits, Roger Howarth's character's name is listed as "The Man". I just thought that was hysterical!
    Really? That's funny! ROFL!

    CareyN said...And if anyone knows where I can get Elizabeth's dress, please let me know...
    Are you talking about that yellow and blue outfit? :) I loved that outfit! :) She looked great in it.

  38. Hey Sonya, I already did a book on L&L--by compiling a series I wrote for Afternoon TV magazine many years ago. That was when Marlena De La Croix (AKA Connie Pasalaqua) was editor. I started at their beginning and told their story up til they left the show in the early 1980s. A few years ago I put the chapters together into a little booklet, but I don't have any now, not even my own copy as I sent it to someone. Included in that was an analysis of both characters and a review of both actors.

    I know their story so well because of that writing and also because I taped the whole thing from where Luke first met Laurta in the student study hall at college to where the show left them in Texas at the Inn, with Laura pregnant with Lucky. At that point, I moved on to view Santa Barbara for 8 years. (No DVRs at that time and they were on at the same time.) Only came back to GH when SB was killed and I heard Luke and Laura--with Lucky-- were returning in 1993. Grew increasingly uninvolved in all stories and the writing and the show itself as it progressed thru the Guza years. The damage being done was very hard to watch. TG is a very smart and generous actor, wise enough to know not to criticize or bad mouth others, including co-stars and especially Guza or Guza's stories.

  39. Soaplover that's too bad you don't have the booklet anymore. :(

  40. How disgusting of "news" to try and use Karen's blog to peddle garbage. Shame on you.


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